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"Puris omnia pura - To the pure all things are pure

Primum viveri deinde philosophari - Live before you philosophise"

Hedonism was born out of the children of Vice, who saw endless pain in the world after the second invasion. Dreading to live in such a world any longer, these lovers of pleasure carved out a land devoted to restoring pleasure and happiness to the world. Their beliefs are formulated into the religion of Hedonism, and they seek to spread them across all lands - so that all might once again know pleasure.

Hedonism, as professed by its followers, is the belief that "pleasure is the highest good" or to the intellectual, "whatever causes pleasure is right." The basic idea behind hedonistic thought is that all actions can be measured on the basis of how much pleasure and how little pain they produce. In very simple terms, a hedonist thrives towards maximizing this ratio of pleasure versus pain.

All Hedonism's views on other faiths are held in a single tome. At her height, Hedonism permeated all the Western Badlands, where Heen is now located. With the collapse of Vice and Varyamo Nolvo however, Hedonism was wiped from the desert and it wasn't long before Hedonism's last token temple in the world, far away in Lacint, also shut her doors for the last time.