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Our purpose is to destroy all evil forces and repopulate their lands. This is a warrior religion but anyone who supports us will be recognized as a good follower. The name, Sanguinaire, means "Bloodthristy" and yes, we are thristy for the blood of our enemies. To spill the blood of a Dragon or Mythical creature believer is to gain honor and glory from all Sanguinists.Aelfgar founded this religion to preserve the strong will and mind of warriors. No more will they be troubled by 'diversity of beliefs' and 'difference of religion'. All shall one day believe or be made to believe. Our power will be seen as unstoppable and none shall end our dream of creating a perfect society.

The Black Tome

  • Rp from Aelfgar,telling the tale to a young boy*

One day in the hills, during my daily walk, I came upon a glowing cave that whispered wonders to me. After inspecting the entrance, I crawled through the small passage for many minutes, perhaps even hours. Finally, I got to the source of the glowing. It was a black-as- night book on top of a golden pedestal. Intrigued, I touched the book softly and suddenly, tales of times long lost and events long forgotten whizzed through my head! Then, I heard a voice, a deep and serious voice, I turned but could not see the speaker in my minds eye. Again he spoke, this time annunciating enough for me to hear 'Save...the..., de.tro...t.e...we.k'. A couple minutes later, I heard his voice again but more clearly. He said 'Saguinaire will be the name, go now my son.'

Waking up some time later I realized I was back on my usual path but I had with me a small sack in which the contents consisted of a black-as-night book and a small statue of a dead dragon. I knew what I had to do...

Our Views

The Path of the Great Dragon: Evil, dragons care only for themselves. Humans are their games.


Order of the Druids:


The Valentic Order:



Mentism:Evil- They are pussies and they hate our ways.