Astonishing Nightblade of Betrayal

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Dalan Quasath
Discovery Date July 11 2008
Discovery Location Tepmona, Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner (unknown)

The first item of power found by that intrepid adventurer, Dalan.

Found by Dalan on 07/11/1008 in Tepmona, Beluaterra.

It was discarded behind some bushes, the blade amazingly clean, but blood still clinging to the pommel and grip. Dalan saw a strange patch of color on the rocks around the bushes, and he thought it may have been dried blood. He also thought the dirt around one spot was strange, and curious he began to dig. Soon enough he uncovered the shallow grave of some poor fellow. Horrified, Dalan took the blade and bolted. It never occurred to him that the blade may have been the cause of the conflict.

Dalan sold it to some Senator in Melhed, and never made note of whom. The item's curse may have struck again, as Dalan hasn't seen the fellow's name recently.