The House of Wolves

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Long ago, there were many gods. No one is sure if they were born, created by an even higher power, or were just there. Amongst these gods were two that were like brothers, though they were not. One was named Mordok, the had many names: Fenrir, Hircine, Fen'Harel. They fought against the dark forces for a long time, trusting one another like family. One day, however, all the fighting finally drove Mordok mad and he started to lead the monsters and undead against his siblings. Hircine, the Aspect of the Hunt, tried to reason with him, but Mordok attacked him. Driven back, he started planning on how to destroy his former friend.

A long time later but still very long ago, two factions led by rival families were fighting against one another, like Mordok and his siblings. The Carson Family was a follower of the Father Wolf, Fenrir, while the Angelo Family were Hunters under Hircine. They did not realize that the two were one and the same until one day, while fighting in a long-forgotten land, the Father appeared to the Carsons and then transformed into the Hunter for the Angelos. From that day forth, the two families were allies and friends, almost family.

Just recently, Luna Angelo, Queen of Thalmarkin and Jadtha Carson, Countess of Bessimir, had visions of the Hunter and the Father respectively. It seems they were at about the same time, but the visions for each were completely different.

House of Wolves
Percentage of Peasant as Followers
Number of Peasant Followers
Continent Beluaterra
Founder Jadtha Carson
Main Temple Bessimir
Temples Bessimir
Followers {{{followers}}} commoners
Noble Followers Members

Luna Angelo

Priests Jadtha Carson
Shrines None