Church of the Sealed God

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Church of the Sealed God
Continent Beluaterra
Prophet Adam Telrunya
Temples Iato
Nobles 4
Followers Not yet available
Shrines 0

Church of the Sealed God

The Church of the Sealed God worships our God who has been sealed away beneath the very earth of Beluaterra, awaiting the moment he can be freed from his prison and can return to his Realm above the skies. By his presence, he inspires great emotion and passion in humans, fuelling them to achieve great feats and perform what can be considered miracles. In ancient times, our God resided over us in his Realm far above the clouds, governing over Humanity, giving rise to great heroes and fantastic wonders of construction. But as time went on, mankind was unable to bear our God's influence. Overwhelmed by the raw and strong energy that radiated from our God, man could no longer control themselves and descended into madness and insanity. Only the few that had attuned themselves completely to his pure influence were able to keep their minds. Seeing the world fall into chaos, they decided that drastic action needed to be taken and ascended to above the skies. Turning to our God, the Attuned sealed him away deep beneath Beluaterra, encased in a prison of the densest of stone, so that his influence could no longer reach mankind, until the day mankind becomes strong enough to be able to be near our God without going insane. Once this task was done, they returned to the Realm of our God, where they now govern it in his absence.

But not even the Attuned can completely overcome a God, and his influence continues to seep through to our world through various objects that act as focus points of our God's influence and resonate it through our world. At this point of time, we know of two such objects: One is known as the Maddening Star that stands above Western Dwilight, as part of the beliefs of Sanguis Astroism. The other is a large rock in the City of Fheuvenem on Beluaterra. The proximity of the Rock of Fheuvenem to both our Sealed God and the people on Beluaterra makes its influence stronger then that of the Bloodstar. Still, the teachings on the Maddening Bloodstar give us important lessons on how we can allow ourselves to be more open to our God's influence, as well as how to harness it so that our minds do not go insane. On the other hand, the teachings of the Auspicious Star teach us how to negate our God so that we are no longer influenced by him, but this comes at the cost that one can no longer receive the benefits either. This needs not be a bad thing, as our goal is to eventually allow our God to return above the skies so that he can govern over us once more. To do so, we must either be able to handle his energy to a point where we will not go insane, or be able to negate it so that we are not affected. Of course, the former is preferable, for it allows mankind to once more achieve a greatness that would be seen as impossible in the world of today, creating an everlasting golden age. Still, for those unable to harness our God's influence, foregoing greatness is still better then going insane, and these teachings should at least help these unfortunate souls.

The Rock of Fheuvenem

The Rock of Fheuvenem is one of the known objects that radiates the influence of our God. At first it was but one of the many rocks that are spread around Fheuvenem's landscape, but it was brought to prominence by Arkady R. Mayhem, then Margrave of Fheuvenem. After the City was conquered by Riombara, the Lord used the stone to engrave the names of the Nobles that participated in the battle on it. This disturbance led to an increased radiating of our God's influence. Adam Telrunya, during his time on Dwilight, was a close follower of his mentor Allison Kabrinski, who dedicated herself to the Maddening Star and drilled a hole in her head to receive more of its influence. He felt the strengthened familiar energy from the Rock of Fheuvenem, which eventually led to its official discovery. However this was not before Margrave Arkady was affected too much by our God's influence and his mind went insane by it. His character changed and he began to insult and swear before changing the allegiance of Fheuvenem to whoever would entertain his desire and lust for power, until his eventual disappearance. It is hypothesized that the same happened to the previous Lords of Fheuvenem, when the rock was still yet undiscovered. Before Margrave Arkady, there was the traitor Guillaume Chenier, who had signed an agreement with the Daimons. Holed up behind Fheuvenem's Walls after the Invasion, he was lost in his own world where all of Beluaterra had done him injustice, until he eventually took his own life before Riombara could arrest him. And even before that, the Supreme Chancellor of Enweil ruled the City, going insane during the war against Riombara, aggressively yelling and insulting his enemies. He then surrendered unconditionally, having lost the will to fight (it is unknown if the rest of Enweil was ever aware of this), only to then reject his own unconditional surrender and choosing to fight till the bitter end, his defiance eventually causing Enweil's destruction. It is believed all these three Lords were overcome with insanity due our God's influence. Unknown to his energy, they could not recognize what was happening and were unable to either harness or negate his influence.

The current goal of the Church of the Sealed God is to construct a Temple around the Rock of Fheuvenem, locking it into a chamber of dense stone that will protect the outside of the influence radiating from it. A layer of the stone will be removed in the process, removing the names inscribed upon it. The small rocks that are produced from this shall be carried by all Priests of the Church, so that they are always close to our God's influence no matter what they do.

The Afterlife

The souls of those who perish raise up to above the skies to join the Realm of our God, now governed by the Attuned. Those souls that have gone insane are sealed in the caverns beneath the Realm, forever screaming their anguish. Those who have failed to either harness or negate our God's influence, but have escaped the fate of insanity, are banished to wander in those caverns, forced to hear the echoes of the anguished screams of a fate they have but with luck avoided. Those who succeed are allowed to dwell above on the land to await the return of our God, needing no longer to fear to go insane once he he returns to his proper seat. The few that excel and are able to master our God's influence, having become completely attuned to it and having achieved great miracles in their life due it, join the Attuned to govern above the skies in our God's absence, guiding the rest of mankind until the time comes that our God can be set free.

Monsters, Undead and Daimons

Our God's influence also affects the minds of animals and they can turn wild and insane just like Humans do. Animals do not have the concious ability to harness or negate his influence, and they can get warped completely, turning into the Monsters that ravage our lands. Where the Maddening Star is the closest, over Western Dwilight, it has been reported that masses of Monsters, driven insane by our God, have removed all control over those lands. One of the dangers is that this shall eventually happen to other places as well and this is why it is important that we harness our God's influence. This will allow us to achieve the greatness that is needed to reconquer those lands in the name of Humanity.

In the same manner, when we bury our fallen brothers improperly, their souls become trapped in their bodies beneath the earth. Now closer to our God's influence, their souls are tormented until there is nothing left of their humanity, and they rise from the ground, still stuck in their deceased bodies, and become known as the Undead. Incapable to cope with their torment on their own, they hold the ability to torment other trapped souls, raising more to their twisted cause. Indeed, the proper way to deal with our dead is to, preferably at a high point, allow the bodies of the dead to be picked by vultures and other animals, so that our souls can be broken free from their bodily prisons and can ascend to above the skies. Burning bodies is not a good practice either. While it avoids more Undead, the souls in the burning body will be tormented before they can escape, forcing the Attuned to seal them in the caverns below our God's Realm.

Nonetheless, a few of the Monsters and Undead overcome this state of pure insanity, and now that his influence has made them capable of great feats, they achieve the impossible of becoming concious. These few are known to us as the Monster and Undead commanders that lead their brethren against Humanity. It is crucial for Humanity to harness our God's influence to be able to oppose these twisted dark forces. Their goal for invading Beluaterra is to set our God free before Humanity is ready to receive his pure influence, returning our world to utter chaos and insanity, which will lead to the destruction of civilization and humanity as we know it, as we've already seen happening on a smaller scale in Western Dwilight. There have been accounts of previous Invasions of Undead Commanders ordering their Undead to dig the earth in search of something they deemed essential. This essential something is hence believed to be the prison of our God, even though Humanity at this time does not know its exact location either. It is our duty to ensure this does not happen. The sinking of parts of Beluaterra by these dark forces was an attempt to remove the land and stone that surrounds our sealed God, with the same goal to let insanity create havoc amongst our world.

The exact purpose of the Daimons is yet unknown, but it seems clear they hold the same goal as the Undead and Monsters: to set our God free before we are ready. We know the Daimons invaded our lands way before as well, at the time the Undead rose for the first time (this thus must have occurred closely after the sealing of our God), so it seems they hold a certain interest in Beluaterra specifically indeed. Why these dark forces thus then oppose each other to each reach this goal first is also still unclear. Perhaps we must not expect too much reason from creatures of insanity, and their actions are simply fuelled by unreasoned emotion, or perhaps they believe they can use our God's energy to rule supreme over the others.

Religious Documents

Finding of the Rock of Fheuvenem