Church of Estahsism

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The Church of Estahsism has based its beliefs on The Spiritual Guide to Estahs.


The Core of the Church are members. They are the rock on which our Church is built on.

Currently the Church has 34 noble followers, and almost 253 000 peasants who share the same beliefs.


If you want to spread the word, you need temples and shrines. The Church already has 14 Churches and 26 shrines to give our followers a place of worship!


  • Small Chapel(Small shacks/LVL 1):
    • Xerus
    • Oepiud
    • Sandefur
    • Vozzessdor
    • Jedinchel
    • Verdomite
    • Latlan
  • Church (Small Temple/LVL 3):
    • Haji
    • Ossmat
    • Vatrona
    • Vore
    • Ffangor
    • Yipinalke
  • Larger Church (Medium Temple/LVL 4):
    • Baqua


  • Two in Ossmat
  • Two in Ffangor
  • Two in Keffa
  • Two in Vozzessdor
  • Two in Gethsemene
  • Two in Haji
  • Two in Zwering
  • One in Vatrona
  • One in Yipinalke
  • One in Lezzel
  • One in Junohep
  • One in Mekoter
  • One in Vore
  • One in Luhgrethen
  • One in Verdomite
  • One in Sniika
  • One in Jyl
  • One in Fikman
  • One in Winifael


The Church is in no single way active in any war, and will most likely never be active in a war. Our values are spreading the Word by peace, not by sword. However, to protect the Churches, Temples and Shrines from thieves or aggressors, we have special guards standing ready.

  • Check the pages of the Moose Guards. They are lead by Eirik Bridgebuilder, and also serve in the army of Old Grehk. A small part of them, mostly the religious ones, have decided to protect the Church of Esthasism.
  • Check the pages of the Elohoki Guardians. They are lead by Prins Simon Willems, the founder of the Church. They serve in the army of Old Grehk, and are trained in Vatrona.
  • The military part of the church has also been suspected to be part of Secret Operations however, this is not confirmed by any church officials.

Contributions from Followers

These are contributions made by our followers.


The Voice of the Church gives you a detailed and correct update about the news in the world and the Church. Most popular paper in Old Grehk and Thalmarkin.