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Heen.png The Holy Kingdom of Heen
Capital Tahgalez
Government Monarchy
Population ca. 109,688
Nobles ca. 27
Heen - Kif - Watersdown - Tahgalez - Kording - Hcallow - Watto - Tor - Latlan - Sotrebar - Ling - Apokh - Reeds - Naraka
Heen is a monarchy split from Varyamo Nolvo. Heen, in its founding, had dedicated itself to purifying its all people of the evil faith of Hedonism, as well as eliminating its two defenders, Vice and Varyamo Nolvo. With that goal accomplished, Heen now seeks to serve its rightful place in Beluaterra and to be known for a cultural background and heritage that distinguishes this realm from many others. Currently at war with Avalon, Bara'Khur, Fronen, and Thalmarkin.


Ceded City Alliance
Now amended due to Invasion
The Monarchy of Heen

The Democracy of Khthon
The Monarchy of Irombrozia
The Monarchy of Vlaanderen
The Monarchy of Neo Grehk

The Triangle Federation
Now amended due to Invasion
The Theocracy of Sint

The Monarchy of Vlaanderen

The Democracy of Mesh, Soil Non-Transgression Pact

The Monarchy of Old Grehk, Temporal Neutrality Pact


Royal Documents
The Constitution of Heen By Scion the Skilled Twinblade

The Royal Posting By Scion the Skilled Twinblade
Royal Chronicles By Martana Curs

Heenite Highlights By Thrydwulf Grancourt

The Latlan Herald By Dimon

Other Documents
Martana's Scriptures By Martana Curs

Cultural Stories and Songs Originally by Martana Curs
An Elaborate Study on the Heenite Traits By Martana Curs
Elementary Essay on the Heenite Geography By Martana Curs
First Swiping of Sotrebar
Second Swiping of Sotrebar

Juridical Documents
Code of Nobility By Medium Steele

Heen and Mesh By Medium Steele
Heen and Plergoth By Medium Steele
Heen and Old Grehk By Medium Steele
Heen and Vlaanderen By Jadine Baraedor

Note that 'Originally by...' documents may be edited by any other member of Heen.

Heen-tiny-shield.pngMilitary DivisionsHeen-tiny-shield.png

The rather young realm of Heen has seen several divisions defend it's lands; listed chronologically.

The First Army of Heen Sponsored by Kagurati Tian
The Scarlet Mamluks Sponsored by Martana Curs
The First Army of Tahgalez Sponsored by Kagurati Tian
The Latlan Legion Sponsored by Attila Osha
The Heenite Hawks Sponsored by Celia DoubleEdge
The Army of the Celtic Order Sponsored by Erin O'Deaghaidh
The Desert Defense Squad Sponsored by Celia DoubleEdge
The Celtic Legion Sponsored by Mark Anthony Obeji, Duke of Latlan

Heen-tiny-shield.pngHistory of HeenHeen-tiny-shield.png

Even though Heen was only a young realm in the eyes of all others, it held a vast history within half a year of existence. Heen has accomplished more than many others in their life-time. We can call ourselves fortunate to be one of the only existing kingdoms that has a complete record of its history from the beginning to the present day.

Heen-tiny-shield.pngReligion in HeenHeen-tiny-shield.png

Temples in Heen

A variety of temples are scattered amongst the desert. A list of the current situation is added below:

Religious essays

It is not easy to describe the factual religious situation in Heen, at least it cannot be done by naming temples alone. Therefore two priests have devoted some of their time to studies concerning religion in Heen. First was Valeria DeSyrr who wrote the Religious study by Valeria DeSyrr. Over time, a new study was required which was willingly conducted by Plagueis Orgauth, namely the Religious progression by Plagueis Orgauth.


The Beluaterran Desert may be a melting pot of foreign religions, but it has yet to be touched by outside guilds. In fact, the two guilds that do weather the harsh desert climate saw their first guildhouses constructed there.

  • The Wayside Inn of Beluaterra - Founded within the sturdy walls of the city of Heen, this guild has but a small but loyal membership. Perhaps if some outsiders would visit, it's following may grow, and even span realm borders.
  • The Celtic Order - Founded in Sotrebar, and guildhouses sprung up in record time in Latlan and Kif in no time. The guild already has a few members.

Heen-tiny-shield.pngGovernmental SystemHeen-tiny-shield.png

Not only unique in culture, Heen is one of the first realms to adopt an alternative governmental system, which defines each position of power by new names, new authority and a new cultural identity. It is well advised for all foreign nobles to study the basic concept of the Heenite government before addressing it, avoiding discomforting situations and misunderstandings.

Study the Governmental System.


During one of the hardest times of Heen's history, the government decided to reward some of its nobles by awarding them certain medals for extraordinary services. The list of men and women who ware granted this tribute, are counted to a special elite in Heen. But although medals grant the bearers a definite respect, it holds no authority.

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