The Bloodspeakers

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Our language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.


The Bloodspeakers born with the subtle end of the last Great Invasion. When the Mist covered the lands with darkness to hide the terrible bestial enemies, the people was lost and afraid. They needed to return to the very beginnings of their faith: The Old Gods. Discipline and sacrifice. The blood that forged their nations. With impressive temples to pray and protect them against the monsters out there. The doctrine spread very fast among the common people and they returned to the old traditions. With their blood they would prevail.

Without a single God, the followers and Priests gather around local deities with their own peculiarities and traditions. Discipline and blood oaths unite them in a common interest even with such a great diversity of worship and culture. The religion that was born mainly in rural regions among the common people reached Agyr with a magnificent temple, probably the greatest of Beluaterra.

The Name

Being a Bloodspeaker is hard since from the very beginning, and every follower can start this sentence telling about the choose of the name of the Religion. To be a Bloodspeaker is something that a fes comprehend, even in the Order. Very of the speakers knew they had become part of something bigger even before meet the others. There is no official or regular iniciation to the followers, and many claimed to be never submited to any provation, nothing after the death of their own in the last invasion.

For an unfortunate of coincidences, the Bloodspeakers choosed a name very near to the name of the former worshipers of the Daimons, the Blood Cultists, but their mach end only in the blood on their name. While the cultists tried to adore something to protect and spare their lives, the speakers search for the truth, above all things, even if this would cost their lives. You can see nobles from the speakers marching against the unnatural beings, and even the common wich profess the religion fighting anything with zeal and strength.

The speakers are called like this because, above all things, the speak about the life and death of the others, honestly and without any type of kindness. To be a bloodspeaker is, in fact, to be someone who will start to tell the others about the truth and reality, over the vision of false nobles and corrupt commons. Speak about blood is speak about the inner essence of the beings, freed of every limitation.


No one need think that the world can be ruled without blood. The sword shall and must be red and bloody.

Our language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.

Our freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of political rhetoric.

Even if I die in the service of my Gods, I would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of Them and to make Them strong.

Temples & Shrines

Agyr - Temple of The Sacred Blood

The Bloodspeakers

(Religion Spread / Organization)

Continent Beluaterra
Main Temple Agyr, Awe-inspiring Temple District (Lvl. 9)
First Temple Gor Ault, Medium Temple (Lvl. 4)
Founder Yeux Serpentis, The Great Maharshi
Last Updated 19:57, 10 February 2012
Constructed By: Kojiro Hinamoto
Temple Size: Awe-inspiring Temple District Spanning 3 Blocks (11)
Shrines: 3
Est. Believers: 38324
Local Deity: The Faceless God / The Nameless God
Minor Deities: The Sacred Triad - Zaria, Dasbog & Ataecina

Bil Havil

Constructed By: Claudius Germanicus Augustus
Temple Size: Primitive Temple (4)
Shrines: 3
Est. Believers: 3900


Constructed By: Dilgaard Galmel
Temple Size: Small temple (3)
Shrines: 1
Est. Believers: 9200


Constructed By: Marc de Coivos
Temple Size: Magnificient temple (7)
Shrines: 1
Est. Believers: 18300
Local Deity: Iku-Turso, Guardian of the Deeps
Minor Deity:

Gor Ault - The Great Sacrifice Pit

Constructed By: Yeux Serpentis
Temple Size: Medium Temple (4)
Shrines: 1
Est. Believers: 10700
Local Deity: Ghor Ault, The Ravenous Earthquake
Minor Deity: Aiman, The Landkeeper


Constructed By: Shae Nosferatus
Temple Size: Medium Temple (4)
Shrines: 2
Est. Believers: 9600

Marpii - The Cauldron of Blood

Constructed By: Angelo Invictus
Temple Size: Medium temple (4)
Shrines: 3
Est. Believers: 9100
Local Deity: Cruorum, The God of the Veins
Minor Deities: The Seven Hosts of Flames & Aruman, The Conqueror


Constructed By: Roboanzio Peristaltico
Temple Size: Primitive Temple (2)
Shrines: 1
Est. Believers: 1500

Seven Rivers

Constructed By: Morrigan Hossenfeffer
Temple Size: Primitive Temple (2)
Shrines: 1
Est. Believers: 8000


Constructed By: Ivagil Thunthorn
Temple Size: Medium Temple Temple (4)
Minor Deity: Prophet Aaron of the Tablet of Aaron
Shrines: 2
Est. Believers: 14100


Constructed By: Danthalas Galmel
Temple Size: Small Temple (3)
Shrines: 1
Est. Believers: 10800


Constructed By: Kaxerra Awesome
Temple Size: Medium Temple Temple (4)
Local Deity: N/A
Shrines: 2
Est. Believers: 5000


Constructed By: Trialops Gracious
Temple Size: Medium Temple Temple (4)
Local Deity: N/A
Shrines: 2
Est. Believers: 9800


Constructed By: Black Dragon Master
Temple Size: Medium Temple Temple (4)
Local Deity: N/A
Shrines: 2
Est. Believers: 20100

Houses of Divinity

From the dreams, nightmares, visions and preachings of The Great Maharshi

I am a pilgrim of this world and beyond. I saw the face of the Great Serpent in the Sacred Lake. I have known wild villages and met prohibited idols where the people worshiped the Red Stars aligned in the sky. In their strange language and beastly habits, they worshiped a spark of the true essence. I sought the truth. And in my troubled dreams They whispered in my ear. A truth so shockingly cruel that a man would cry in terror. I, Master of Summoning and Grand Druid, trembled at the ancient truth that I awakened in my experiments. And in the darkest night they came and whispered to my soul.

In a time before the known time, They arrived. As shooting stars and celestial bodies that have slipped away from the ethereal darkness and from the immensity of the universe that our eyes can only dream. A terrible nightmare from which you would not wake up. I saw before my eyes, in my dreams, in a splendor of sacred and profane. A startling vision to which I awoke from fugacious illusions to a terrible truth. They were among us as they always were. They built an empire and the ruins of this world is still beneath our feet. We walked over this world. A world They created and claimed before us. In their rise and fall they forged in the beauty and horror of chaos the world we know today.

Travelers of both time and space. Harmoniously or chaotically, Their clashes shaped the world we know. And then, in a whisper, They fell asleep in the rest of ages. Quietly, in the depths of the ocean, in the dark bowels of a mountain or wavering in the heaven clouds. They slept and dreamed. They witnessed the birth of transfigured beasts, images of chaos. And from the primordial mud and sludge, the frail humanity crawling in search of the first glimpse of light. The asleep ancestors dreamed. And in their dreams, the poor mankind trembled with fear, lost on the primordial darkness. Shivering and starving. Feeding hungry monsters. Walking on the ruins of a world that had been claimed before their blurred ascension.

Humanity found its way into the ruins of a glorious and strange world of the past. The first worships found the great monoliths and tried to understand its strange hieroglyphics. The language of the ancient gods, rulers of the past. The mankind danced with madness around these black immemorial stones. They saw with amazement the power of the sea and the fire in the sky. They worshiped it. And this worship, fear of the unknown power of the first cults around the new world awakened the ancient creatures of a millennial slumber. Imprisoned, the Old Gods dreamed. And these dreams were the dream of humankind's first era. The era of wonders.

And today after centuries of oblivion, the Old Traditions are awakening again. The Old Gods sleeping and forgotten in mausoleums of the past will return. Awakened in our dreams or materialized in essence and spirit. The world trembled once again and they reawakened from its torpor. Know Their names, because the time of worship began once again. The time of blood sacrifices and blood oaths. The time of glory and awakening. Beware.

The Known Gods

Rituals & Sorcery

The Path of the Scholar

From the notes of Ablak Mahdi Angelo Invictus

...There is something on the humours that make us more susceptible to some enchants more than the others. For example, those who tend to the sanguine humour are more capable to become a Maho-Tsukai. More, they will be suscetible for the arts that attack the heart. You can summon them, with the correct subjetc of love, after death. Sometimes, they decide to do this by themselves, rising their bodies from the grave, pursuing what they believe is their way to their lovers. When this type of person become undead, the right way to adjure this undead is try to make them think that their lovers are dead, and can't be evoked.

Of course, you can try, but I must say, the undead tend to do not listen...

...The monsters, as the common people call all beasts they do not know or do not want to know and aren't spoted as Daimons or Undead is something that turns me curious, even more than the so called Daimons.

Different of the firsts, the monsters do not show any kind of usable inteligence, nothing above a primitive organization, based on the hierarchy from the strong to the weaker. Different of the seconds, you cannot recognize any kind of magic wich rise your diceased fellows. All we know is that, from time to time, this creatures appear, killing and eating the population and the crops, and the form they assumed in the last attack is not necessary the form they will show in the next...

The Ancient Tome of The Sacred Blood


The First Age of Wonders

Beyond Good and Evil - Genealogy of Moral

Religious Estate & Human Estates

Arcane Study

Sanctus Sanguis, the ancient book of blood, found on clay tablets in the region of Qual, translated by Pierre Reynald Nosferatus

Bestiary, the impressions of Yeux Serpentis (The Great Maharshi) during his time among the Monsters after the Avalon's fall.

Archives & Roleplays