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"Peace Through Strength"

Message From Keldorn

I understand that the writings here are quite slim. There is just so much to say, I do not know where to begin. So I have decided to simply add as questions are asked, and as events occur.

Very Quick Summary

The Divine Order of Mentism worships a single deity known as The Creator. We value honor and virtue among all else, with the largest emphasis on honesty. We believe that one should live one's life in service to others. Our only temple is currently in Djembe, a province in northern Ashborn on Old Ghrek's border.

Facts and Such

Forgiveness: Mentism believes that anyone who is truly sorry for their past actions will be forgiven should they make an effort to amend these actions and pay any consequences they might carry. Most importantly they must never forget what they have done and strive to learn from the experience.

Afterlife: Mentism believes that in the afterlife one will be judged on their actions as a mortal. Should their actions be admirable, they will be brought into paradise. Should their actions be vile, they will be cast into oblivion. Should their actions be somewhere in the middle, they will be sent back to our mortal realm in another life.

War: While Mentism is in favor of peaceful resolutions, war is not frowned upon if necessary. In fact, followers of Mentism are taught to train themselves in at least one form of combat to protect themselves and, more importantly, others.

Conversion: Converting others to Mentism is done by preaching, but mainly by example. We do not force anyone into our religion and strongly stand against anyone who does.

Views on Other Religions

The Path of the Great Dragon: Variant- Their teachings are similar to ours, and it is possible that the creator once took the form of a dragon long ago. While some of the tales of said dragon have probably been altered by time, the base ideas are quite similar.

Qyrvaggism: Misguided- Their belief in a set of virtues is admirable, but their love of war is perhaps taken too far. They also do not worship The Creator, but a plethora of other gods.

Order of the Druids: Variant- They share our belief in a single divine being, and helping mankind.

Hemaism: Ignored- No information to be found

The Valentic Order: Variant- They share many of our ideas, mention the importance of honesty, and believe in a supreme divine being. Their observance of several lesser "gods" is questionable, but the core ideals are similar.

Sanguinaire: Evil- Their belief in destroying the weak and forcing their beliefs on others is strictly against what Mentism teaches.

Octarianism: Evil- belief in numerous gods and the underlying message of forceful conversion is again the complete opposite of Mentism.

Hedonism: Evil- Living for themselves instead of for others goes against the virtues of humility and sacrifice.


  • Mentism now has 8000 followers
  • A shrine has been built in Djembe
  • A shrine has been built in Lezzel
  • A shrine has been built in Keffa

Full Members