Sacral Order Of Nyx

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The Sacral Order Of Nyx and the Archangels

Dedicated to the Primordial Goddess Nyx, the ascended Bara'Khur'ite Archangels

Letter from Myrkjartan Grungir
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Bara'Khur'ites, as you will have recently heard I have constructed the first temple, an announced myself as the first prophet of the Sacral Order Of Nyx, the first few days of which for the new religion have gone well, bar thinly veiled criticism from various Estah worshippers.

This religion is one based on the central Primordial Goddess Nyx (Not to be confused with the Daimon named Nyx) who sits at the helm of our pantheon, born of Khaos, which is to say the first born Goddess in the existence that came after khaos, khaos being the void state that came before existence, from which the modern term chaos derives from.

Our late Heroic War Queen's, Tonkotsu and Carrie both died as angels for our realm and our race, who reached ascendancy to the Ethereal realm of the God's through their heroic death and sacrifice turning them into "Archangels". The Late Queen Tonkotsu, I believe, throughout her life was troubled spiritually, as many of us saw and heard rumours of, I believe this having been caused by Queen Tonkotsu's connection to the Ethereal realm, stronger than any other known noble, her soul split between it, in a sort of "Netherworld limbo" which caused her to see visions into the Ethereal world that slowly consumed her mind, sadly we do not have any recordings of what she saw, or what she experienced. I believe that it is possible for "Heralds" to the Archangels to exist, those who reach communion with the Archangels, that there is a strong possibility of a "Herald Of Tonkotsu" and a "Herald Of Carrie", as is prophecised in the Theogony the holy book of our religion.

The Sacral Order Of Nyx is looking to expand its noble base, by converting other nobles, those of you who wish to speak to me more about that, then I implore you to do so. Though first and foremost we are looking for the anointed and prophecised Heralds of the Archangels, to which I shall be running an investigation into, though I cannot stress the importance of anyone who has had visions or even communion with the Archangels to contact me, it is grave religious importance.
Myrkjartan Grungir (Earl Of Tindle, Prophet Of The Sacral Order Of Nyx)

The Theogony

The following compilation of accounts, religious texts and religious prophecies have been directly written by Prophet Myrkjartan into one book, our sacred holy book. It describes how our World came into existence from the nonexistence of Khaos, the Primordial God's and the Ethereal world.

Deities of The Sacral Order