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The Realm of Vice

Welcome to Vice, city of pleasure, bastion of hospitality, and land of indulgence!

First Incarnation November 14th, MMV - 30th April, MMVI

Second Incarnation July 25th MMVI - 9th February, MMVII

The realm of Vice is dedicated to the philosophy that pleasure gives meaning to life. If you're not happy and having fun with your friends, you're not really living! In the wake of the Second Invasion, Vice and its nobles are dedicated to repopulating the lost regions of the Badlands - but more than that, they are dedicated to restoring pleasure and joy to Beluaterra. The realm promotes all vices, as long as they are not excessively harmful or evil. The normal vices are drink, food, flesh, music, and entertainment. Sexuality is very open in Vice, and this aids greatly in repopulating devastated lands. Vice seeks to become a utopia of fun, carnival, and happiness. The people of Vice are generally peaceful and fun loving, and their motto is "Work hard, but party harder!".

Monthly Carnivals of celebration are held in the streets of Latlan, and are open to all who come in peace. Delicious, golden-brown waffles are the national food of Vice, and are served in towering, piping hot stacks. Quality liquor, beer, and ale is both produced and imported; to be consumed in large quantities! All who come in peace are welcome as friends in Vice, and are invited to enjoy the hospitality!

Archive copies of The Vicean Times can now be collected from the headquarters of the Latlan Herald in Latlan.

To get an insight into the Military Hierarchy of the first incarnation of Vice, visit the Military Archive

History of Vice

In the wake of the Second Invasion, several ambitious and depressed nobles of Mesh sought out a place to call home, and establish a place of light and laughter in the midst of the darkness. They wanted to relax and dwell in peace, after the endless suffering caused by the evil hordes. So, lead by Lord Adrahil Cuthalion, Lady Skadhi Storm, Thorus III Stien Den Ragnarök, Lassius Sardonicus and a few select others, the colonists set out in mid October. Arriving in Reeds, they received a cold greeting from the population of 13,000. The people of Reeds had grown used to self rule, and to taking care of themselves against the undead terror. They distrusted anyone from Mesh, even though months before many Meshian soldiers under the command of Lord Bertrand had died defending the docks; allowing many citizens to escape downriver even as the city fell to the undead. The colonists saw they could find no home here, and left in defeat.

However, their defeat was not to be permanent! In early November, the group set out again - this time for the ruined city of Latlan. Fighting battle after battle, the colonists cut their way through the undead hordes and reached Latlan. After a short time spent securing the city and repairing the docks, the banner of Vice was raised over the city for the first time.

Shortly after Latlan was secured, Vice quickly expanded. Both through conquest and through friendly gifts from their federation partner, Mesh. The Vicean expansion even led to War with the neighbouring realm of Varyamo Nolvo, another realm that had been recently founded in the West Badlands. Though both realms, seeing how weak this made them called a truce and postponed their fighting for a later date, when they were both stronger.

Sadly though, neither Vice nor Varyamo Nolvo got much stronger. As the dreaded hordes of Undead became ever more relentless, it became clear to the Chancellors of both realms that the only way they would survive in future years would be to unite as one. So in late April of the year 2006, Vice began handing over her lands to Varyamo Nolvo. This act was not unseen by the gods however and in the immediate aftermath of the coming together of the two realms, larger hordes than ever before were seen around the lands and the peasants grew restless.

With the merger of the former lands of Vice with Varyamo Nolvo, the history of Vice was thought ended. Though it's spirit did live on through the religion of Hedonism, founded in the dying days of Vice to spread the message of Vice even after it's merger with Varyamo Nolvo. However, not long after the end of Vice, trouble began brewing in Varyamo Nolvo. A secretive group planned to overthrow the sitting government and Lady Skadhi Storm, not willing to see the former regions of Vice suffer should a successful rebellion break out, announced to the world that she would cede her Duchy from Varyamo Nolvo. Thus on the eve of the rebellion in Varyamo Nolvo, Vice decided to pursue her own journey once again.

The reincarnation of Vice fought for about as long as it's predecessor in the battle for existence, having to fight a rival Novellian secession, the Kingdom of Heen, throughout it's life. Despite clear strengths and weaknesses on both sides, neither realm could break the deadlock and Vice ended up in a long and exhaustive war for control of the desert. Vice never got to lose the war with honour however, as Vice fell due to the actions of Attila the Betrayer; who surrendered the Duchy of Latlan to the King of Heen. This act in itself instantly reduced Vice to just the region of Watersdown. It took another three weeks for Heen to finally erase the desert of Vice completely.

Despite the fall of Vice, her eternal legacy remains through the blessed Hedonistic faith, which continues to permeate Beluaterra and bring hope and pleasure for all!

Historical Regions of Vice

Apokh | Kraake | Latlan | Ling | Sotrebar | Suuk | Watersdown