The Path of the Great Dragon

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The Path of the Great Dragon has been destroyed in game, but resurrected as the New Way of the Dragon. A monotheistic religion dedicated to following the Great Dragon. It has become one of the most widespread religions, as many families begin to worship the Dragon before even learning there are others who also do so. As such, it is currently a very diverse religion; some of its followers have Guilds devoted to the Dragon's teachings, others seek to create Realms dedicated to The Path, while others simply serve their realms and keep their religion separate from politics. Some of the Dragon's followers even teach ideals not consistent (or contradictory) with the typical teachings of the Dragon. This stems from the fact that the original texts created by The Great Dragon are lost, and now there are several different accounts of the history and ideals of The Path of the Dragon. After many years, it became the first religion to gain priests, when it was founded on Beluaterra.

Temple Locations

In chronological order of creation:

In the Beginning

Long ago, a Great Dragon who lived in the central mountains. It claimed dominion over all the continents, between the snows at the top of the world, to the warmth of the southern sea. The Nobles and peasants both looked upon the Great Dragon with gratitude and respect. There are stories of The Dragon demanding unwavering fealty, and sending great misfortune on those who opposed it, but there are also tales that it held the first free elections, spoke the first just laws, and forgave even those who sought to destroy it. It is clear that the Dragon had the best interest of all mankind at heart, but that those who strayed from its path would be smitten by his mighty talons.

After thousands of years, but before even the first Realm existed, a group of nobles banded to together to secretly oppose the Dragon, and sent a group of the bravest nobles to slay the dragon. While wise and just, The Dragon had ruled too long, they reasoned. Mankind could not advance itself while under the rule of such an old and admittedly strict leader; traditions would become too ingrained, and neither technology nor commerce would flourish under his direct rule. They arrived at his Mountain Throne, drew their swords, and fought heroically. But were no match for the Great Dragon. In one stroke of His terrible claws, they were torn asunder.

“Why throw your life away like this?” Asked the Dragon, but since he was all-knowing, he knew the answer.

The mark of a great Being is being able to be swayed by logical argument. And the Dragon was certainly great. The Dragon, in a divine revelation, realized the heroic Nobles were right; mankind could not become as great as Him while he ruled them; only by facing challenges on their own could they one day gain wisdom and strength.

So, the Dragon made a great sacrifice. He allowed one of the heroic Nobles, with her dying breath, to strike him down with her sword.

But the Dragon would not leave mankind alone in the night. From that day forth, he would watch over mankind. Occasionally, he would guide events; choosing Kings and Queens, adding his hand in battle, coming in visions to give men guidance. He also sent his supernatural servants out to the world to help mankind, both by guiding them and by giving them a chance to prove themselves.

By studying his words, and following his teachings, we can make ourselves greater assets to all mankind.

Teachings of the Dragon

The Dragon’s Teachings are actually very few; he expected mankind to find its own wisdom. But, ages ago, it did pass down several lessons onto its subjects. Most of these are written down somewhere, and consist mostly of witty parables (“Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from a friend’s forehead, and the like) but I am not a scholar, and only remember the substance of them. There are three things a follower of the Dragon must defend, and three they must attack.

Under the guidance of the Dragon, Noble must:

  • Defend your honor.
  • Defend the honor of your friends(there is some debate as to if this refers only to Women or any friend.)
  • Defend your home. (Realms did not exist so long ago, but this is generally thought to apply to them as well as your actual home region)
  • Attack injustice with justice.
  • Attack those who would do you harm.
  • Attack those who would harm mankind.

From these six obligations, the first scholars of the Great Dragon summarized the entire religion as seeking honor, loyalty, justice, and knowledge. The six obligations and these four ideals now make up the Dragon's creed.

Apart from that, the religion tends to incorporate whatever wisdom its followers discover on their own. For instance, now that the religion has become centered on Beluaterra, undead are especially hated for their chaotic and unjust opposition to the mankind. Different followers find wisdom in different ways. Some build temples and write poetry, some study warfare and tactics, some practice diplomacy and try to spread their religion. All many do is go about their duty, and pray for The Dragon’s guidance every once in a while.

The Great Library

One of the most valued ideals of the Path is knowledge. Thus, it is fitting that inside each Temple of the Path is constructed a library. Viewed collectively as a single Great Library, it houses ancient relics, texts, modern writings of scholars, and most notably, old manuscripts speaking of the Great Dragon himself.

Relics of the Dragon

Many followers search for relics from the time of the Great Dragon. The most famous among these are a great bow and a mighty sword that were used against the Dragon. It is said they hold great power, and that no man can wield them. Some even credit the creation of the evil Undead to a foolish soul, who tried to harness the sword's power.

Other followers dismiss both weapons as a myth.

Draconis, The Promised Land

Some followers of The Path of the Dragon speak of a promised land for those who follow the Word of The Dragon. They say it will be called Draconis, and all who follow the Path will flock to it, and live there without persecution for all time. I am a hero, with duties to my realm, and I do not put much stock in this prediction, but some people take the promised land very seriously.

Other Views of The Dragon

While monotheistic, The Path is not unified. Very few people worship the Great Dragon in the same way. Here are a few others who follow the Dragon, but with a different interpretation than outlined above:

Path of the Great Dragon
Continent / Island Beluaterra
First Temple Hoelorr, Mesh
New Temples Joppo, Mesh

Qual, Fronen

Poitra, Mesh

Eykfar, Mesh

Naraka, Vlaanderen

Bisana, Fronen

Seven Rivers, Fronen

Twillen, Mesh

Vur Hagin, Fronen

Affkat, Melhed

Trottie, Fronen

Vale, Fronen

Mhed, Fronen

Cori, Fronen

Marpii, Fronen

Watersdown, Heen

Tahgalez, Heen

Kif, Heen

Bajit, Mesh

Mokut, Mesh

Kraake, Mesh

Governance System
  • Democratic
  • Policy set by consensus
  • Administrative tasks handled by committee of Stewards
Temple Numbers 22