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Undead Hordes were spotted in the region Qual on 17th May, 1010. Three days later, on the 20th of May, it was confirmed to be an invasion.

In the north, the Netherworld stirred and its Daimon commanders began taking over regions. On May 13, 2010 Porl was taken and on May 20th Aesh was taken over by the Netherworld.


  • First reports emerge of sentient Undead in Qual. Netherworld begins to expand around Jobo's Mouth.
  • Human rulers agree to a continent wide ceasefire in the event of an Invasion.
  • Invasion confirmed, the War of the Nine Realms ends almost immediately, although skirmishes between Bara'Khur and Hetland continue for a week.
  • Expedition from Melhed to Qual is defeated by the Undead. A second, larger assault by Avalon and Fronen succeeds in reclaiming the mountain range.
  • The Monsters emerge near Jidington, Rinqen, Shifgrethor, and Tsamn.
  • Enweil hands over Fymmen Otu and another rural in exchange for peace with monsters, directing them south to Dominion of Alluran.
  • Monsters rapidly begin taking over Dominion of Alluran regions around Jidington. Weeks later, they send two armies to test Enweil, both of which are defeated and the First of Gilgamesh is killed in the second.
  • The Daimons head south from Jobo's Mouth, invading Heen. Sint makes peace with Netherworld and later allies.
  • Dominion of Alluran, having only accepted Riombara's aid and refused Enweil's, is overrun by the Monsters and surrenders (only to later be absorbed). Former Queen Annaej Urominiel joins them and is granted the "seals of command", allowing her to lead the lesser beasts. Later, ex-general Sainth is also granted the same "seals".
  • The Daimons begin targeting the cities of Heen, ignoring the hinterlands surrounding them. Armies of Hetland and Mesh march to Heen's aid.
  • Latlan, the last city controled by Heen, falls. The Daimons continue south, invading Mesh. Old Grehk and Bara'Khur make peace with Netherworld.
  • Having disappeared after their defeat in Qual, the Undead reemerge in Pomatim and destroy forces from Old Grehk and Fronen sent to investigate.
  • Daimons breach the walls of Twillen, the capital and last city of Mesh.
  • Epic of Gilgamesh, ruler of the Monsters, invades Enweil, the most powerful human realm. Enweilieos, Fwuvoghor, and Fheuvenem fall and the Monster assault Fengen, the capital, for the first time. Daimons arrive and join with the Enweilian troops to push back the Monsters. Enweil allies with Netherworld.
  • Riombara undergoes heated debate, one side wishes to ally with the Monsters, another is against it. The Duchy of Rines secedes, forming Meridian Republic, which signs an alliance with Monsters.
  • Avalon and Bara'Khur ally with Netherworld.
  • Avalon, Enweil, and Bara'Khur sign into a confederation.
  • Avalon, Bara'Khur, Netherworld and Enweil declare war on Meridian Republic. Later, Riombara signs a cease fire with the Monsters.
  • Sint and Bara'Khur fight a brief conflict, which is brought to a negotiated end.
  • The Undead continue growing in strength in the far north, beginning to engage the armies of Thalmarkin.
  • Thalmarkin begins to crumble in the face of the Undead; King Piru Petteri Cosula is amongst the casualties. Old Grehk and Sint launch two unsuccessful major offensive against Pomatim.
  • The armies of the Daimons and the Monsters clash again in Fengen, with horrific casualties on both sides. Once more the Monsters are driven back. War Queens Tonkotsu Vanimedle and Carrie Stafford of Bara'Khur are killed in battle by the Monsters, less than a fortnight apart.
  • Meridian Republic captures the city of Fwuvoghor which the monsters had turned rogue for it, then invades southern Avalon. Both Netherworld and the Monsters shift their attention to this front.
  • Undead break through Melhed defenses at Lastfell and ravage the interior of the Republic. Melhed begins negotiations with the Undead.
  • Riombara declares war on the Monsters once again after a bitter debate. Athol Margos secedes almost immediately to form the Kingdom of Athol, which is assimilated into the Meridian Republic.
  • Netherworld launches a fresh offensive against Hetland.
  • A group of beings claiming to serve "the Light" emerge in Pel Mark
  • Old Grehk is overrun by the Undead and surrenders after the capture of its capital, Ossmat. The city is returned shortly afterwards, although an Undead garrison remains.
  • The first "Temple of the Light" is established in the Temple of Daishi, in Creasur, capital of Hetland. The Temple of Light destroys any Daimon army in their territory. The Daimons become good at waiting for their armies to be destroyed and then marching new armies in to maintain takeovers of Hetland regions and so the realm of Hetland continues to shrink.
  • Monsters breach the walls of Cteduul, Avalon is effectively destroyed.
  • A second "Temple of the Light" is established in Temple of Hemaism, in Firbalt. Sint abandons its alliance with Netherworld.
  • Daimons invade the city of Fronepu in Melhed.
  • Third and final Temple of Light is built inside the Temple to Qyrvagg in Grehk, Riombara. The ensuing onslaught of Monsters does claim nearly all of Riombaras regions - though the Monsters lose over 90.000 in the process.
  • Hetland is reduced to Creasur by the Netherworld - the Temple of Light is their last defense against the darkness. Bara'Khur, Fronen and Enweil threaten war unless Hetland abandons the temple of Light and agrees to a cease-fire with Netherworld. Hetland stands fast to the Light.
  • A three way war rages in the territory of Sint as the Undead and Daimons invade. The capital of Firbalt remains protected by the Temple of the Light, but Sint loses ground outside the city.
  • The Temple of the Light abandons Creasur. Daimons storm the city shortly afterward, but fail to capture the fleeing Servant of the Light. Hetland falls and becomes part the Blight shortly thereafter.
  • The Prophets of the Light tell of the coming of powerful beings called 'Archons'...which will apparently diminish the Darkness.
  • The Meridian Republic splits - the two duchies of Rines and Athol Margos rejoin Riombara.
  • The three dark continue to lose strength - though the two remaining Temples of Light also lose power and vanish. Human realms begin reclaiming areas formerly under the control of invaders.
  • Around the beginning of 1011 the Fourth Invasion seems largely over, with the invader leaders leaving. Shortly thereafter, though, large numbers of undead and monsters run rampant. Large parts of the continent remain covered by the Blight.

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