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Nyxianism first rose to prominence during the nascent beginning of the Fourth Invasion. Founded in Bara'Khur, little is known about the tenets of Nyxianism beyond the fact that it was centred upon two fallen queens of Bara'Khur, Carrie Stafford and Tonkotsu Vanimedle, who were identified as archangels.

In the aftermath of Nyxianism's founding it was plagued with misfortune. It had the dubious honour of sharing its name with the daimon lord Nyx, who is known to have had a hand in the fall of Heen and Mesh. Neither was the cause helped by arguments and disagreements with disciples of the faith of Estahsism, the predominant religion of Bara'Khur. By the end of the Fourth Invasion, Nyxianism had already disappeared into the mists of history.

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