Legendary Shield of Protection

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Type Shield
Discovered by Sanea
Discovery date 31 December 2006
Discovery location Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner (unknown)

Legendary Shield of Protection

Famed for its surprisingly light weight this tower shield is a dream come true for the dismounted and mounted knight alike. Currently it bears the sword over an ocean motif belonging to whichever unfortunate knight fell at the hands of the undead.


Travelling throughout the realm of Sint, Sanea, half sister of Tharion Frostnova won this in battle against a pack of zombies. Meeting the undead across an open field Sanea recklessly charged among them, driven by a desperate need for coin which could often be found clutched in their lifeless hands. From the midst of the pack emerged an armoured zombie wielding a massive axe in one hand and the shield in the other. In a guttural slur the creature challenged Sanea to single combat before immediately charging forward catching her across the chest but failing to break her armour.

Armed only with a sword Sanea desperately battled but continually found her blows turned aside by the shield, wielded with astounding speed by the undead champion. A savage blow struck her to the ground, momentarily stunning Sanea but she refused to relinquish the hold on her blade. Looming above the champion raised his axe to deliver the telling blow but in a desperation Sanea kicked out and the creature fell down on top of her. Ignoring the sickly stench of its breath Sanea lifted her sword and stabbed it through the side of the champions head bringing the monstrosities existence to an end.

The magic sustaining the other undead failed at the death of their leader, leaving Sanea free to scrounge amongst their corpses. Noting the craftsmanship of the shield, and knowing that she was unlikely to afford one so fine for herself, Sanea took it in her arm.


The bearer gains Prestige +1 and counts as a shield.


Forged a lifetime ago by renowned smith Alador from across the seas, the shield was originally given to his local lord as a token of his esteem. Carried until his death over two decades later the shield was passed on to his eldest son, Soreo. Travelling across the lands and sea Sorea eventually arrived in Beluaterra where he fell in battle. Emboldened by the shield Soreo recklessly charged the enemies line where the advantages in weight and speed offered by the shield came to nought. Overwhelmed, Soreo was surrounded by the many blades of a militia unit and died at the hands of peasants.

A few knights are remembered to have owned the shield at one time or another but each has eventually fallen. The Legendary Shield of Protection offers the bearer an unparalleled level of armouring but they must take care not to commit the mistakes of the past.