Old Armour of the Kings

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Type Armour
Discovered By Novgorod
Discovery Date 4th February, 2010
Discovery Location Ypsilanti, Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner Kayne II Himoura

Fabled Past...

When this forest was still young, in ancient times, there was a kingdom that lived for glory and conquest. The Kings were all men who had taken over territory, or subjugated a group of people for the Kingdom. In the Kingdom of the Forest, in addition to the standard royal regalia, the crown, rings and a jeweled necklace, the ruler would wear a sacred heirloom passed down between each King from the very first. This was the Armour of the Kings. Worn by the very first King, King Nodass, who conquered the city now their capital, it was the most revered and praised set of armour ever known to the kingdom.

As the Kingdom expanded, a second city in the forest was taken over. The new Duke claimed royalty and demanded the Armour of the Kings. He called for a new era to be ushered in with a new capital and a new dynasty. Those who had something to lose protested the Duke’s mindset causing a civil war. The fighting was vicious and bloody. The Duke’s infiltrators assassinated the original King, and the new King was captured and concealed in the dungeon never to be seen again. It was a miserable time for the Kingdom of the Forest. It seemed as though this Duke was going to win and change a century of tradition. Then, the third wearer of the Armour challenged the Duke to a duel to the death to settle the war. The Duke agreed and praised his own marshal prowess as superior against his challenger.

In the grounds near the first capital, the two met for mortal combat. The challenger, a Marshal of the Old Kings, was not as experienced or trained as the rising Duke, but he wore the armour and had a heart of fire and steel. The Duke and the challenger fought for two hours, each drawing blood from the other and gaining the upper hand, until the Duke finally stabbed the challenger in the throat killing him instantly. At that moment, the crowds went into an uproar and broke into a riot. Those supporting the challenger lynched the Duke as a mob, those supporting the Duke tried to stop the assault. It was a melee of misery and massacre. The Duke was murdered, the corpse of the challenger was buried under bodies, and then he was tossed into the large hole that hid away the bodies of this terrible event in history. The Armour went unnoticed into the mass burial pit too.


Centuries later, a thick-armed small-brained monster went digging for food in the forest. Smelling the faint smell of flesh in the earth, he dug hungrily. When he found his treasure, he realized the smell was only a stain on the pile of bones with no flesh. In a rage, he thrashed the bones and disturbed the burial hole. Then his fist hit something hard, something that teased his curious and simple mind. Digging through the bones, he pulled out a body wearing a heavy set of armour. Cleaning the crud and black smears off, the armour shined brighter than any he ever saw. This, unbeknown to the monster, was the Old Armour of the Kings.

Human Acquisition

At the age of twenty-seven, while adventuring in Ypsilanti, a fellow freeman named Michael passed along some information to Novgorod about the location of a small horde of monsters. After two hours of tracking them, Novgorod launched his attack at maximum risk. Defeating the monsters then facing the alpha last, it was a hard and exhausting fight. After the alpha dropped dead Novgorod began his usual looting of the cave finding gold and silver. Then, under the pile of hay where the alpha no doubt slept he discovered the ancient and unique Old Armour of the Kings! At 81% condition and plus 1 prestige, this unique item was the greatest find he had ever gained.

Novgorod announced that the item will be up for sale at the price of 100 gold plus a recommendation. Royalty preferred. Many offers were considered.

Lord Kayne II Himoura's acquiring of the Armour set

After a heated bidding war for the Old Armour of the Kings by many considerable offers, Novgorod finally decided on the top bidder, Lord Kayne II Himoura at the price of 350 gold plus recommendation and a pledge to tend to the armour should it need repair. The second offer was 275 gold from the former Duke of Vur Hagin in Fronen. After some time of traveling to the city of Fianik to complete the transaction, Novgorod was arrested and thrown in the dungeon where he was robbed, tortured, and, after the armour set was stolen by Lord Kayne, executed.

Novgorod is drug from his cell, bound and gagged. He is drug towards the center of town, and brought before Kayne II, dressed in the Old Armor of Kings, now desecrated with daimonic runes and grisly trophies. The Executioner strode forward and pulled a knife from its sheath, and quickly cut Novgorod's hamstring, relishing in his cry of pain. Kayne II licked the blade and sheathed it. He turned to a pit, in the bottom of which were starving wild dogs."Throw him in." he commanded, and the guards tossed Novgorod in the hole, and he was devoured quickly by the dogs, his screams ending suddenly with a horrid sound of ripping flesh. Kayne II grinned and walked away.

The Old Armour of the Kings is now in the possession of Kayne II Himoura, Executioner of the Netherworld, Baron of Jobo's Mouth. He has since desecrated the Armour and inscribed it with the obscene runes, and mounted skulls of those he has bested in combat onto the armor. The armor no longer shines, it has been forever blackened by the ash and soot of Jobo's Mouth.