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The Gods and Their Hierarchy

  • Julus-King of the Gods. The God of Light and the Sun. The God of Justice.
  • Razia-Queen of the Gods. Godess of Wisdom and the Moon
  • Crom-Marshal of the Gods. God of War, God of Steel, God of the Mountain.
  • Mustava-Godess of Love and of Wine.
  • Azram-Messenger of the Gods. God of the Four Winds
  • Tinorik-Godess of the Sea, Godess of Wealth
  • Lima-Godess of the Land, Godess of Home and Growth
  • Nezumic-God of Darkness and Death. Keeper of the Underworld.


It is the stated belief of our Order that our order is the only true and correct vision in the world. Our beliefs are rooted in antiquity that predates the grandparents of the oldest members of any realm. Due to the continuing existence of the documents and relics of our Order, we take that to be divine providence indicating the correctness of our views. We look to protect and encourage the pilgrim, and we look to convince The Unwashed. The Eight Gods can be divided into four by marriage, the four may be divided into two by sex, and the two become one through balance. We seek that balance in all aspects of life, from the symmetry of a flower to the weighted balance of a sword to its handle. The undead are but when the forces of the world have been put off kilter by mankind, and our past comes back to haunt us. Through proper worship and dedication, no harm shall befall you save old age.

The Rediscovery and History

Hierarchy of the Order

  • The Order has a complex hierarchy that is significantly comprised of two branches. The Julusi Priesthoood and The Cromian Monastic Order.
  • The Senior positions of the Order are comprised of members of both branches to ensure that all flows well within it.
    • Pontifex-head patron of the Order-responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects
    • Patriarch Julusix-2nd in command of the Order-shares overall responsibility for managing the Order
    • Patriarch Cromias-3rd in command-Head of the Cromian Monastic Order, the military arm of our Order
    • Patriarch Azrami-4th in command-Chiefly responsibly for being the mouthpiece of the Order, and spreading it across the lands.
    • Cardinal-Highest level of Senior Priesthood. Involved in decisions regarding the management of the Order
    • Archbishop-Extremely prestigious level within the Senior Priesthood
    • Major Archbishop-Lowest level of the senior leadership, still very exclusive.
    • Primate-A benefactor of extreme importance. Usually granted to Dukes who build temples.
    • Metropolitan-Any landowner who builds a shrine or temple on their lands. Also granted to high ranking members of the Cromian Monastic Order.
  • The Julusi Priesthood makes up the backbone of the Order. There are several positions to ascend to within the Priesthood.
    • Bishop-Highest ranking member of the Priesthood short of the leadership positions.
    • Coadjutor Bishop
    • Auxiliary Bishop
    • Vicar General
    • Episcopal Vicar
    • Vicar Forane
    • Archpriest
    • Monsignor
    • Pastor
    • Curates
    • Deacon
  • The military arm of our Order is called the Cromian Monastic Order. It is where most of our members who are not inclined to the priesthood will be. They will wage wars on our enemies, and are directly responsible for protecting the Church from the undead and monsters. Only the most valiant will rise through its ranks.
    • Exarch
    • Maphiran
    • Grand Master
    • Clavero
    • Comendadore
    • Grand Prior
    • Sacrista
    • Obrero
    • Sacred Knight
    • Military Ordinary
  • Outside of these two paths are our common parishioners. They too have a hierarchy: Convert, Advanced Initiate, Elevated Initiate, Initiate, and Neophyte Initiate. Any nonbelievers or outsiders are referred to as The Unwashed.

Ceremonies and Rites

Our Order has many. Once someone wishes to further themself in the Order, they must first reject their past as one of The Unwashed, and accept that it is the will of the Gods that have called them unto this purpose. The ceremony is presided over by the highest ranking Order member available. The Initiate strips bare and is washed, usually in a nearby stream lake or ocean. They are dressed in clean white linens and asked to recount their acceptance of the Gods into their lives. They are then deemed initiates and allowed into the Temples.

There are also ceremonies held upon someone's entering the Julusi Priesthood or the Cromian Monastic Order, as well as some others for senior positions. Those remain secret and for full members of the Order only.

Our Temples and Shrines

You will find our Temple in Bisana. All are welcome.

Relations With Other Religious Orders

Heretics and the Excommunicated

under construction. see more soon.