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Lost Realms of Beluaterra - Full List

Here is the full list of realms lost to time on the continent of Beluaterra.

Past Realms of Beluaterra
Name & Flag Description
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Kingdom of Alluran
A colony of the strange people of Angmar destroyed by inhumans.
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
One of humanity's founding nations during the First Age, Old Ar Agyr endured the First Invasion but not the Second. Plagued by inner turmoil and strife the northern lands were consumed by the armies of the First Necromancer and the refugees would then go on to create Thalmarkin & Valentia in the Third Age.
Old Ar Agyr
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Democracy of Ashborn
Athol Collective was an original realm of Beluterra, founded in Athol Margos. They fought wars with their neighbor, Rines Republic, and eventually merged into the realm of Riombara, which had been founded out of the realms Rines Republic and Irombro, in order to avoid annhilation.
Athol Collective
A colony of Enweil in the Third Age on old Voghor lands. Wracked by civil strife and secession movements, it eventually fell in the Third Invasion.
Democracy of Avalon
Seceded from Avalon during the Fourth Age a land of heroes and the The Valentic Order plagued by schism.
Kingdom of Old Bara'Khur
Neo Enweil banner.png
Seceded from Fronen over religious matters. The origin of the Order of Mordok. Based in Wudenkin.
Theocracy of Bara'Khur
Caelum was formed as a cooperative effort by the realms of Nothoi, Thalmarkin, Sint, and Old Grehk. Nobles from each of these realms, and more, came together to recolonize lands recaptured from the blighted lands during the end of the Fifth Invasion. These four realms signed a treaty to establish and regulate the cooperative effort that would form the realm.
Kingdom of Caelum
The remains of Caelum & Sint.
Kingdom of Caelint
Seceded from Luz de Bia during the Third Age in response to invasions by the Hierarchy of the Abyss.
Kingdom of Caras Galadhon
One of the founding realms based out of the city of Eno. The cause of the Grehk migration and the merger of The Rines Republic and Irombro into Riombara. Splintered into Luz de Bia & warred with Riombara. Fell during the First Invasion.
Eno Chia
Enweil - a beacon of democracy in chaotic lands of Beluaterra...

One of the founding realms on Beluaterra Enweil has endured three ages of invasions, and emerged one of the most powerful battle forces on the continent. Light of democracy had been defended through numerous hardships as an ideal always worth striving for. Throughout war and parley, using sword and pen, nobles of Enweil have watched over their realm through ages past, and shall continue to act as an everwatching emblem of vigilance in days to come.

Democracy of Enweil
NA Fafnir was a democracy on the continent of Beluaterra. Located in the northwestern tip of the continent, Fianik was their capital city. It is believed to have been destroyed during the first invasion. Little else is known of this realm.
Democracy of Fafnir
Seceded from Enweil during the 4th Invasion. Consumed from within by collaboration with inhumans.
Theocracy of Fheuv'n
Little is known about this realm, what we do know though is that it was formed as as secession from the Kingdom of Grehk at the dawn of the first invasion and after enduring the horrors migrated back to their ancestral lands in Grehk before joining Riombara.
Fronen Flag.png
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Republic of Old Fronen
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Republic of Fronen
GA Phnx.png
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
One of humanity's founding nations during the First Age, Grehk was forced from their homes by the ceaseless warfare of the south east and made the long pilgrimage to Keffa. Their decedents were the chief power of the north west for generations.
Kingdom of Grehk
A splinter faction of Grehk founded after the First Invasion intent on restoring the old ways of Grehk from the time of the first founding. A stabilizing force in the north, it was eventually destroyed by the inhumans.
Kingdom of Old Grehk
Neo Grehk WF.png
A splinter faction of Old Grehk created by a rebelling Duke after his claim to title was brought into question by the crown. Collapsed due to internal strife and was reabsorbed into Old Grehk.
Kingdom of Neo Grehk
The fourth reforging of Grehk, Old Grehk and Neo Grehk.
Kingdom of Grehkia
Kingdom of Heen was created when Scion the Skilled Twinblade Family initiated a rebellion in Varyamo Nolvo. After the rebellion failed the rebels led by Scion the Skilled fled to Kingdom of Heen and took control. This began a three way civil war that Kingdom of Heen won defeating both its mother realm Varyamo Nolvo and a second realm that split off during the rebellion, Vice. Kingdom of Heenwas ironically killed in three way invasion by the diamons.
Kingdom of Heen
McKay Family Shield small.jpg
A colony of the Republic of Fwuvoghor they were founded in the Third Age and fell at the dawn of the Fourth. The home of the Daishi faith.
Seceded from Riombara the monarchy attempted to forge a new future for the Irombrozian people but after much bloodshed were reabsorbed by their parent realm.
Kingdom of Irombrozia
Seceded from Mesh in an effort to find a faith and was consumed in the Fourth Invasion.
Theocracy of Joppo
Khthon Flag.png
The land of heroes rose, fell and rose once more during the early days of the 3rd Age before passing forever in conflict against Enweil
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Lin Helonon
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Kingdom of Luz de Bia
A colony of Riombara in the First Age. Took part in the Defensive Alliance War. Fell during the first invasion due to a series of strategic blunders leaving the Tahga Desert a wasteland for most of the Second Age.
Kingdom of Marca de Pantera
We are the children of the Wolf and the Sun, our past is bloody and fierce, our preset golden and wise. Our history is long and our legacy to the world great. Ours is a land of learning, of duty, and of suffering. Come not here yee who seeks an easy life of glory and conquest, for the burden of civilization, of knowledge, and of power, is tempered by the duty and wisdom to use it well. Know that for those who have the courage to shoulder the burden with us, you will find the truest of brothers and sisters, who will be with you until the end of days.

This is Melhed, and we are not afraid.

Republic of Melhed
A realm formed by the secession of Rines from Riombara. The regions of Cjelegy, Ajitmon, and Melegra were part of the duchy of Rines at that time. The Meridian Republic is the successor the the realms of Dominion of Alluran, Irombrozia, and The Republic of Fwuvoghor. A week after it was formed, the Republic took over Fwuvoghor, thus returning the Fwuvoghorian exiles to their home.
Meridian Republic
Mesh Emblem Small.png
A multinational mercenary realm founded in the First Age. Part of the Defensive Alliance War.
Democracy of Mesh
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
Midas Chia
Ossmat banner.png
A colony of Enweil created in the Third Age. Wracked by civil war the wealth realm fell during the Third Invasion.
Democracy of Plergoth
Seceded from Avalon during the Third Age, the republic fell to religious plots by the Blood Cult leading to it's collapse at the hands of a combined Avalon & Enweil alliance.
Republic of Fwuvoghor
Created from the merger of two original realms of Beluaterra The Rines Republic and Irombro due to the efforts of Eno Chia to block their expansion. Based out of the Twin Isles, Riombarain held ideals of transparent government and democracy.
Republic of Riombara
The origins of Silantin are unknown, though it is believed to have come about after the first invasion. It's capital was the city of Reeds. It is also controlled the cities of Twillen, Dyomoque, and possibly Wudenkin and Poitra . At some point in it's history it warred Old Grehk, Fronen, and Melhed. It also created the short lived puppet realm of Ozgard. It has been said that witchcraft ran rampant in this realm, and that it was destroyed by the gods. We also believe the undead and monsters of the second invasion had a hand in Silantin's demise.
Kingdom of Silantin
Refugees from Ashborn who found a home for themselves on the inhuman ravaged Zettermain Peninsula. Replaced Ashborn as the dominant power in the region during the scope of the Third Age, in part due to Valentic help. Later became the first nation to side with the newly released daimons during the Third Invasion.
Theocracy of Sint
A colony of Melhed the knights of Valentia are feared and respected throughout the world. They are exceptional warriors of honor and valor. In the name of God and for the glory of duke and king, they sweep aside evil on the field of battle, for none can stand against their glorious charge.
Kingdom of Valentia
Built atop the ruins of Silantin the nation of Valhus wished to drive back the daimons during the third invasion. They succeeded only in angering the Republic of Melhed leading to the crisis around the Stone Table of Ibnanzil. Valhus was subsequently destroyed by Enweil and Avalon.
Kingdom of Valhus
VN pic -1.JPG
A colony of Voghor created in the Second Age. It fell during the Second Invasion only to be remade by Ashborn in the Third Age. Subject to a rebellion that split the realm into three which recreated the realm of Vice who had merged with Varyamo Nolvo months before and Kingdom of Heen. Varyamo Nolvo was killed by Kingdom of Heen in the three way civil war.
Kingdom of Varyamo Nolvo
A hedonistic colony of Mesh in the Third Age locked in eternal battle over the same desert territories as Varyamo Nolvo and Kingdom of Heen. Founded Hedonism. Fell to Kingdom of Heen in a three way civil war between Varyamo Nolvo and Kingdom of Heen.
Kingdom of Vice
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.
One of humanity's founding nations during the First Age, Voghor endured the First Invasion but not the Second. Speculation abounds but it was assumed that, similar to Marca de Pantera, both realms had centralized capitals in strongholds, and as a result their armies had poor mobility in between their capital and key cities thus compromising their defense.
The strange people of Angmar left no records of their passing.