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Located on::Beluaterra
Part of::Irondale
Part of::Gethsemene
Remus Prestongreen
is regiontype::City
North Lowlands
Manufacturing, Trade

The port city of Gethsemene, or 'Goathsemene' is the jewel of the north coast on Beluaterra. Compared to the frigid wastes further east it is balmy in comparison and is a very hospitable and pleasant gathering place for the peasants of the surrounding regions to bring their produce to market. Gethsemene is built around a natural harbor and boasts some of the best seafood available anywhere on the continent. The surrounding regions of Fikman, Sniika and Baqua produce quantities of Rice and wheat that are the envy of many a region and help to feed the entire realm. Gethsemene is also home to the greatest goat market on the continent, both goats and their manure are sold here in all sizes and shapes. The city walls are build on top of ancient fortifications that are rumored to use water and ventilation holes to make the climate within the city both warm in winter and cool in summer.

The old palace on the south west edge of the city is located on the largest hill in the area, next to the Palace a large temple area has been build dedicated to the Great Herd. The temple brews one of the best Gotland goat ale in the continent and offers among the purest dried goat droppings to its followers.

Goats roam freely throughout the city and thanks to Lord Ballantine many of its inhabitants have their own wagons, however everything has to make way for a goat in every traffic situation. It's usually quicker to go by foot or better, goat cart, the law however does not dictate giving way for the cart, just the goat. This often leads to complicated situations which makes traffic in Gethsemene a difficult and uncomfortable experience. Most houses or buildings have a place to drink and eat for the roaming goats in the city. Goat manure left on the streets is claimable by all and many private enterprises specialize on collecting street dung to process into inferior products. They are highly popular however, among the common folks of the city.

Ancient Gethsemene

Since the recent restoration of the walls of Gethsemene and renovations within the palace itself, an ancient mural was discovered that showed the walls could control weather - water was stored in the dungeons walls and if the duke wished it could rain in summer. An ancient system of pumps and piping was discovered in the dungeons, however until the discovery of the mural, their use was unknown. Work has been started to repair this ancient and wondrous irrigation system. It is a known fact that the North winds have little or no impact on the city. In summer, the Archer slits in walls are opened to allow the gentle sea breezes in and in the winter these same slits are closed and reinforced quelling the impact of the harsh winters.


It's unfortunate that Geth fell at the end of the war, it's large population was dwindling and the walls that once boasted had crumbled. Sir Yeller, was the last noble to leave the city and was captured by the monster on his return to Ossmat. Once the invasion was over and Old Grehk was restored the region was rebuild entirely. With the foundation of sint it eventually fell under their control until Sint was destroyed and Spearhold was founded. After a long civil war, Spearhold lost the city and was eventually reduced to Firbalt duchy only, they joined the daimons and Gotland was founded in Gethsemene. Gethsemene thrived again under Gotland and survived through the invasion, waging constant warfare with Spearhold and their daimon masters.

Duchy of Gethsemene

The Duchy of Gethsemene is the original duchy of Gotland and consists of it's core regions and capital.

Regions of the Duchy of Gethsemene:

The Duchy of Gethsemene has the following ducal laws:

  • The building of new temples of any religion except the Great Herd may only be build with specific permission form the Duke of Gethsemene.
  • All region titles are claimable by the butting of heads upon specific permission of the Duke of Gethsemene
  • Special traffic priorities are in place for Goats and wagons in that order. Goats and wagons with nobles always have priority over common folk.