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Marca de Pantera was a realm located around the Western Badlands. It's territory constituted all of present day Heen and several more regions that currently belong to Sint.

Marca de Pantera was founded by a group of Riombarans during the first age. This realm did play an important role in defeating the main undead champion at the end of the first invasion. They were also part of the Defensive Alliance that invaded Ar Agyr and Melhed.

It fell towards the end of the Second Age of Beluaterra with reports from the period citing the undead hordes in the area as far more powerful than their comparatively tame southern counterparts. However, the fall of the realm was due mostly towards the monarch's inefficient method of maintaining the realm whilst combating the undead. One of the Kings that are rumoured to have ruled Marca de Pantera is Jarom.

At the time of the invasion, Tahgalez served as Marca de Pantera's capital; an impractical state of affairs considering Tahgalez' low population and small income. Meanwhile Marce de Pantera's richer and more powerful cities were too distant to defend. Despite calls to move the capital to Firbalt, the government decided to remain in the desert. It is believed this was the decision of the King, whom is believed to have been Highlander. When Tor was later lost to the undead, the government decided to abandon Firbalt entirely and fortify their capital - despite the fact that Tor could have been easily recovered. With the loss of Firbalt, and many other regions, Marca de Pantera was soon rendered unable to even maintain her militia, let alone put up any adequate defence against the ravaging hordes; the survivors perished against the undead.

As a result of Marca de Pantera being so overwhelmingly defeated by the hordes, the Western Badlands remained rogue and uncivilized for years afterwards. Indeed so complete was the damage and so great the threat from the lingering remnants of the undead that the Western Badlands were amongst the last areas of Beluaterra to be colonised again in the Third Age.