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Sacred Obia'Syela
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Grandmistress Saoirse MacArbin
Grand Templar

Grand Inquisitor
Grand Chancellor

Vahanian Blint

Ellen Vorn
Antonia Fitz Roberts

Obiaicon.pngRealm Description

  • Obia'Syela, or "Obeah's Heaven" in the common parlance, is a holy, theocratic realm of priests and temples founded at the end of the Sixth Age of Man by a powerful Oracle and ruled by the benevolent Heralds of Obeah, a religious order made up of faithful from all walks of life that are dedicated to the study of magic and delivering mankind from the ravages of the monsters, undead, and daimonkind to the safety of their namesake patron's embrace and protection. Obian society is maintained by a triumverate power structure lead by the Heralds and upheld by the The Templars and The Inquisition.
  • The Sacred Realm is a theocracy first and foremost. Ruled by priests of Obeah and dotted by monuments to Her glory. It's current capital is the white city of Grehk, The Templarhold. However, the spiritualcapital, Rines, serves as the seat of its dominant religious order, the Heralds of Obeah. The first and former capital city, Keffa, was delivered from the Netherworld to mankind by Obeah and protected by daimonic thralls possessed by the goddess to guard her Oracle. Since relocating to Rines, the realm has become a refuge of scholarly pursuit in the study of magic, a safe harbor from terror of war, oppression, and is utterly committed to confronting and destroying the Daimons of the Netherworld.
  • Always focused on expansion, the Sacred Realm is lead by its Grand Council comprised of The Grand Herald/Grandmistress (Ruler) (always a priest), the Grand Templar (General), the Grand Inquisitor (Judge), and the Grand Chancellor (Banker). Its military was traditionally comprised of two armies, the Lightbringers (regular army) and the Farseers of the Oracle (elite force). The realm was the founding member of the proposed Trifecta Federation, which is now defunct. The Obian military forces, previously known as the Enlightenment, conquered the entire peninsula of Athol Margos with the theocracy staking claims on the major southeastern cities to include Grehk, Elymon, Irombro and Jidington with clear intentions to found as many new colonies as possible before another invasion can occur.
  • The tremendous influence the Oracle wields in all aspects of Obian society, and by extension all Heraldrim, cannot be overstated. However, she can only be contacted via the message channels within the Heralds of Obeah.

New Player Notice

Welcome, knight! We are very glad to have you with us, joining the only Light that has banished the filth and darkness of monsters undead, and worth from southern Beluaterra! We are sure that you have many questions, and this hefty tome here was put together in the hopes of providing some assistance in that regard as you join the life of Obian High Society!

  • Firstly, this is a realm that emphasizes roleplaying and character interplay and there are many per week. If you are receiving a roleplay message, then you are welcome to write your character into the scene in a manner that fits. Obviously you can't teleport through closed doors so please use your best judgement when writing your character in!
  • Secondly, please note that the estates in Rines are reserved for new players and Farseers of the Oracle. If after 30 days (4 tax periods) you are not a part of the Farseers, Her Grace Duchess Rania will have you removed to make room for new knights to follow in your footsteps. By this time, you will have learned our ways and established yourself, and recommendations will be made on your behalf. This is how we grow our empire, and it is essential to the Heraldic mission.
  • Thirdly, please note that if your character desires to speak with the Oracle, they will have to do so via the Heralds of Obeah Temple message option or she will likely deign not to reply.
  • Fourthly, please do not hesitate to speak out when you have a question or require assistance. However, please try to keep it in character if at all possible.
  • Fifthly, when making requests for gold, please include a specific min/max number or your request may not be fulfilled.
  • Sixthly, always make sure to pay your men and set up automatic payments. This can be found in the Orders Tab under Unit Settings.
  • Seventhly, if that's even a word, have fun! Adventure awaits!

Obiaicon.pngRecent Events

The Mute Herald is the newspaper of the Sacred Realm and focuses on internal affairs.


Main article: History of Obia'Syela.

  • The Founding - The tale of the revelation of the Veiled Goddess, called Obeah, and her chosen Oracle, Rania, who would become the founder of the scholarly religious order of the Heralds of Obeah and the realm of Sacred Obia'Syela.
  • The Great Pilgrimage - The Exodus from Keffa to Rines took place in late 1017, it is a tale yet to be written down.
  • The Enlightenment - After the Great Pilgrimage, the army of the Enlightenment set out to conquering the territories that once belonged to Riombara. Obia'Syela conquered the entire peninsula of Athol Margos and reclaimed the major southeastern cities of Grehk and Irombro.
  • The Colonization - With clear intentions to found as many new colonies as possible before another invasion can occur, Obia'Syela embarked on colonizing the Jidington peninsula within the new age: The Colonization.
  • Current Conflict - With the rise of heresy in Nova, tensions boiled over and with her allies the Shattered Vales, Obia'Syela is at war.

Book of Names

The Dead
Name Description
Usual Soul As a Knight of Rines, Usual was killed during a battle in Ardmore against monsters and undead on the evening of April 3rd, 2018. He was never cleared of his heresy as the former general of Spearhold.
Gythrul Attano As a Knight of Athol Margos, Gythrul was killed during a battle in Ardmore on the morning of April 12th, 2018. He was never cleared of his heresy as the former Harbinger of Spearhold.
Erheas D'Este Long serving Grand Chancellor and Duke of Athol Margos, Royal Erheas was killed during a battle in Cjelegy against rogues on the evening of December 21st, 2019.
Ferdinand Greybrook Grand Master and former Grand Templar, Royal Ferdinand was killed during a battle in Glongin against Nova and the Shattered Vales on the evening of December 23rd, 2019.
The Damned
Name Description
Zacharie Moonsun A former Inquisitor and Count of Cjelegy, Zacharie was banned after being convicted of treason by Grand Inquisitor Jessica Gildre and denounced as a defiler by the Heralds of Obeah after he attempted to raze the temple in his jurisdiction following his conviction.
Adolphus Schwarzherzig After loud protest against his actions, Adolphus was forced to step down as Inquisitor. Grandmistress Jessica Gildre declared Adolphus an enemy of the Sacred Realm and banished him with the following decree: "Adolphus, you are hereby banished forever from the Sacred Obia'Syela for Treason, Sabotage, and uttering Heretical statements. Your attempts to destabilize the realm and faith have failed, and I pray for whatever realm offers asylum for your wickedness. May they never let your reach a position of power."
Sadona Vilanova As a Dame of Athol Margos, Sadona was banished from the Sacred Realm by Grandmistress Jessica Gildre. The Grandmistress gave the following reason: "For collaborating with a known traitor and abandoning Obeah. Traitors to the Veiled Goddess shall be given the same quarter as worshipers of the Daimons: none."
The Dominant
Name Description
JeVondair Family The Founding Family.
D'Este Family Instrumental in the initial survival and expansion of the Sacred Realm, without which the realm would have surely failed. Awarded the first Duchy outside of Amen Keffa.
Gildre Family First family to join the Sacred Realm in Keffa. Handled the Adolphus Situation. Served in all Grand Council positions. Favored of the Oracle.
Blint Family Leader of the Enlightenment, Grew the Templar Order. Favored of the Oracle.
Foote Family Regent of the Oracle through her reign.
Greybrook Family Grand Master and Grand Templar, implemented the Enlightenment and led the faith against heresy.
Fitz Roberts Family Grand Templar and Defender of the Faith. Entrusted with the Oracle's will.
The Rulers
Name Description
Grandmistress Rania Eastersand JeVondair Founded realm in Keffa during the invasion that ended the Sixth Age. Lead her people on the Great Pilgrimage from keffa to Fronen and thence to Rines. Ally of the Wolfqueen Maya Tandaros of the Shattered Vales. Founded the Heralds, Templars, and Inquisition organizations. Declared everlasting hatred for the Netherworld as a realm as well as an unsuccessful war on Angmar. Drafted the original Trifecta treaty and its Articles. Expanded borders as far south as Irombro and as far west as Glongin. Opened government to a free election system. Stepped down to focus on religious and internal matters. Previously held all council positions at once.
Regent Erheas D`Este Succeeded the Grandmistress Rania as ruler, the first of the Seventh Age to do so. Founded the single-city Duchy of Athol Margos. Stepped down to focus on ducal matters. Later served as the first Grand Templar and Grand Chancellor.
Regent Yxevarii Auru'in Succeeded Regent Erheas. First Inquisitor to occupy the highest office in the Sacred Realm. She fell to the sleeping sickness shortly after being elected.
Regent Goriad II Gabanus Succeeded Regent Yxevarii. Focused heavily on international diplomacy and realizing Grandmistress Rania's original, expansive vision for the Sacred Realm and its faith. Adopted his religious title of Grand Herald as his sovereign title instead of Regent. Previously served as Grand Inquisitor.
Grandmistress Jessica Gildre Succeeded Grand Herald Goriad II Gabanus after his descent into madness and subsequent demise on the steps of the Basillica. Served as Grand Inquisitor and presided over the heresy of the Adolfus Situation. Presided over the creation of the duchies of Amen Iron and Amen Tellum. Served as the First Duchess of Iron. Signed off on the creation of the Farseers of the Oracle army.
Grandmistress Eva Foote Succeeded Grandmistress Jessica Gildre on March 20, 1019. Led Obia'Syela over a period of consolidation and beginnings of heresy in the new daughter realm Nova. Was assassinated during a religious pilgrimage to Keffa.
Grandmaster Ferdinand Greybrook Succeeded Grandmistress Eva Foote on October 04, 1019. Ruled Obia'Syela as the first Grand Master whom prepared Obia'Syela against the eventual war with the Shattered Vales and Nova. Was killed as a hero in the Battle of Glongin December 23, 1019.


"Grand" people, grand troubles..."

– Inquisitor Maura Arnickles Renodin

Title Function Occupant Description
Grandmaster/Grandmistress/Regent Ruler Currently occupied by XXX SOS has a unique history here. Originally the ruler's title was meant to be Grandmaster/mistress and was held as such by the Oracle, the founder and first holder of the title. However, the Oracle's successors have been reluctant to take the tile on and have elected to take other titles, such as Regent, in hopes that she will one day wear the crown once more, despite her urging to the contrary. Under Ferdinand Greybrook, the position was reformed to "Grand Master" to reflect the necessary military duties of the ruler of Obia'Syela.
Grand Inquisitor Judge Currently occupied by Kethan D'Espana Traditionally serves as the leader of the Inquisition Guild.
Grand Templar General Currently occupied by Antonia Fitz Roberts Traditionally serves as the leader of the Templars Guild.
Grand Chancellor Banker Currently occupied by XXX Traditionally held by a Herald priest and/or Obian Duke/Duchess.

Obian Triumvirate

Influence in the Sacred Realm is divided between the three core factions of Obian high society: The Heralds, The Templars, and The Inquisition. The Heralds, composed of the priests of the Sacred Order, form the pinnacle of this triad of power. The Templars are the Holy Warriors of the Sacred Realm, dedicated to the expansion and protection of the Faith. The Inquisition are the hunters and purifiers of heresy in all its forms, dedicated to the inhibition and prevention of renewed daimonic invasion. With the Heralds at the top of this Triumvirate, the Templars and Inquisition form the opposing legs. Influence between these two factions are measured by how many of their members serve the Sacred Realm as Heralds themselves.

The Sacred Court

The Obian society established by Grandmistress Rania was a strict and stratified one. Each member of the Grand Council have and execute their specific responsibilities, but it falls to the dukes of the realm, as the most senior and influential nobles, to lead High Society vis a vis The Sacred Court. This is the official name of the royal court of Sacred Obia'Syela where Heralds, Templars, and Inquisitors of every rank vie for ducal favor. While only members of the faith may become lords as the Oracle's Law states, presently only the dukes and duchesses of the Sacred Court have the power and jurisdiction to appoint provincial lords. As such, since dukes and duchesses must be members of the faith, it goes without saying that where flows the whims of the realms these highest noble elites, so too flows the realm.


Rines - City of Moonlight, Capital of Sacred Obia'Syela, Ducal Seat of Amen Keffa, and Crown Jewel of Southern Beluaterra
  • Duchy of Amen Keffa - Seated in Rines. Holy City of the Heralds of Obeah. Founded and occupied by the Oracle. Served by Vahanian Blint as Seneschal. Originally founded and centered in the city of Keffa in central Beluaterra. The name, it is said, was both inspired by and pays homage to the act of divine intervention that revealed the power of the Veiled Goddess to the world.
  • Duchy of Amen Obeah - Seated in Athol Margos. Founded and occupied by Duke Erheas D`Este whose family home is also there. No known heirs. Duchy creation was authorized by Grandmistress Rania as part of a deal between herself and then-Grand Templar Erheas as a reward in exchange for his military, and more specifically financial support of the Sacred Realm during the critical resettlement period in Rines immediately following the Great Pilgrimage. For many years, Amen Obeah remained a single-region province until the Oracle divested the duchy of Amen Keffa in early 1019, effectively reversing the position of the duchies in terms of total land ownership. Amen Obeah is now the administrative heart of the Athol Margos peninsula.
  • Duchy of Amen Iron - Seated in Irombro. Bastion of the Inquisition. Founded by the Iron Duchess Jessica Gildre, Grandmistress and Silent Herald of Sacred Obia'Syela, who then handed the reigns to the current occupant, Duke Boltgan Stark.
  • Duchy of Amen Telum - Seated in Grehk, Nexus of the Templar Order, the Duchy of Amen Telum was promised to Grand Templar Vahanian Blint by Rania Eastersand JeVondair for his many years of inter-realm service as the Oracle's protector, friend, and right-hand man.
  • Duchy of Midgard - Seated in Jidington, was formed by Grandmistress Jessica Gildre in order to fulfill the Sacred Realm's quest of founding a non-theocratic colony. This duchy is now defunct.


Main article: Diplomacy.


  • Currently at war with Nova.
  • Currently at war with the Shattered Vales.
  • View the religion of Daishi as misguided.
  • View the religion of Light of Obeah as evil.
  • View the religion of Order of Mordok as evil.
  • Grateful to Fronen despite their fall.
  • Declared everlasting hatred for the Netherworld.


While I force no one to worship the Veiled Goddess, do not mistake that for the ability to practice a different religion anywhere outside of your own estate. If you hold different faith, you keep it to yourself. And if anyone is found to worship in heretical religion, you better believe I will be standing directly beside the Grand Inquisitor when we purge them from the realm.

– Jessica Gildre, the Silent Herald, Duchess of Amen Iron, Grandmistress of Sacred Obia'Syela

Oracular Laws

  • Only priests of the Heralds of Obeah may wear the ruler's crown.
  • Only worshipers of Obeah may hold lordships.

Official Documentation of the Offices of the Grand Inquisitor

Dereliction of Duty

  • Duty is obligatory. If you do not actively work to make the realm better, then you are making it worse.
  • Duty can be considered as region maintenance as a Courtier, marching with the army as a Warrior, conducting diplomacy operations abroad and at home as a Diplomat, or spreading the word of Obeah as a Herald. Duty does not include lounging at your estate eating grapes.
  • Punishment: Fines.


  • Region Lords and up have a sacred duty to the realm. Pay your knights, pay your militia, pay your personal troops, invest in infrastructure/RC's.
  • Excess gold should be passed on to Knights who have sworn fealty to you, or to the Grand Chancellor for reallocation.
  • If you are in the position of Region Lord, and have no Knights nor infrastructure, be prepared to explain where your regions gold goes.
  • Knights are exempt from this charge. Their gold is their own.
  • Punishment: Fines.


  • A serious crime. Profiting off the sale of food while starvation occurs is unacceptable.
  • Food grown in the Sacred Obia'Syela is the property of the Veiled Goddess, and is used to feed her loyal servants.
  • Punishment: Fines.

Unjust Arrests

  • Any arrests of commoners must be preceded by a proper investigation by the Inquisition.
  • Proof and evidence must be presented to the Grand Inquisitor.
  • Failure of this will result in the arresting noble being fined. If the commoner is a pagan, 10 gold. If the commoner is a servant of Obeah, 50 gold.
  • Punishment: Fines.

Worship of False Idols

  • A lesser charge than Heresy, yet still illegal. The Sacred Obia'Syela is a Theocracy, and the Veiled Goddess rules supreme in these lands.
  • Punishment: First a fine. A continuation of practice shall result in Banishment.


  • Those found to be in support of Daimons, their Princes, or other such forces of darkness shall be banned, and their lives forfeit should they ever be captured. Do not do it. Do not think about it. This path offers no redemption.
  • Punishment: Banishment, Forfeiture of Life.

Treason during times of Conflict/War

  • Colluding with the enemy, supplying information detrimental to SOS, or actively sabotaging the realm are all considered treasonous activities.
  • To be included, multiple simultaneous of the above charges will be subject to the Grand Inquisitor's definition of Treason, and can result in the inclusion of the charge.
  • Punishment: Banishment, Forfeiture of Life.



  • The Sapphire Flame - The current army of Obia'Syela, the need for a single coherent force saw the Duke Erheas D'Este sponsor a new army to war against Obia'Syela's enemies.

Originally, the Oracle sponsored a single force, the Enlightenment, to spread Obeah's word to all the corners of the South. Over the years, however, this army traditionally became large and proved too difficult to manage effectively. The Oracle became displeased with their lack of progress and the many setbacks suffered from the increased, post-invasion levels of undead and monsters roaming the wild. And so the Enlightenment would be split in two...

  • The Lightbringers - molded to concept by then-Grand Templar Vahanian Blint, maintained the original mission of the Enlightenment, albeit with the goal of greater efficacy. The lightbringers are a mixed group comprised of all unit types and accustomed to operating as a whole or in two unattached groups. Sitting at around 10,000 CS, this is the main army of the Sacred Realm and among the most powerful armies on Beluattera.
  • The Farseers of the Oracle - The Farseers are a special forces army; an elite praetorian royal guard wherein every commander fields at least 1,000CS of the Rines-based recruitment center of the same name. The Farseers are among the deadliest maximum-range archers in the world with armor heavier than that of most infantry. On paper, this army answers to the Grand Templar and the Grand Council. In reality, they are the Oracle's Own: A personal army funded, centered on, and commanded by the Oracle's Will. Commanders in this army want for nothing. The Oracle sees to it personally that each is outfitted to the best of their ability. Each Farseer Commander is a representative of the Glory of Rines and the Triumphs of the Veiled Goddess. They carry this knowledge with them like an invisible mantle always.

Obiaicon.pngCulture (Roleplays)

List of prominent RPs:

Obiaicon.pngOoC Testimonials and Links



It's just that Obia'Syela is so active that it makes for a perfect realm to showcase the new tutorial.

– DevNote

I am almost back at my old level of activity in this game, I blame you!

– Family D`Este

I work two jobs in real life and am a full-time college student with a 4.0 GPA that I'm constantly battling to maintain, so I don't have a ton of free time, but the little bit of free time I get I spend on Battlemaster. If I don't have time, I make time, because Obia'Syela (not to get all mushy here) is probably one of the funnest, realest gaming atmospheres I've found in a long time. It is genuinely important to me.

– Family Drake

There will still be a boatload of entertaining experience for you in Obia'Syela though, I'm certain of it. Almost every player/character there plans something, has some goals, plays some angles and many of those plans/goals/angles include other players/characters. The ratio of those who create/contribute to flow of events to those who drift with the flow of events is exceptionally high here, higher than any other realm I've seen.[...]Obia'Syela is very fun for someone who likes RP-oriented way of playing battlemaster. RP-wise it's probably the best realm I've been to.

– Family Bennet

I cannot overstate the great community of players in Obia'Syela. In combination with the depth of lore, I have found that Obia'Syela is the best realm in Battlemaster to RP along with the constant new lines of intrigue all packaged in a fantastic religious themed realm.

– Family Greybrook

So...what's the banner/flag?

If you picked up the hidden clues scattered throughout THE FOUNDING Roleplay, you'll understand. Those who don't should find someone who does and hope for the best. ;-)