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Dwilight (a.k.a. West Continent) is the first complete BattleMaster world map created by the player community. It is also the first (and currently only) Serious Medieval Atmosphere game world.

OOC Note: This island is a testing island (as is Beluaterra), so expect to see bugs as new features are tested and improved.


A short summary of important events in Dwilight's history that significantly affected a major realm or the continent. Neutrality is generally strove for. In time, older summaries are archived, and only the more current accounts are kept on this page.

"Save the Barcans!" Campaign

In the Summer of 17 YD, a territorial dispute in Eregon led to the Zumalands declaring war on the Barcans. Subsequently, for reasons unlearned yet, a forged letter caused the Zuma to declare war on the Terrans as well. As this event is a debacle and not a just cause for war, all human parties involved desire peace. For this end, the Zuma require the Barcans to retrieve and offer them four unique items. Thus, all concerned nobles of Dwilight are implored to participate in the "Save the Barcans!" campaign. The quest is to find or purchase the necessary amount of unique items in time before the Zuma launch their offensive. A one thousand gold price has been set for anyone willing to sell their unique items, and donations are also welcome.

The Great Continental War Concludes

In the Spring of 15 YD, possibly the Summer of 16 YD, the last Caerwynian city Via joins Asylon ending the Occidental War between Astrum and Caerwyn. The Great Continental War originated in a conflict in High Toprak, historically known as the Conquest of Northnastrond, between the League of Free Nations; Averoth, Thulsoma and eventually Caerwyn and more (though the other members were preoccupied) and the Sanguis Astroist Brotherhood; the Morek Empire, Corsanctum and Astrum, and sometimes Summerdale and the Libero Empire. Details about the Great Continental War can be found in the Dwilight University's historical project The Great Continental War! by the Dean of History Bowie Ironsides.

Older Histories...


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