Ecclesial Sanguiastroism

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Holy Prophet (roleplayed, non-mechanic rank) Mathurin Hossenfefer
Penitent Protector Seoras Madigan
Light of the Austere Star Malus Solari (missing)
Light of the Auspicious Star -
Light of the Maddening Star -
Inquisitor -
Consul -
Warder -
Bishops Darian
Nobles 19
Followers 72k
Temples 14
Shrines 34

Ecclesial Sanguiastroism is the worship of the Bloodstars, a constellation that hangs in a static position over western Dwilight, three bright red stars know as the Austere, Auspicious, and Maddening stars. They appear to follow slightly irregular cycles, being sometimes bright and sometimes dark. The current phases of the Bloodstars can be found here.

Followers of the Bloodstars believe that the actions of manking are influenced by the position of the bloodstars, with the different phases producing different effects.

The Maddening Star is said to be the epitome of emotion, influencing men with strong emotions and passionate actions. The Auspicious Star is the antithesis of Maddening. It deals with the mind and logic actions. Finally, the Austere Star is the balance of its two siblings, dealing not in inaction but with the time between action, allowing a balance between logic and emotion that only a true follower of the Bloodstars can acquire.

Sometimes the balance of the Austere star can be obscured for some, and can drive men to commit actions which many would not consider had they had the balance between all three stars. Some even dedicate themselves to following a particular star, such as Maddening. Although considered mad by some, these individuals can sometimes achieve a level of devotion not readily acquired by more general believers.

Such beliefs began in the Church of Sanguis Astroism, but on the Day of Betrayal, the Church was lost to Jonsu Himoura, heretic against the True Prophet Mathurin Hossenfefer. It was soon after that Seoras Madigan, Emperor of Luria Nova, sacrificed his imperial authority to dedicate himself to the true teachings of Mathurin and resist the daimonic Jonsu and her corrupted church as Penitent Protector of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism. The first temple of the orthodox faith was built in Shinnen Purlieus.

Taking the lessons of the corrupted mother Church, Seoras set to building priestly authority over the laity, restoring the College of Lights, and expanding the Offices of Austere, Auspicious, and Maddening.

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