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Luria Nova
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Suzerain Queen Ciarghuala Dubhaine
Imperial Marshal

Imperial Magistrate
Grand Panetier

Wassgandr Felsenbach

Bruce Wilde
Ciarghuala Dubhaine

Luria Nova/Realm Summary

The Kingdom of Luria Nova was founded by Fulco D`Este seceding the duchy of Giask from Pian en Luries, then ruled by Alanna Anaris the Ice Queen. Alice Arundel later reformed the Kingdom as the Hegemony of Luria Nova and established the Third Lurian Empire, with the Hegemony at its core, thus becoming Luria's first Suzerain Empress.

Starting as the Duchy of Giask, after the reunification of the Empire, Luria Nova is made up of the lands of Toprak Minor and Northern Forland. To the north are the Divide Mountains and to the south the Palm Sea and Fissoa.


Main article: Timeline of Dwilight

Notable events in the history of Luria Nova:

Year 14

  • 2011-03-28 Pian en Luries - Duchy of Giask seceded by Duke Fulco D'Este to form realm of Luria Nova.

Year 15

  • 2011-08-19 Luria Nova - Fulco D`Este overthrows the government in rebellion.

Year 16

  • 2011-09-09 Luria Nova - Elects Rickhart Haerthorne as its King.
  • 2011-11-15 Luria Nova - Elects Tybalt Crusader as its King.

Year 17

Year 19

  • 2012-07-26 Luria Nova - Elects Fulco D`Este as its new King.

Year 20

  • 2012-08-19 Pian en Luries - The city of Askileon revolts to Luria Nova marking the end of Pian en Luries.
  • 2012-10-23 Solaria - The Duchy of Sun Hall joins Luria Nova bringing with it almost the entire holdings of Solaria.

Year 21

  • 2013-01-01 Luria Nova - Elects Alice Arundel as its first Queen.

Year 22

  • 2013-02-09 Luria Nova - The takeover of the City of Shinnen is completed, bringing to an end the realm of Luria Vesperi.

Year 23

  • 2013-05-31 Luria Nova - Duke Malus Solari abdicates as Duke of Sun Hall.
  • 2013-05-31 Luria Nova - Duke Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca is appointed Duke of Sun Hall.
  • 2013-05-31 Luria Nova - Duke Malus Solari is appointed Duke of the Duchy of Sol in Aveston.
  • 2013-06-26 Morek - declares war on Luria Nova.

  • 2013-08-17 Luria Nova - Elects Alanna Anaris as its new Suzerain Emperess.
  • 2013-10-21 Luria Nova - Elects Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca as its new Suzerain Emperor.
  • 2014-02-08 Luria Nova - Elects Sholan A'Valti its new Suzerain Emperor.

Year 27

  • Southern League War
  • 2018-03-25 Luria Nova - Elects Aldrakar Renodin as its new Suzerain Emperor.
  • 2018-07-18 Luria Nova - Isabella Pavus leads a successful rebellion and becomes the Suzerain Empress.
  • 2018-07-20 Luria Nova - Aylwin Gottfried leads a successful rebellion against Isabella Pavus and becomes the Suzerain Empress which led to the eventual death of Isabella Pavus.
  • 2018-07-22 Luria Nova - Aylwin Gottfried was forced to step down due to massive protests for crowning himself the King of the Moon Hall.

The Interregnum continues, with the passing of throne between Emperor Aylwin and Emperor Nicholas, followed by a period of time with no Emperor. It was ended in the Year 46

  • 2018-07-?? Luria Nova - Luria Nova elects Bennet Selemnir is elected Suzerain King.
  • 2019-11-19 Luria Nova - Luria Nova elects Ciarghuala Dubhaine is elected Suzerain Queen.

Imperial Library

A collection of documents related to all things Lurian.





Dwilight University


Luria Nova is a hegemony and as such is organised in a strict hierarchy, with the Suzerain Emperor at the top. Below him are the Kings, considered Dukes in-game, they rule their duchies as though they were Kingdoms and elect an Emperor to rule the hegemony. Each duchy is known as a Hall, at present their are four halls

  • Sky Hall
  • Moon Hall
  • Earth Hall
  • Sun Hall

Aside from this are the government positions of Imperial Marshal, to lead the realm in war and handle military matters, the Imperial Magistrate deals with all legal matters and the Grand Pantier ensures the realm operates smoothly and is primarily concerned with the distribution of food.


Luria Nova prides itself on a strong military tradition. From Pian en Luries' early days, Lurians have faced a never-ending onslaught of hordes invading their lands. In their wars abroad, Lurians are undefeated. The Lurian warrior is proud, brave and steadfast, and does not tremble before his foes: be they men or beasts. Lurian commanders are renowned for their tactical prowess, and snatching victories from the jaws of defeat. More than once, they've faced overwhelming odds, emerging victorious from battle each time. As a result, successful warriors and commanders are held in high regard throughout Lurian society.

Lurian Command Structure


As commander of the Lurian military, it is the Imperial Marshal's duty to devise the overall strategy for the defense of the realm, and in times of war, any offensive campaigns. He or she will issue objectives to the individual Marshals and Vice-Marshals through the Imperial Military Command. Should the Imperial Marshal not be available, his duties will fall to the Emperor of Luria Nova.

The Marshals and Vice-Marshals are responsible for the day-to-day affairs of their armies. They issue marching orders and, when required, troop settings to the nobles in their armies. Should both the Marshal and Vice-Marshal of an army not be available, orders will be given by the Imperial Marshal or the ruler of Luria Nova. In times of war the Imperial Marshal may take complete control over all armies and issue orders bypassing the Marshals and Vice Marshals. However preference is still given to independently operating armies.


Under Imperial Marshal Wassgandr, the Novan Command Structure has gone through a reform. The Imperial Marshal only orders his/her marshals and vice-marshals directly. Weekly plans are posted on the general bulletin where everyone can access. More specific orders will be given within the military council.

Marshals and Vice Marshals are the only ones allowed to directly order troopleaders. They are tasked to make the plans come to fruition. They may change the plans set by Imperial Marshal if the plans don't match with the field situation.

Reformed Armies of Luria Nova

The First Reform

The armies of Luria are divided into two groups.

They consist of the The Hand of Luria, and Luria's Wrath , and they are the main military arm of the Empire, responsible for defending Luria's interests both at home and abroad. Their sponsors and Marshals are always part of the Imperial Command. Each Imperial Army serves a specific role in the Imperial Military, as described below, and their Marshals should preferably reflect that. The Hand of Luria is the main regular force in the Lurian military machine. All Lords and Knights are to be assigned to this army, unless otherwise arranged to be assigned elsewhere (in the case of priests, bureaucrats, and members of the Imperial Government). The Hand is responsible for all the main offensive and defensive duties of the realm. It most often operates as a singular force, though at the discretion of the Marshal and Vice-Marshal can be split towards dual purposes. Luria's Wrath is an elite, mobile force consisting of 5-6 of the realm's most dedicated nobles. Admission is based on application and selection to and by the Imperial Marshal, or the Marshal of Luria's Wrath (should the be seperate entities). The army often operates alongside The Hand as needed. But it's other main duties include: Hunting down smaller uprising of rogue forces. Border patrol and scouting. Foreign missions of interest that do not require the full force of the main army. Responding to requests for aid by our southern brothers and sisters in Luria Ferrata.

The Second Reform

The second reform divided 3 armies into 2 major groups.

Wrath is the only offensive army of Luria Nova. It was rebranded as the army to join for those who wish to participate in active campaigns.

Panetiers is one of the two defensive armies of Luria Nova. Unlike Homeguard, Panetiers is purely for courtiers. Its job is to maintain regions and support Homeguard if the needs arise.

Homeguard is one of the two defensive armies of Luria Nova. It is focused on defending Luria Nova's borders which often get invaded by rogues. It is also used as a reserve army meaning those who can't keep up with Wrath are assigned to this army.

Luria Nova has the following armies:
  • Novan Wrath: Offensive Army of Luria Nova. Was formally known as 'Askileon Rangers'
  • Novan Panetiers: Bureaucratic Army of Luria Nova. Was formally known as 'Luria's Wrath'
  • Novan Homeguard: Defensive Army of Luria Nova. Was formally known as 'Hand of Luria'
Former and defunct Lurian armies

Halls of Novan Heroes

Halls of Novan Heroes tracks nobles who have shown excellence throughout their service.


Luria Nova maintains a peaceful or neutral stance with most nations, and at present maintains an alliance with D'Hara and Helyg Derwyddon. The Toprakian Compact defines the borders between the Morek Empire and Luria Nova. There have also been several conflicts between Fissoa and Luria Nova, resulting in many peace agreements and even more border changes.


Imperial Military Command - This council is tasked with the realm's military affairs. The Imperial Monarch, Imperial Marshal, Magistrate, Ducal Kings and Princes, Marshals, Vice-Marshals, & army sponsors are all members. Those with an excellent military service are also invited. Any noble may present their own opinions or suggestions regarding military matters to the Imperial Command.

Lurian Treasury - A council dedicated to ensuring the fighting strength of the Empire by supplying gold to those in need.

Diplomatic Corps - A central channel for which the Ambassadors, Diplomats, Courtiers and the like in service to Luria's future stability can communicate and be communicated with in order to organize the use of the talents and special training of those within.

Royal Lineage


  • King Fulco D'Este: First King of Luria Nova. As Duke of Giask at the time of the secession, he became the first king of the fledgling realm. Abdicated voluntarily in accordance with the Lurian tenets stipulating the division of power. Remains Duke to this day.
  • King Amaury Capet: Second King of Luria Nova. Exiled by Alanna after the Lurian Civil War, he became a driving force behind her downfall. He returned to his old homelands the very day of the secession, and became Luria Nova's first High Constable. After Fulco's abdication he was elected King, winning against Candidate Rickhart Haerthorne, and reigned during a season before being overthrown by a rebellion led by Royal Duke Fulco.
  • King Rickhart Haerthorne: After the rebellion against King Amaury, new elections were held, in where King Rickhart was elected over Candidate Levon Arrakis. He died in Grodno from the D'Haran Pox.
  • King Tybalt Crusader: Was elected King Rickhart's successor running against three other candidates. He and Arbiter Malus warred Pian en Luries, concluding the affair in victory. He was later ousted by Royal Duke Fulco and his supporters.


  • Queen Alice Arundel: First Queen of Luria Nova. After Royal Duke Fulco stepped down willingly to a successor, he named former Arbiter Malus, Duke of Sun Hall, his favored heir. However, the Duke was nowhere to be found and a candidate was needed to replace him. Lady Alice ran for the throne against another noble who later dropped from the race, assuring her victory. Within a month she concluded Luria Nova's conquest of Luria Vesperi, and took its crown as well. Queen Alice established the Hegemony of Luria Nova, the third Lurian Empire and took the title of Suzerain Empress.
  • Suzerain Empress Alanna Anaris: The successor of Suzerain Empress Alice and Duchess of Moon Hall.
  • Suzerain Emperor Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca: Duke of Sun Hall
  • Suzerain Emperor Sholan A'Valti: The Duke of Sky Hall and Lord of Outer Giask became Emperor after Emperor Seoras Madigan stepped down to become the founder of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism. He became Emperor during a time of upheaval as increased hordes of monsters overran the west and caused widespread destruction in the east.
  • Suzerain Emperor Aldrakar Renodin: The King of Sky Hall and Margrave of Giask.
  • Suzerain Emperor Aylwin Gottfried: The King of Moon Hall and Margrave of Askileon.
  • Emperor Alessio de Medici: The First non-Novan emperor. Expanded the Empire to Sol and Swordfell. Died of cancer.
  • Emperor Byron Dupont: The First non-Lurian emperor.
    • Excluded those who held the throne less than a day.


  • Ecclesial Sanguiastroism, founded by former Emperor Seoras Madigan, was established in Shinnen Purlieus and is the most common faith in Luria Nova.
  • Sanguis Astroism, which has spread south into Luria is the second most common faith in Luria Nova.

The Manifest Path and Aetheris Pyrism both trace their origins to Lurian lands but both have been abandoned.


OOC Stuff

Luria Nova has its own realm channel on IRC: Server QuakeNet, channel #lurianova and a shared Lurian channel on channel irc:// #lurians. The entire council, along with many Lords and Knights hang out in these channels. If you have questions you cannot ask IC, or if you just want to know more about the realm/game, be sure to pay the channels a visit.

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