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The Dwilight University or the University of Dwilight is an academic institution dedicated to the understanding of knowledge in all its forms. Originally founded in 2009 (Year 5), it was refounded by Staedtler la Stylo, Earl of Shinnen Purlieus under the patronage of Suzerain Emperor Aldrakar Renodin in March 2018 (approximately Year 44).

If you're looking for the original Dwilight University founded in 2009, it can be found here.



Applicants & Students

When one joins the University they are an applicant, from here they forward their application to the Principal introducing themselves and explaining what it is they desire to learn. Once the Principal has examined the application they forward it to the Dean of the relevant studies. If the application has been accepted the applicant will become a student. A student's objective is then to develop an understanding of their chosen subject and eventually graduate. This can achieved by writing and submitting essays to their respective Dean. Once a student has developed a sufficient understanding of their subject they may progress through the ranks and become a graduate, a later a Master and finally a professor.


Dean of Field Research: Alabaster Fontaine

Chief Acquisitions Officer: vacant

Acquisitions Specialist: Tohrm Elrath, Carlotta Fitz Roberts

Patron: Rosalind Foxglove, Nether Leroux

Donater: vacant


Principal & Dean of Student Services: Earl Staedtler la Stylo

Dean of Economics: Margravine Cairghuala Dubhaine

Dean of History: vacant

Dean of Arcanology: vacant

Dean of Arts: vacant

Dean of Political Studies: vacant

Dean of Theology: Sevastian Schwarzherzig

Dean of Law: vacant

Dean of Military Studies: Margrave William Fitz Roberts


There are various awards available for exemplary essays.


  • Arcanology & Supernatural Studies
  • Arts
  • Economics
  • History
  • Law & Political Studies
  • Military Studies
  • Modern Sciences
  • Dwilight University/Theology


The dropbox for the students to submit their completed essays.