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The Véinsørmoot is a meeting place for nobles of southwestern Dwilight, or who have vested trade, historical, or kinship interests in that region. It exists to promote occidentalism, and to encourage commerce, communication, and cooperation between southwestern nobles, guilds, religions, and, especially, realms. Its core members being D'Hara, Terran, and Barca, it also served on occasion to help reach out to Asylon and Aurvandil.

At its peak, the Véinsørmoot had guildhouses in Celtiberia, Chesney, Chesland, Paisland, Raviel, Shoka, Kaigen and Shokalom, but never ceased aspiring to broaden its reach.

Crucially, the Véinsørmoot is also a guild for sharing information and cultural connections within the Maroccidens, and an essential component of the Maroccidental identity. Moreover, it holds official diplomatic functionality under the Treaty of the Maroccidens, where it served as a sort of house for the confederation.


Formerly, the Véinsørmoot sponsored and produced a newspaper, The Moot, which covered only those events directly pertinent to southwestern realms, and covered them in greater detail than previous coverage offered by all-Dwilight papers.

The Véinsørmoot's crowning achievement, however, is the Treaty of the Maroccidens, which established the formal terms for the close diplomatic ties between Barca, Terran, and D'Hara.

The Véinsørmoot is governed internally by the Charter of the Véinsørmoot.