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Barca Flag

The Republic of Barca lay in the heart of Maroccidens, in the dense forest known as the Marwood, with Rettleville as our Capital. West of the long civilized Old Maroccidens the Republic of Barca formed the front-line in the defense of the monster scourge that threaten human civilizations as we know it. And therefore also had a strong bond with the Noble Republic of Terran and Kingdom of D'Hara.


Barca was formed by the realm of Terran as a colony takeover of the city Rettleville. It took years, but Barca has managed to fortify itself against the roaming monsters and undead, and became capable enough to field an effective military for a realm it's size. Barca fought multiple wars with its southern neighbour Aurvandil before finally defeating and absorbing most of Auvrenndil. Barca's golden age at the height of its prosperity, strength and population was cut short by the invasion of overpowered monster hordes and the closing of Western Dwilight early in 2014. The attempt to establish a new home on the eastern island was ultimately unsuccessful and Barca died a slow death culminating in the loss of the new capital Aveston to the treacherous realm of Luria Nova at the end of November 2014.

Chronicles of Barca


Barca is a republic and led by an elected Senate consisting of region lords and councilmen.

Line of Rulers of the Republic of Barca

Oswaldo Ossan

Oswaldo Ossan was the last Suffete of Barca, taking over after Lady Jocelin Le Drake. Despite his best attempts to rally a strong defense, Barca was unable to repel the Lurian invasion force and was defeated. Oswaldo Ossan was considered an honourable old-guard Barcan.

Jocelin Le Drake

Jocelin eventually succeeded her late husband as Suffete. She tried to breath new life into Barca but eventually stepped down for personal reasons. Sometime after the fall of Barca she joined its destroyer, Luria Nova.

Erasmus La Pointe

Erasmus led a protest campaign against Julius and deposed him while Julius was seriously wounded and unable to communicate to the Barcan expedition force which was in disarray after the failed assault upon Shinnen. He oversaw the establishment of Barca in Aveston but little else about his rule is know aside from his marriage to Lady Jocelin Le Drake. His reign ended suddenly when he was murdered by an insane peddler.

Erasmus came from a clan of refugees from Saffalore (after D'Hara and Barca crushed Saffalore), which included the insane peddler Chuldah, better known as 'the hunchback' by Barcans, and the founder of the Bear priest cult, Kori. These refugees from Saffalore became good friends with Childerik, a local Barcan. It was they whom were banned from Barca during the invasion of Luria due to the raping of local Lurian peasants. However as the government structure of Barca disintegrated (some left, others gave up, were wounded, imprisoned etc.). This is when the Saffalore clan gained power in Barca, starting with Childerik whom became Judge-and-only acting council member of Barca. Revoked the bans on the rapists, Erasmus then beat Julius in the election for Suffete, and even the rapists received positions on the council. These words truly do not illustrate the chaos present in Barca at the time.

In the end the Saffalore clan collapsed as Childerik became crazed of starvation and his past crimes of torture, Chuldah murdered the Suffete Erasmus, and Kori sought out to kill Chuldah in turn. Now you know more about his reign, short, brutal and filled with war.

Julius Galvez

The founding father and first Suffete of the Republic of Barca returns to the office of Suffete after almost six years. He was elected in the Spring of 22 YD after his predecessor fell ill. He started his reign by representing Barca at the coronation and wedding of Dragon King Machiavel. A somewhat ceremonial part of his office, but one not unimportant considering our long friendship with D'Hara. Julius is a well-versed man regarding international politics and soon strengthened the Republic's relations with realms like Swordfell, Phantaria and Fissoa. Important relationships due to the uncertainty regarding the future of the Véinsørmoot, because of the dissolution of Terran and the founding of the theocracy of Terran. Barca withdrew all her ties with the new Terran and also took action to see the duchy of Chesney back under federated control. Barca and D'Hara waged a short war against Saffalore, whose nobility eventually surrendered and joined Barca. Suffete Julius was the one to negotiate their surrender and offer them a general pardon and citizenship in the Republic. With the new nobles, Barca quickly grew stronger while her southern neighbours, without the now deceased Mendicant and his black magic, was losing much strength. Barca and Fissoa saw an opportunity to defeat the vandals once and for all. Julius signed an alliance with Fissoa and declared Barca's third war against Aurvandil. One that granted them much glory and made them a major player on the political stage of Dwilight.

Julius led the Barcan exiles in an attempt to establish a new home after the monster invasion, but was deposed after being seriously wounded in battle. He eventually disappeared. His being wounded during such a crucial time left the Barcan Horde in complete disarray and indecisiveness. At one point in time during the move east, not one council position in Barca was actively occupied due to imprisonment, wounds, giving up appart from the Judge, Childerik, at the time.

Xena Hagakure

In the Autumn of 22 YD the people of the Republic of Barca elected her fifth Suffete, Xena Hagekure. When she assumed the office of Suffete, Barca was in a bit a crisis. It was unsure whether we had the full support of the Zuma Coalition in the defence of our Republic against Aurvandil, three Senators had changed their allegiance to Aurvandil, taking their regions with them, effectively cutting off the Capital from the rest of the Republic and that while Terran was surprised by Asylon when they allied with Aurvandil and declared war against them. An almost hopeless situation. But one of Suffete Xena's great accomplishments was that she amended with Mendicant and signed a peace with Aurvandil. The tranquillity was restored in the Republic. Efforts were made to reclaim the lost regions and slowly the army prepared to march to defend Terran against Asylon. But before it came to that, a massive Aurvandi army had embarked at Terran's coast, which terrorized their towns and cities while Terran's main force was at their front with Asylon. Huge pressure and catastrophic damage caused the dissolution of Terran and raised many doubts about the future of the Véinsørmoot. But before Suffete Xena could take action regarding the new diplomatic situation, she fell ill and abdicated before her term ended. That makes her the third feminine Suffete who hasn't served for a second term.

Brackern of Burgundy

The Duke and Governor of Twainville was elected as Suffete in the winter of YD 19. He succeeded Lady Karana and received the heavy task to govern the Republic during her first real war, with the backing of the Véinsørmoot. On top of that, he was elected Suffete in the longest and most severe winter ever recorded on Dwilight. Due to the lack of food, the decline of Barca was inevitable and eventually three more Senators defected, abandoning what seemed like a sinking ship. That because Luria was to assist the Véinsørmoot against Aurvandil, however betrayed us and attacked D'Hara who was suffering severely from the prolonged winter as well. And the Republic of Barca was no match for Aurvandil, however Suffete Brackern of Burgundy made a deal with the Zuma Coalition. The Zuma came to the defence of the Republic, which ensured the continuation of the Republic of Barca.

An Emerald knight of Twainville wearing the new armour.

In the year that followed the Republic went through some serious changes. It had to be rebuild after it almost fell apart. Suffete Brackern changed to Barcan capital to Twainville and raised a new and inspiring banner. From Twainville we spread our new colours over the lands that were lost. Due to the protection we enjoy the Republic was able to retake one region after the other until all rogue and wild lands were taken. The Republic of Barca raised to a new height, as in all its history it never owned this many regions. However, over time it became apparent that our pact with the Zuma Coalition wasn't as strong as we had considered it to be and Aurvandil took advantage of this. They invaded Barca with an unstoppable force and conspired with young Senators of Barca. Three Senators deflected and declared their loyalty to Aurvandil. But due to their blind greed they got too close to the Zuma territories, who in turn extruded the mighty Aurvandil from the Republic. This marks the end of Brackern's reign, who after three years decided not to run for the office of Suffete again.

Karana Tian

In the Winter of YD 18, the Republic elected Karana Tian as Suffete with 44 of 90 votes. Under her reign, Barca continued to support Terran against Kabrinskia, however after some campaigns our army was called back when the banished Senator Frederick Bickerstaff defected to Aurvandil and took Celtiberia with him. Kydonia and Gallaecia soon followed. Julius Galvez was sent as Ambassador to negotiate the return of the regions. High Sovereign Mendicant Anhangar stretched the negotiations as long as possible and led Barca believe that Aurvandil was still willing to return the Republican regions. In the end in became clear that he desired war, when he surprised the Republic by showing up with 2.500 soldiers at the gates of Rettleville. War was inevitable, and peace talks were unsuccessful. All the calamity which had befallen the Republic of Barca so close to the elections probably caused that Karana only served as Suffete for one year.

Flavia Constantia O'Duibheannaigh

Suffete Flavia took over from Julius in the Winter of YD 17. During her reign Barca successfully negotiated peace with the Zuma Coalition and begun the march north to help Terran in the fight against Kabrinskia. Of interest is that the election that won her office had a perfect split of the realms vote between her and her two competitors. She received 41, while her competitors Karana Tian and Julius Galvez received 30 and 11, respectively. However her reign was somewhat overshadowed by the shady dealings she made with the Zuma which won her the election for Suffete, and the stagnation and silence which the Republic was facing. Consequently, she was voted out of her position after one term.

The old banner of the Republic of Barca, during the era when the capital city of the Republic was the first city of the Republic, the city of Rettleville.

Julius Galvez

Suffete Julius Galvez stood at the birth of the Republic of Barca. Together with his friend and colleague of the Dwilight Trade Company Senator Hireshmont II Vellos he forged the plans for a new Republic in Marroccidens where the refugees of the fallen realm Giask could start anew far away from the tyranny of Queen Alanna Anaris. And with the grace and support of Terran and D'Hara, Barca was founded in Spring of YD 13 with Julius Galvez as the first Suffete of the Republic of Barca. Due to the close bonds with Terran and D'Hara during the founding of Barca, an alliance was easily established with both of them what grew into a federation known as the Véinsørmoot. The growth of Barca however was not so effortless and Barca required much military and financial support in its first year. But Barca is a jewel in the eyes of Julius, and he has no greater love and dedication for Barca than for anything else. And under his leadership, Barca eventually became both financially and military an independent nation with a good bond with all of its neighbours. And in his final year as Suffete, Barca managed to colonize their second city, Twainville. Julius Galvez served the Republic of Barca as Suffete until the Winter of YD 17, almost 4 years.

Government Positions

Title Role Ascendancy Responsibilities
Suffete Ruler Elected Leader and voice of the Senate. Directly responsible for Diplomacy.
Lord Justice Judge Elected Directly responsible for enacting and enforcing Barcan Law.
Boetarch General Elected Commands the Barca Military and thus directs the Marshals of all Barcan Armies.
Grand Rab Banker Elected Directly responsible for Barca's infrastructure and realm tax system.


Each noble has their place in the grand scheme of things. A Knight is sworn to serve their Lord, a Lord is sworn to serve their Duke and a Duke is sworn to serve the Suffete. All nobles serve the Senate. Nobles without an oath owe their allegiance to the realm. They do not report to a specific lord, but they also do not receive region tax shares and can not serve in an army.

Political Hierarchy
Barcan Senate

Diplomatic Relations

Barca has close ties to the realms of Terran(fallen realm, became Theocracy of Terran, Saffalore and Phantaria ~ All three of these realms have now also fallen.) and D'Hara and has continued to establish positive relations with Asylon, Grand Duchy of Fissoa, and the Zuma Coalition.


Barca is currently Federated with Terran and D'Hara.


Barca is currently engaged wars against the realms below:

  • Kabrinskia - Barcan forces are assisting Terran in a defensive war to uphold their ally's sovereignty.
  • Saffalore - Barcan forces and D'Haran forces attacked this realm, an offshoot of Terran to defend the regions of Chesney. After an offer of peace the Saffalorian nobles joined Barca.
  • Aurvandil - Barca has ben at war with Aurvandil many times, this is the third Barco-Aurvandillan war. The former war saw the Barcan regions of Celtiberia, Kydonia, Gaelicia and Evanburg being lost to Aurvandil.
  • Luria Nova - Barcan forces are assisting D'Hara in the war against Luria Nova in the Southern Imperial War.


  • 2011-08-23 - The Treaty of the Maroccidens is signed by Barca, D'Hara & Terran.
  • 2011-08-29 - The Treaty of Evanburg is signed by Barca and Aurvandil. Aurvandil reneged on this treaty by not returning Evanburg to Barca at the end of the decided-upon term.


'We want You' - an OOC artwork by Ángel
(player of the Abdheran Family)

For such a young Republic, Barca has already seen quite some armies, all founded and later dissolved due to sponsorship related matter, however there was one army with a questionable nature, the Barcan Freikorps. The Freikorps did not obey the Boetarch, had no leadership to hold accounted for their insubordination. To this date, the Barcan Freikorps is known to have harboured all the dissidents of the Republic, and later most of them were labelled as traitors when they change their allegiance and seceded their regions to Aurvandil. The Barcan army also saw some action defending Terran from Kabrinskia.

The Republic of Barca used to only have one active army, The Sacred Legion of Maroccia. The army had grown in strength and Barca had been able to destroy all rogue threats (which used to be very great) as well as it's first notable actions outside of Barca during the war with Saffalore. Following the war with Saffalore, Barcan forces proceeded to defeat Aurvandil forces (although small) and take over large swathes of land. The Barcan army has since then been growing continually and has aided its D'Haran allies in the war with Luria Nova.


  • Sacred Legion of Maroccia - acts as the main army of the Republic of Barca. It is responsible for the defence of our Republic and to operate beyond the borders of the Republic, with regards to active warfare on foreign soil which comprises engaging in battles, conducting raids and preforming takeovers.
    • Sponsor - Julius Galvez, Boetarch of Barca, Duke of Maroccia, Governor of Rettleville
  • Wardens of Maroccia - acts as the defensive army of the Republic of Barca during foreign campaigns.
    • Sponsor - Brackern of Burgundy, Duke of Twainville
  • The Barcan Horde - This army was a special army which was created after the monster invasion in Western Dwilight. It was created specifically for the purpose of claiming new lands in the east.

Military Hierarchy

Knights are often assigned to an army by their Liege and region lords will often assign themselves to an army. When assigned to an army, you are tasked with following the orders of that army's Marshal in military matters, or to lead that army if assigned to the role of Marshal.

Military Hierarchy


Barca is a fundamentally peaceful nation more interested in trade and political stability than war and conquest. At the same time, there is a strong tradition of military command among Barcan aristocrats as Barca has been involved in conflicts for most of its history. Barca favors formations of Archers and Mixed-Infantry and and has many traditions that foster military virtue such as decorations in the form of armlets to represent the number of campaigns in which military leaders have served.

The Barcan nobility is an interesting mix and is quite diverse. The original settlers of Barca were refugees of the fallen realm of Giask. With the support of Terran and D'Hara and under the rule of the first Suffete, Julius, Barca came in to existence with its capital located in Rettleville. As well as the nobles from the Lurian region, there is also a considerable number of nobles from the former realm of Ordenstaat & Silverfall, which had fallen to the legions of monsters and undead. Barca has suffered its share of treacheries, during the second Barco-Aurvandillan war, the entire southern part of the realm joined their regions to Aurvandil. During the many years of Barcan expansion, many new nobles, with family-houses located in the realm itself have joined the ranks of the nobility, these are usually young and eager for fighting, as they grew up in a war torn country. There is also a considerable number of nobles which come from the former realm of Saffalore and joined Barca at the end of the war, creating an influx of (for Barcans) eastern culture.

Barca has had two capitals, Rettleville and Twainville. Rettlewood is the historical capital, the founding capital. During the second Barco-Aurvandillan war the capital was separated from the rest of the realm with the loss of Nark. It was decided to change the capital to Twainville to maintain access to a viable capital for most nobles, which still had walls, infrastructure, and a decent population. Recently the capital has been changed back to the historical capital of Rettleville due to cultural and historical reasons. There was some drama involved as Julius, the Suffete at the time, made the decision to change the capital against the results of a referendum and without the full approval of the senate. True issues never ensued as the realm was on its second campaign against Saffalore (which ended the war) and was about to commence the third Barco-Aurvandillan war.

The First Barcan Census was made and compiled by Childerik of the De Merovech Family near the end of 1013.


Barca law permits any religion to be practiced as long as it does not harm the nation in any way. However, it is required that Senatorial approval is gained before preaching, building temples or establishing new faiths within Barca.

The following religions have received the approval of the Barcan Senate:

Sanguis Astroism has never found a foothold in Barca. The above religions do not hold much power in Barca either.


In Barca's capital of Rettleville there is a privately owned library, open to the public. It is said to contain much knowledge, both ancient and newer. Its fate after the closing of western Dwilight monster invasion is unknown.



Situated in the great Southern-western part of Dwilight, the Maroccidens, Barca is a small, densely forested realm, located in the Marwood, the largest forest in Dwilight. The Capital city of Rettleville lies deep within the forests of Rettlewood, which connects with Thysan and Celtiberia.

The Hinterlands of Barca have small forests as well but are mostly rural and are not yet very developed.



Map made in 1009 depicting the Maroccidens during the pre-barcan era
  • Ordenstaat visible, which was later overwhelmed by monsters in early 2011
  • Madina holds Paisly regions. Realm was later destroyed by Aurvandil
  • Maroccidens are the last uncolonised territory on Dwilight
  • Young D'Hara visible

Early Barca

Map believed to be made on June 4, 1011
  • Southern regions are still Barcan
  • Western regions are still very wild and untamed
  • Evanburg being rented to Aurvandil (Treaty of Evanburg)
  • Terran holds the north of the Maroccidens

Barca before the third Barco-Aurvandillan war

Map made July 19, 2013, prior to the outbreak of the Third Barco-Aurvandilian War
  • Western regions almost completely colonised
  • Southern regions lost
  • Aurvandil in state of decay as they lose control over their northern regions
  • Barcan flag change
  • Capital has just been changed back to Rettleville from Twainville
  • D'Hara has taken over all of the former Terran regions depicted in the prior map after Aurvandil destroyed Terran in an invasion

Height of the Barcan Republican Domain

Map made March 1, 2014, during the strange tidings and the monster invasions
  • Aurvandil is destroyed, and Barca and Fissoa divide the regions.
  • Barca has taken control of all regions which it claims.
  • Phantaria collapsed, and the Duchy of Saffalore became territory of Barca.
  • The map was drawn at the full moon that started the ferocious monster invasion.

Initial Oriental Barca

Map made May 1, 2014, during the monster invasion
  • The only remaining western non-rogue regions are: Rettleville/Saffalore(Barca), Larur(D'Hara), Candiels(GDoF)
  • Barca has with the aid of its allies managed to take control of three regions after having invaded Luria Nova

Fate of Oriental Barca

  • Barca retained few regions, centered around the new capital of Aveston. Primarily the regions of Moon Bay, Vaal and Sulorte.
  • Thar Gortauth and Garuck Udor were held by D'hara.
  • Barca remained a shadow of itself until Luria Nova barely managed to defeat the Barcan, D'Haran and Astrum forces defending Aveston thanks to the assistance of black magic and took over the city by the end of November, 2014.
  • The few remaining Barcans mostly joined their former allies in D'hara, Fissoa, and the Morek Empire.


It is the responsibility of the Senate to establish the Laws of Barca and the responsibility of the Lord Justice to enact and enforce the laws as approved by the Senate. If it is determined by the Senate that the Lord Justice is enacting or enforcing laws in a manner not approved by the Senate, the Lord Justice shall be removed from office and subject to investigation and possible penalties.


The senate consists of all region lords and council members and is lead by the Suffete. All senatorial decrees are announced by the Suffete.

Illegal Acts

  • Disregarding or intentionally ignoring lawful orders is illegal.
  • The looting of any region, without orders to do so by the Boetarch, is illegal.
  • Issuing or accepting duels without approval of the Senate is illegal.
  • The building of temples, founding of a new religion or preaching without the consent of the Senate is illegal. (Barca/Approved Religions)
  • The malicious use of magic and spell-casting without consent of the Senate to is illegal.
  • Holding more than one senatorial position without the consent of the Senate

Enforcement of the Law

All potential transgressions are reported to the Lord Justice. It is the responsibility of the Lord Justice to investigate reported transgressions and to enforce appropriate penalties. All applied penalties are reported to the Senate.

Lawful Penalties

  • Warnings are issued in circumstances in which it has been determined via investigation that a legal transgression was inadvertently committed. Warnings are rarely issued.
  • Fines are issued when a transgression warrants a greater punishment than a warning but is not sever enough to warrant Banishment or Execution. The amount of the fine is based upon the nature and severity of the crime and the history of the transgressing noble.
  • Banishment is a serious matter and only issued in the most serious of circumstances. Complete disregard of Barcan Law and treasonous acts (aiding an enemy, attacking or stealing from Barcan nobles, rebellion, hostile acts against Barca or Barcan allies and any action or inaction that harms, or could cause harm, to Barca or Barca’s allies) could result in banishment.
  • Executions are only performed in truly grave of cases when Banishment has proven ineffective or insufficient. Executions require the consent of the Senate.

Lawful Orders

  • All nobles, Senators and Council members must obey orders issued by the Senate.
  • Marshals and Vice-Marshals must obey orders issued by the Boetarch.
  • All members of an army must obey orders issued by the Marshals and Vice-Marshals.
  • Knights must follow orders issued by their Liege.
  • Courtiers and Traders must obey orders issued by the Grand Rab.
  • Diplomats and Ambassadors must obey orders issued by the Suffete.

See also: Personae Non Gratae