Véinsørmoot/Charter of the Véinsørmoot

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1. PREAMBLE: Whereas the Véinsørmoot has risen to prominence and official standing within the Maroccidens, especially under the aegis of the Treaty of the Maroccidens, and whereas this body has certain unofficial rules of governance by which it abides, and whereas this body aims at existing unto many generations and its present leaders cannot be expected to live for so long, we, the nobles of the Véinsørmoot, here commit into writing our rules, order, and purpose; namely, our purpose that the signatory realms of the Treaty of the Maroccidens should have a forum in which to grow in ties of culture, trade, and military cooperation, and that the leaders of the signatory realms should have a body within which to deliberate collective issues and policies.


A. Any noble of any realm shall be permitted to join the Véinsørmoot

B. Any noble of any signatory realm, upon joining the Véinsørmoot, shall be entitled to a full membership rank

C. Any noble of any signatory realm shall be entitled to a rank in the Véinsørmoot commensurate and reflecting their position within their realm, and equal to the ranks of those in other signatory realms who hold similar positions

D. No member may be expelled from the Véinsørmoot except for in the cases of spies, saboteurs, and other agents undermining the Treaty of the Maroccidens, or for other great and heinous crimes.

E. Expulsion shall be carried out by the Elders following a vote of the Eldership.

F. In the event that insufficient member ranks are available for joining nobles of signatory realms, membership shall be preferentially granted based on realm positions.


A. The full member-states of the Véinsørmoot shall include all of the signatory realms of the Treaty of the Maroccidens

B. The full member-states of the Véinsørmoot shall not include any non-signatory realms of the Treaty of the Maroccidens

C. States who are not signatory realms may send ambassadors to the Véinsørmoot and request associate member status, which carries no additional rights or responsibilities other than formal recognition from the Véinsørmoot.

D. Associate membership status shall be granted by a vote of the Eldership.


A. The Eldership shall be the enforcing and governing body for the internal institution of the Véinsørmoot.

B. The Eldership shall be responsible for maintaining the proper order, ranks, and memberships of the Véinsørmoot.

C. The Eldership shall carry out all duties entrusted to it by the Treaty of the Maroccidens.

D. The Eldership shall be composed of the rulers of all signatory realms, as well as two other delegates from those realms, to be designated by whatever internal process the realm, by republican methods, deems appropriate.

E. The Mootgram shall be tasked with maintaining the good order of the Eldership, formally representing the Eldership if there should ever be a call for collective action, and with administratively presiding over the discussions of the Eldership.

F. The Mootgram shall be selected from among the full members of the Véinsørmoot by election of the Eldership; when the Eldership has elected a candidate, they shall be referred to signatory realms' legislatures for ratification. If any realm should refuse ratification, the Eldership shall be tasked with identifying a more agreeable candidate. No noble may be elected by the Eldership more than once every 20 days.

5. CONCLUSION: These rules and principles we establish, that our fraternal alliance may be preserved for evermore.