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Located south of Toprak, Forland is often divided in North and South Forland, for the cultural differences between its regions.



Forland was the host of two major cultures: the militaristic Euscheans of the land bathed by the Euschean Sea, in north, and the more primitive Ugykke of the sparsely populated lands south of the Palm Sea. The region received major cultural influence from the Phrycian civilization of Toprak Minor, and some minor immigrations from population of the western lands, arrived through the "Tomb Islands".

Current History

Currently hosting two of Dwilight's major Kingdoms, Luria Nova and the Grand Duchy of Fissoa, Forland has traditionally been a clash-point between the Lurian and Madinean cultures.

Lost Realms of Forland:

Realms that have set foot on Forland:

Realms of Forland: