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The symbol of Holos, given in a dream to Galeo, blessed is the Whole

Blessed is one who comes seeking Knowledge. Blessed is one who finds the Whole. Blessed is the Light that guides the immortal race of perfect humanity out of darkness and into the Whole.

Here are written the truths of Holos, given to humanity by the Light and the Voice that we may Know. Guard these truths well, for the door of Universe is narrow and not all may pass through it. Those who will not Know may seek your death to silence the Voice and block out the Light.

Come, and see.

Principles of Holos

From the story of the Enlightenment, we discover four principles of Holos:

  1. The perfect Whole is the source of true Light and all other good things.
  2. The world that we see around us is not the real world; rather, it is an imperfect shadow cast by things that come between humans and the Light.
  3. The immortal race of perfect humans are imprisoned in this world and prevented from rejoining the Whole.
  4. Humans may escape this world and rejoin the Whole by gaining true Knowledge.

Scriptures of Holos

In this first glorious message to humanity, Galeo is shown the nature of his prison and charged to bring others up into the true Light of the perfect Whole.
Galeo writes to Artemisia about the serch for true Knowledge and the rejection of false knowledge.
A letter fragment attributed to the scribe Senex collecting some of the sayings of Galeo.