Convocation of the Sword

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The Convocation of the Sword

Honour, Fidelity, Brotherhood.
"Bring Your Own Mettle!"

Score Board

Series Two
Lions Vipers Furies

The Club

Founded in Donghaiwei, Morek Empire, in the Spring of 15 YD, by Duke Francois de Leon and Lord Bowie Ironsides to be the premiere dueling sport of Dwilight. The Convocation is a gathering of nobles dedicated to improving their skills and the skills of their companions in the Convocation. With a focus to swordsmanship, the duelists demonstrate their skills in the competitive environment of the Academy. Each match is both a test of one's skills and a practice match for the grand Winter tournament.

Rules of the Game

Upon joining the club, members pick a team to represent or may create a new one (teams must be two or more swordsmen). Teams compete for points, each training match victory earns one point. The first team to earn ten points wins a prestige medal, then the points are reset. Each Winter, a tournament will be held for the Convocation duelists to compete against foreign duelists.

Sparring Grounds:

1. Donghaiwei Academy, built in the Summer of 16 YD by Duke Francois de Leon.

2. Muspelheim Academy, built in the Summer of 16 YD by Grandmaster Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico.

Club Teams

Team Lion
Patroned by: Francois de Leon Founded: Summer of 15 YD Colour: Gold Medals: 1 Cups: 1
Francois de Leon
Menelaus Raghnall
Darian Stafangr
Jasper Kahn
The Lions are dedicated to Morek's legacy as the realm of primacy in Dwilight. Composed of members with a focus on mastery, the Lions are known for attempting to defeat their foes on even footing.

Team Viper
Patroned by: Bowie Ironsides Founded: Summer of 15 YD Colour: Crimson Medals: 0 Cups: 0
Bowie Ironsides
Ingi Vlad
Garad Jhaelen Irsei
Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico
A spiritual descendant of the fallen Viper Legion of Aquilegia, Team Viper imparts the swordsmen of Morek with its proud martial virtues of strength, worthiness, dedication and experience.

Team Fury
Patroned by: Creed Avon Founded: Summer of 17 YD Colour: Violet Medals: 0 Cups: 0
Creed Avon
The Fury's possess an unbending will that is able to weather even the hardest of times with honor, conviction and the strength to never back down and to never give up. Fury's fight to win at all cost and for the thrill of the fight.