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East Pastureland
The Arms of Donghaiwei

Donghaiwei is a port city on the continent of Dwilight, and the former capital of the realms of Morek, Xinhai, and the Morek Empire. Located in the fertile East Pastureland of the north and east, it is bordered on the land side by Donghai and by the great ocean to the east. Donghaiwei is known for being the first region to be reclaimed and held by the Order of Morek.


Before becoming the political and military home of the Order of Morek, Donghaiwei was held by the native Dwili for centuries. The city was a popular port for immigrants arriving from the East, but it wasn't until the rise of the Order that the city began to literally grow into its own, swelling from a population of about 2,000 souls to more than 11,000 within Morek's first two months (January and February, 1008).

Donghaiwei was the central point for the revolution which, under the leadership of Duke Deverka Cryfdwr, finally overthrew Dwili government at the hands of the Easterners. Since that time the city has become a central point for the Order of Morek.


Population and Ancestral Makeup

Donghaiwei is the eighteenth-largest city known to exist on Dwilight. The Donghai-Caiyun region is named after the Dongese people, a ethnic group of the Dwili. The Dongese tend to be of short stature with a wiry build. Donghaiwei has a large Easterner population mostly as the ruling and freeholder populations.

These twin cultures of the population are visually represented by the architectural mix of older ceramic tile roof townhouses and newer daub-and-wattle timber-framed buildings with thatch or slate roofs.


The Duke and most (if not all) Easterner nobles of the city follow Sanguis Astroism.


The flood of immigrants has increased productivity immensely since the founding of Morek. The city's agricultural harvest includes various grains, flax, silk, vegetables and other produce. Donghaiwei also possesses a thriving textile industry.



The port of Guaytown is a small township surrounding the harbor. New piers are in almost constant construction from the sudden surge of maritime activity since the Dwili lost power here.


The Temple of Sanguis Astroism is built in this part of the city.

Hill Crest

On the edge of the city proper is a small hill, upon which the municipal buildings that command the city are located.


Further inland from the port, the city's edge is marked by fields and orchards leading to Donghai. Most of the knights of the region have estates in this area.