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Darkanism revolves around the worship of The Three gods, Sigrid, Darka and Lodril and their Holy Volcano of Mnt Sinclair. The main following is found in Darka. Darkanism's ideology ranges from provocative to peaceful depending on the follower's choice of worship.

The Pantheon

Darkanism revolves around three gods. Sigrid, Darka and Lodril. Together these three gods create the needed elements for their holy volcano.
Worship is centered around these three, even though there are other gods in the mythology. They are mainly treated merely as peripheral powers in the religion and oft used to frighten naughty children. These minor deities and generally considered, but may not be, as being evil.



The representative of fire, Sigrid is the goddess of war and death. She is often portrayed as a flame haired warrior maiden.
Those who follow Sigrid are zealous fighters who are eager to engage in battle and warfare. Their way is that of the warrior and aggressors; who fight for the sake of fighting be it for gold or for fun as each battle brings glory to Sigrid.


The representative of ash, Darka is the god of rebirth, life, nature and love. He is often portrayed as a pitch black skinned. Darka follows that of Sigrid, and gives new foundation for those she destroys.
Followers of Darka give respect to all life forms counteracts the fiery passion of Sigrid. Although followers of Darka have no qualms with war or fighting, they do not commit to battle so lightly as those who follow Sigrid. The followers of Darka find themselves employed in more peaceful professions.


The representative of stone, Lodril is the god balance and of the afterlife. Lodril is portrayed as a man carved from the hardest minerals of Atamara. Sigrid and Darka often play on the Holy Volcano, and he is there to protect them.
Those who follow Lodril walk the path of balance; they stride the middle line. They do not seek death nor destruction, nor do they protect life. Instead, they strive to keep the balance between life and death. Should one side appear to prevail, followers will often balance the battle by nudging the losing side. They also serve as a voice of reason when followers of Sigrid and Darka are at odds.

Other Deities

These are other deities mentioned in the tomes of Darkanism. They are also frequently mentioned in the folklore of the ancient races. However these deities are not worshiped as mainstream gods and those who are found to practice to these divinities are disregarded by the main congregation.


Jordfan is the originator. By sacrificing his own powers, he was able to bestow his powers onto his children. Jordfan is without form for he is in everything and everyone.
Followers of Jordfan are generally tolerated, but they have no official position within the faith. Usually someone who follows Jordfan's path is regarded as being mad, as everyone knows that Jordfan does not care about the humans. Followers of Darka and Lodril will treat them with some respect, but followers of Sigrid might just choose to rid the world of one more mad person. At the very least, followers of Sigrid will not be that respectful nor kind to them.


Goddess of water and oceans. Sigund is the matron of three mountain gods. She is often described as a blue haired woman, dressed in blue silk. She is regarded as being evil and vengeful, always doing her best to have the three children back in her embrace.
Sigund is out to destroy the human world and so are her followers. Followers of Sigund are not tolerated and if they are found, they usually have rocks tied to their feet and are thrown in the ocean or a lake. Being thrown into the volcano is also a common practice for dealing with Sigund's followers. Some argue that monsters and the undead are Sigund's doing.


Goddess of wind and air. Often described as an old woman who is almost see through. She is the sister of Sigund. She is often seen as an evil figure, eroding Lodril and pushing Sigund against her children.
Followers of Brigith are treated much the same as followers of Sigund, though usually they are thrown off a high cliff or hanged. Being thrown into the volcano is also a common practice for dealing with Brigith's followers.

The Mythology

The Holy Volcano of Mnt. Sinclair and surrounding regions.


In the beginning, Jordfan was alone. So much was his loneliness, he created companions for himself, Sigund and Brigith. The blue liquid form given to Sigund pleased Jordfan. The almost transparent form given to Brigith left her without much attention. Jealous of the lavish attention, she often teased Sigund by creating ripples on her for she knew that annoyed Sigund.

The Three lived on, until the day came that Jordfan seeded his offspring - Sigrid, Darka and Lodril. The Three grew, closed in by Sigund's embrace, Lodril shielding his brother and sister inside himself. The Three siblings, however, grew very weary of Sigund's encompassing bosom.

One day they broke free. Lodril expanded, rising parts of himself upon Sigund's surface, creating blemishes on her crystal blue surface. Lodril then set Sigrid and Darka free on his surface, letting them play. And play they did. Soon Lodril's surface was filled with green fields, thick woods and many creatures, including the humans. For their meeting grounds, Lodril created hollow mountains which were filled with Sigrid's and Darka's presence.

Sigund was angry for her children's insolence and tried to bring them back in her embrace, but without success. She sought her sister's help and they forged an alliance. The battle still rages on. Jordfan did not really mind his children escape, but he did not wish to anger Sigund either. He decided to remain neutral and has left it to Sigund and her sister to reach a conclusion to the matter.


It is believed that souls are immortal. Upon a persons death the soul is transferred to the ground, into Lodril's hands and to the company of all those that have lived before. There the souls energy feeds the living beings on the surface, such as trees, plants, flowers, animals and to a certain extent, humans (as life is based on death).
While the souls are bound to the land, they are free to move around and silently look after those they left behind. The living pay their respect to the dead on the Day of Souls.


Hear the words of the wise. These are the prophecies of the holy men.

Prophecy of the Souls

As death compounds, the souls energy grows stronger. Once the last of the first returns, you will know that the end is near. The ground is filled and can not contain more.
Lodril, Sigrid and Darka will gather and pass judgment. The mountains will erupt and free the excess soul energy, wiping the face of the earth of those who did not have faith. The fateful shall live on and those who once lived, will walk among them once more. Where there was an end, there is now a beginning. Where hope was lost, will find it again.


Main article: Ceremonies

The followers of Darkanism are encouraged to observe the faith's ceremonies.

Weddings are blessed by Sigrid and Darka. When the rituals are performed correctly, the gods will assert their blessing upon the couple. Sigrid blesses the couple and draw a protected path and steer them a long life. Darka blesses the married couple so they would live a fertile and fulfilling life.

Newborns should be introduced to The Three soon after their birth and no special ceremony is dedicated to them. However, introducing them to each of The Three will alert the gods to a new life and they will look after the newborn.

During funerals, the body of the passed are to be burnt by Sigrid, turned to ash by Darka and and buried to Lodril.

Sacrifices are conducted once a moon waxes and these sacrifices are to keep the trust of The Three.


Main article: Phrases

Followers of Darkanism often share the same vernacular, and they often cite references to The Three off handedly. This is a list of common utterances or phrases used by these followers. This list is regarded as informal but is regarded as important as they reflect those who are devout to Darkanism.

General Beliefs

Main article: Beliefs

Followers of Darkanism often hold the same beliefs and superstitions about the world. These can vary from certain traits in characters to the presence of worldly functions are often attributed to that of The Three. These superstitions are held widely throughout the followers of Darkanism.


Main article: Religious structure

Worshipers of Darkanism vary in rank. The senior clergymen are given the title of High Priest or High Priestess of their respective choice in god. Other holy men and women who preach for Darkanism are given the titles, Flame Bearer, Ash Bearer and Stone Bearer depending on their choice of worship. Common ranks for followers are, Sigrid's Warrior, Darka's Guardian, Lodril's Sage, Scion of the Volcano and Volcano Whisperer. While aspirants are given the rank of Acolytes.

Noble Membership

Main article: Membership

This is a list of all the lords and ladies who follow the faith and their ranks.

High Council

Main article: Decision making

The High Council of Darkanism can meet in a chosen temple and discuss issues relevant to the faith. From time to time, a vote may be called and all those who have the privileges to vote, will cast their vote to decide or declare a proclamation.


Main article: Temples

All temples are built out of black stone that was mined and cut from the area of the Holy Volcano of Mnt Sinclair. There are numerous temples standing in Atamara. Some of these are grand with different grand chambers for the worship of god. While others in the country side temples must accommodate for their size by worshiping The Three in the one chapel.

Remarked Days

Main article: Holidays

Darkanism observes many religious holidays and days of importance.


Darkanism appears to be a local and recent development of more widespread, but less common, following of Volcano Gods within local pantheons.

An early Darkan high priest, Valglin, banning Gretella:
Scout orders not following,
No response to questions,
Apathy's an awful sin,
so excommunication.
The gods could be forgiving,
On Gretella's prompt confession.

The strong view of apathy as sin suggests an aspect of Sigrid in the situation, a military matter. Sigrid was also Valglin's favourite deity, so some bias may also be present.


These are simple accounts from people who have been involved with Darkanism (Mainly roleplays that shed some light into the religion).