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Republic of Swordfell
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For the Fellish, by the Fellish







Lady Regent Dellia Leroux


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Itheus Pileran
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Founded in the late Winter of 21 YD (9th of January, 2013), the Republic of Swordfell was formed by a ratified and long planned secession of the duchies of Flowrestown and Balance's Retreat. Diplomatically, the territories now falling under the Fellish domain were legally certified in three documents. The earliest treaty to mention the colony was the Elntorak Agreement signed by the Morek Empire and Corsanctum in the Autumn of 17 YD (25th December, 2011). The second is the Border Agreement for Morek Colony signed between the Morek Empire, Corsanctum, and the prenatal Fellish Assembly in the Autumn of 20 YD (22nd September, 2012). Finally, the third is the Toprakian Compact signed between the Morek Empire, Luria Nova and the Fellish Assembly in the Autumn of 21 YD (30th November, 2012).

The Republic is positioned in Central Toprak and is currently composed of two major regions, the Flow Peninsula and the Divide Mountains. These also form the Republic's two duchies.

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Founded in the late Winter of 21 YD by a group of Morekans and Lurians, the Republic of Swordfell walked its first steps of life in crisis...


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Swordfell is a Republic. Its capital is Balance's Retreat. The governing cabinet is elected quarterly by all members of the realm equally with one vote.

The Republic stands on the following pillars:

Military Tradition

Presently, the Republic is in the process of military reforms.


Storm Legion The Republic's standing army, originally sponsored by Duke Deorwulf Barras in the Spring of 22 YD, after his death the sponsor became Claude Onyxis.

Tempest Legion The Republic's assault army, sponsored by Duke Silas Kain during military reforms.

Fog Legion The Republic's support army, sponsored by Duke Robin Rossignon during military reforms.

War Footing

Swordfell applies a system of "War Footings" in which it regulates the military of the nobility. See the Constitution for more details.

Battle Honours

The Fellish award glory to its army through battle honours. These are the decorations one may earn in service to the Republic:

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  • The Red Pin: Awarded to those who are wounded in combat
  • The Medal of Valour: Awarded to those who participated in an extraordinary battle
  • The Hood of Danger: Awarded to those who have wounded an enemy
  • The Ring of Death: Awarded to those who have killed an enemy, this is an infamous decoration
  • The Cloak of Command: Awarded to those who serve as a Marshal or Vice-Marshal during time of war
  • The Circlet of Supremacy: Awarded to those who serve as Archmarshal during time of war

Fallen Heroes

  • Deorwulf Barras, Duke of Aquil, Margrave of Flowrestown was killed during a battle in Turbul.


Swordfell is open to foreign trade with its neighbours. Please contact the Lord Imperator or the Overseer to negotiate a contract.

Internally, it applies the Agrarian Law which states that the internal food price is to be set by the Duke of the duchy in question. The external food price is to be set on a per-contract basis by the Overseer.


Sanguis Astroism holds spiritual jurisdiction over the Republic via a condition on the realm's permission to secede from the Morek Empire.


  • Demonym of the nobles of Swordfell is Fellish, as chosen via a contest within the Fellish Assembly. The winning suggestion was offered by Overseer Claude Onyxis.
  • The Flowrestown Theatre Company performs and circulates a number of highly satirically charged, often offensive, plays originating from the Mud Crisis in the Spring of 21 YD and culminating after the elections in the Autumn of 22 YD.
  • To celebrate the two week anniversary of the Republic's foundation, Lord Bowie hosted a grand event at his estate in Flowrestown. The event was known as the Spring Opener!
  • As per the Edict of Lord Imperator Bowie Ironsides in the Winter of 22 YD, the duchies of Balance's Retreat and Flowrestown are hereby named the Duchy of Sol and the Duchy of Aquil. The names being derivatives of and testaments to Solaria and Aquilegia whom used to occupy those regions earlier in Central Toprak history.
  • Local Fellish folklore tells of tiny devils known as Farfs who torment the nobility and delight the peasantry. Farfs are commonly described to be wearing a traditional yellow Fellish Cap.
  • In the Summer of 23 YD, Queen Alice Arundel death dueled Grand Duke Skyndarbau Melphrydd. Via Casino Ironsides, the Fellish nobles gambled on the duel to see who would win. The majority bets were on Queen Alice. When she won the winners compiled a thank you card to express their joy and to share in her victory.
  • At the end of Lord Imperator Bowie's reign, in the Autumn of 23 YD, he published a memoir recording his term in office:
  • As per the Edict dictated by Lord Imperator Silas Kain in the Winter of 24 YD, the banner of Swordfell shall hereafter be coloured black on red, and symbolized by a dragon. The crest shall be a black dragon, sword, castle and mountain range on red. May the banner of our Republic mark our glory on the map!

Artistic Interpretation of Swordfell

Artist: Felix Freye
[email protected]