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As Dwilight is an enormous expanse of land and water, it becomes necessary for some kind of meaningful geography to be developed. I have undertaken to develop such a geography based on currently existing accessible information.


The large, upper eastern landmass.


Euschean Sea

Sea between Askileon, Giask and Shinnen, bordering North Forland and Toprak Minor.

The Maian Bay

The large bay connecting Xinhai, Aurora and Corsanctum. The cities Aegir and Freke lie at its mouth.

River Black

River flowing westwards down from Mt. Black Nastrond, bordering Northnastrond; AKA Nastrond River.

River Nifel

River flowing eastwards down from Mt. Black Nastrond, border Northnastrond; AKA "The Torrent."

Bay of the East

Small salt-water bay in far eastern Toprak, formed by Stratford's peninsula.

Flow of the Balance

River flowing eastwards out of the springs around Balance's Retreat in the Divide Mountains, running by Flowrestown. OOC- if anyone objects to this somewhat punny name, it can be changed easily enough: I just found it too perfect


Nastir Forest

Dark woodland forming the central part of Northnastrond.


Forests north and west of Unterstrom, including Eisenik, Weinschenk, and Unterstrom Vorstadt. Otherwise known as the Unterwald.


Forsts densely covering the narrow gap between the Divide Mountains and the Great Central Sea, including Shyussei and Nyuushi.


Dalian Expanse


Mimer Peninsula

Flow Peninsula

Great Plain of Toprak

Plains stretching from Mamaroneck, Shomrak, and Ashrak in the south to Mt.Black Nastrond in the north, including Dingeselands and the Dalian Expanse; large, generalized area

Lurian Fields

Fields and plains around Askileon and Poryatown, stretching northwards to the Ironsides Line and south as far as Santoo.


Divide Mountains

Mountainous region around Balance's retreat in central Toprak.

Sallowsitte Cape

The desert and wilderness regions west of the Divide Mountains; rarely interpreted to include immediately neighboring rural plains.


High Toprak

Expanse of Toprak stretching from furthest north coastlines around Storm's Keep to either North Divide or Ironsides Line; exact division in dispute

Toprak Minor

Expanse of Toprak stretching from Santoo in south to either North Divide or Ironsides Line; exact division in dispute; AKA North Forland


Lands north of the narrow isthmus dominated by Mt. Black Nastrond; AKA Nifel Peninsula.


The mid-sized, lower eastern landmass, largely covered by the Palm Sea; known either as Forland for those who see the northern border as Toprak Minor; known as South Forland for those who see northern border as North Forland, thus AKA South Forland


The large, western landmass.


Chrysal River

River flowing southwards out of the Dragon's Teeth in northern Occidens; rich in mineral content; AKA "River Dunn"; naming break along political lines, Astrumite name-Chrysal River; Caerwynian name- River Dunn.

Root River

River flowing eastwards off the Dragon's Roost in central Occidens; AKA "Draco River."

The Silent Rush

Gulf in the Far West of Occidens; "inland" salt-water body; most powerful tidal forces in Dwilight at mouth.



Forest around Twainville and Rettleville, as far as Odona.

Phantarian Forest

Forest between the Far West and the Great Central Sea, including Inklen, Lavendrow, Mistight, and Faithill.


Forest in the Candiels Peninsula, including Zerujil, Lusitania, and Tubrel.

Darfese Forest

Forest east of Darfix, including Kaigen, Miniath, Ninith, and Raden.

Mech Forest

Forest including Mech Calen and Mech Derris; not including Mech Alb.



Plains stretching from Eregon to Hawoq'y, southwards to Evanburg and Kydonia.

Old Maroccidens

Plains stretching from Chesland south to Candiels, including Celtiberia, Paisly, and Chesney, reflecting the longest-inhabited and most consistently politically stable regions of Maroccidens.

North Shore Plains

Grasslands stretching from K'Dira northwards to Darfix up to the Darfese Forest, all the way east along the coast to Gelene Outskirts and Sabadell, then tracking back to K'Dira along the northern edge of the Dragon's Teeth.

Blackrown Flat

Fields south of Darfix to K'Dira, east as far as Eeborngul and Crotona.


Farmlands from Zereth's western border to the Darfese Forest and Blackrown Flat, including Gaston and Jenith.

Astral Coast

Lands from Zereth and Ygg d'Razhuul south to Duil; does not include Shrine of the Seeklander; sometimes including as far south as Mozyr; not Walefishire or Dunnbrook.


Bite of land within the bend of the Chrysal River, including Corridor of Torment, Wallershire, and Vyanar.


Flatlands from Dunnbrook eastwards along the Chrysal River, south along the coast to Kybcyell and the plains of Uppervia, east to include Mech Alb, and then tracing back north along the fringe of the forest; sometimes includes Walefishire.

Golden Reach

Plains around Golden Farrow, including Farrowfield and Demyansk, as well as Grazne and Knyazes; sometimes Walefishire.


The Dragon's Teeth

Northern mountain range; highest point at the Mountain of Betrayal; aka the Dark Mountains.

Via Mountains

Mountain range bordering the Far West, reaching from the Vakreno Heaps eastwards to Faithill.

Zuma Deepness

Wildlands stretching from the coastline of Walfurgisnact eastwards to Underroot, south as far as Evenfell; AKA "Chaos Wastes"


The Far West


Lands south of Evenfell and the Root River, as far as Candiels and Paisly.

Candiels Peninsula

Furthest south point of Occidens and Maroccidens, northern boundary at Lusitania and Agl.


A number of inhabited lands within or bordering on the Great Central Sea.

Tomb Islands

Islands hosting the ports of Nebel and Raviel; AKA "The Dragon Islands"


Great Island with Madina; Isle Fatin with Tower Fatmilak.

Inner Sea Islands

Islands within or bordering on the Inner Sea, north of the Great Central Sea


Island bordering the Inner Sea and the Great Central Sea, centered on Libidizedd City.

The North Gate

Island bordering between Inner Sea and the Ocean, presided over by Valkyrja; AKA- "The Stronghold Isle"