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The Far West

The Far West is a historically linked territory in Dwilight. It stretches from the City of Echiur, to its highest reach north in Uppervia, the region of Faithill as its farthest stretch east, and the regions of Shoka to Grympen Mire as its southern border.

This Far West is named so because it is the furthest western point in all of Dwilight. It is the ‘far’ west from the perspective of the realms who viewed it from the east. Their west was the east shoreline of that continent, thereby to them the opposite shoreline is the Far West. This region is linked culturally and historically by the Echiuraen Empire.

The greatest limits of the Echiuraen Empire were these territories: Echiur, Echiurfield, Tofino, Vakreno Heaps, Uppervia, Via, Lowervia, Barrow Peaks, Faithill, Inklen, Shoka, Shokalom, Vassar, Gonophor, Grympen Mire, Kosht, Koshtlom, and Aspar.

Among a few surviving treasures of literature, half of a massive statue in the city of Echiur, and various sculptures and art pieces, one relic is paramount to knowing the long history of this Empire. Written by a noble who lived in Shokalom near the final decades of the ancient dynasty, we receive from him the last remaining account of the Echiur Dynasty and the Far West's most triumphant epoch in history.

The surviving parchment collection have come to be called The Ancient History of the Echiur Dynasty.