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West Hills
Manufacturing, Trade
Emblem of Echiur.

The Ancient History of the Echiur Dynasty

The city of Echiur is a cultural meltingpot since two waves of immigrants has populated the city. First there were the native Echiurians, then came a group of Caerwyn colonists that added the flavour of old Caerwyn to the culture of the city, especially as they brought with them strong ties to inter-kingdom trade routes. Not long after came a large group from the north, from the Old Thulsoma, bringing more radically different architecture and culture. Originally segregated into different sections of the city, the first rebellion against King Cleon and the establishment of King Glaumring as the new ruler brought with it residential policies aimed at integrating the sections of the city. Though today, after many years, the people themselves have integrated thoroughly, remnants of the original cultural sections can still be seen in the architecture.

Echiur is a very visually diverse city, with the clean stone buildings of Caerwyn contrasted with the wooden houses and great halls of Thulsoma. The climate of Echiur is quite pleasant, the fresh ocean breeze from the west and the warm temperature makes even the winter quite easy to endure. Practically this lessons the need for climatically functional buildings and allows for the architectural creativity displayed by the mixing of cultures. Recently Asylonian architects have been forging a unique style, mixing the courtyards and colorful gardens of Caerwyn, with the carved wooden houses of old Thulsoma, the larger often including a smaller "great hall" which now serves as a more casual social space.

In the middle of the buzzing city lays the Keep of the Crown, which once held the throne of Asylon, but now is inhabited by the current Duke of the Berserk Bear. Outside the Keep is a large park located and within this green paradise several statues can be seen. Statues of former heroes and important persons in the history of the city and the Kingdom. Today the Keep of the Crown has been largely reduced in size, with the removal of buildings that had formally been used for the management of the realm when Echiur was the seat of the Asylon Monarchy. In their place, the park has been expanded with a large orchard of Bloodmoon fruit trees. Today the estate containing the Keep of the Crown is known as Orchard Hill.

Other estates in the city reflect the diverse religious heritage of Asylon. Elementa Estate recalls the Verdis Elementum origin of the Asylon colonists. Surrounded by expansive and well manicured gardens, this estate highlights each of the four natural elements as described in Verdis Elementum. Of special note is the eternal flame, which forever remains alight on a small "island" in the center of the garden complex. The Astral Tower reminds us of the Sanguis Astroist faith which many of Asylon's first Monarchs adhered to. Though more limited laterally than the expansive Elementa Estate, the tower is impressive in height, easily doubling the height of the next largest building in the city. The top of the tower is capped in a glass observatory room, that not only has clear access to the stars, when clouds permit, but also has the best view of the surrounding countryside, bay and the ocean beyond. The Black Keep remains somewhat of an irregularity. This estate is inspired by Asylonians' long fascination with the daimon lords of the Zuma to the south. Part of the keep is constructed with volcanic block from the Nightscree, and the keep is furnished with curios collected from trade with the Zuma.