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West Hills
Farming, Fishing
Emblem of Aspar.

Aspar is the southern most region in the "Echiur Maritime" with a climate moderated by the sea to the west and Echiur Lake to the East. Clouds and rains often dominate the sky, and in the rainy season the storms can persist for weeks. As with all of the Echiur Maritime, fishing is not only an important source of food, but also an important cultural influence. The type of fishing available has divided the people of Aspar into two distinct cultures: ocean fisherman and lake fisherman.

The oceaners pride themselves as brave and must show it through feats of strength and courage, and the ocean serves as the testing grounds. For a young man to enter into adulthood, he must catch and kill a shark. The size of this shark is very significant within the culture, as their are not chosen by lot, but by the size of their greatest catch. Give their bravery the oceaners are remarkable infantry.

The Lakemen are quite different in their lifestyle, as the tend to be quite calm and contemplative. Their fishing does not necessitate bravery but patience, and out of that patience comes one of the truly unique fish of Asylon: the Tam'kin. This fish is almost perfectly spherical in shape with two tiny fins to propel it along, but its greatest feature is its taste. It seems that no matter who tries the fish, it always ends up tasting just like the persons favorite dish. From roast boar to pickled eggs, from grapefruit to honey crusted chestnuts this fish tastes like everything.