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West Hills
Emblem of Vassar.

Travelers account of Vassar and local culture

Vassar Day 1, I found a vast wall here of clay and followed it for several miles until finding an entrance way, walking inside I noticed it was a vast collection of passages. I decided not to venture to far into and made sure to mark my way so as not to get lost within the Labyrinth.

There is little here asides from a small village, the people were friendly and spoke a dialect akin to Asylonian but with a heavy Terran lilt. They worshiped two faiths one was our own of Verdis Elementum and the other was a religion called Truinism, I have heard of it from living in Terran but know nothing of its belief. Upon speaking with the peasants of my own belief of Sanguis Astroism, they claim to have heard of it but they cared little for it and were little interested in the bloodstars beyond a curiosity that could be explained away.

I stayed with them a few days and they fed me fish. They played a strange game out on the lake called 'Turnop' where they build a platform in the lake and there with a tower in the center two opposing teams will race and push eachother into the water while carrying a horse skin to the top of the small tower. Its a rather lively game.

I found the people here to be of better temper than Gonophor and they feared less the monsters, they spoke of the Zuma in a good way and they spoke well of trade with Terran. I was given a package of fruit and dried fish on leaving the village. I shall write more if I stumble upon anything else.