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South Forest
Emblem of Eregon.

Geographical Details

Eregon is on the outskirts of woodlands of Thysan and Nark. The climate is one that could be considered pleasant as it provides thus a good place to have all kind of farms. The farmers of Eregon favorite wheat and hops, to make bread and ale. They even have some kind of festivals where they try to make the best ale. The winner is then proclaimed to be the best ale maker of the region and has the honor to sell his ale directly towards the lord that is ruling over the region. Other than that, the region isn't really featuring anything special.


The sources about Eregon aren't that trustworthy. Some claim that it was part of the Zuma coalition. Other say that it was never much part of any realm. Then others claim it was once part of Barca, but it didn't gained much attention. What thus made it able to turn rogue. But recently it has been claimed and taken over by the mighty Republic of Barca. With the new lord, Gerontis of Rynir, in power, the people look with distrust at this new change. Their 'dislike' of Barca makes it harder for their new lord to gain them on his side. Or maybe it's because of their little sub culture? One could try to think of all kind of reasons, but facts remain facts.


Eregon is ruled by the Rynir Family. The proud and noble family has taken over some of the traditions that the people in this region feature. Even taking up the emblem as their coat of arms. The rule of the Rynir Family is a new one, so they have yet to show how they will govern the region. Most of the people live in small villages, being a rural province. The capital of Eregon is the biggest village in the region that is present in the center of the region. It's also where the keep is of the lord.

Cultural features

The people of Eregon are a proud and stubborn folk. They have some old traditions, claiming it's unique. Also the reason why they are such proud and stubborn folk sometimes. They aren't that fond on changes, often grumble and complain when somethings changes and bothers them. Most of the time, they just want to live their life and be left alone. Some even suggest it's because of that they resent the fact that Barca has recently taken over the region.