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This is where you can find a detailed accounting of the histories of the realms of Dwilight.

Age of Colonization

This is the age that saw the founding realms of Dwilight(Springdale, Morek, Pian en Luries, and Madina) begin to expand and colonize the continent. During this 5-year history, Springdale collapsed from within, Sanguis Astroism of Morek grew, Pian en Luries suffered and then grew, Madina nearly collapsed from within, and the Raviel-Nebel islands became host to many secessions and rebellions. Paisly was a city no one could hold. Throughout this time of expansion, contraction, and turbulence, five tournaments were held(Poryatown, Aegir, Donghaiwei, Madina, and Aegir respectively).

Current Age

Kaiser Cato Assassinated

Whilst holding court Kaiser Cato De La Fere, one of the more controversial leaders on the continent, was attacked and killed by an assassin. This was a blow to Virovene. As it is still one of the developing realms on the continent, it is unsure how the realm will withstand the death of its charismatic leader. Cato was at the head of the Wars of Secession, seceding Virovene from the former Empire of Springdale. The laiser's death was in the wake of much accusations of threats from the kaiser to other realms bordering Virovene. Although there was much speculation, with his demise the Kaiser's plans went with him to the grave. What the future holds for Virovene remains to be seen.

Crusade for Sallowtown

The infamous Demon of Dwilight, Lord Bowie Ironsides, has successfully launched a Crusade for the city of Sallowtown in the name of the Great Dragon Sallow. He was given the Mandate of Sallowtown by the Great Dragon himself and charged with reviving the Sallowsian culture and prominence on the continent. By bringing civilization back to the suffering Sallowsians, and performing the necessary rituals, he has been named their Prince. With the blessings of the ancestors, he shall bring back the glory and power Sallowtown once wielded. The D’Haran Crusaders who have participated in this noble cause deserve their due recognition. They are: Duke Hexic Jeckyl, Marquis Rathan Himoura, Dame Sorsha McDowell, Sir Gislher Ehrenstein, and Sir Carlos Francisco Torres de los Reyes. The Sallowsian Sir Kratos Wolff participated with honours. The Prophet Tenebrioun Kiri-Jolith also deserves mention for preaching the faith in the city to prepare them for their deliverance.

Virovene's End

After months of trouble the Theocracy of Virovene has been destroyed. Through political subversion and a string of bad luck the once proud kingdom. Although alive for a small time, the formation of Virovene from Springdale was a catalyst that brought massive changes to the political nature of the continent, including allowing Morek to take control of a large portion of the Old Realm of Springdale. It's nobles have scattered, with many joining Morek, whilst the rest dispersing all over the continent.

The Formation of the Kingdom of Thulsoma

Thulsoma kingdom formed in Storms Keep. After braving the monsters a small group of intrepid nobles have completed an impossible journey in the dead of winter with nearly no gold or troops. King Glaumring Apasurain was crowned and each of his men swore their oaths upon the star disc in the courtyard of the fortress. No celebrations or fancy coronation was planned. The King and his men went straight back to work building a brick wall.

First Rebellion in Ordenstaat

On the 10th day of May a rebellion begun in Ordenstaat. Sir Xiahou Dun launched a rebellion against the realm in the name of their gods Tyr and Zisa. The rebellion failed and the rebels banned. Much later, Xiahou was killed by Lord Zeromus Abaron, a former Lord of Ordenstaat, in a death duel in Port Nebel. More information can be read here: the History of Ordenstaat or the Dwilight University's historical essay by Dean Bowie Ironsides, "The Death of Xiahou Dun".

Ironic Secessions

In the same fate that befell Springdale Empire, Morek was rocked by two secessions that formed Xinhai from Donghaiwei Duchy and Libero Empire from Springdale Duchy. This left Morek with Nifelhold and Mt. Black Nastrond. After a war declared upon Morek by Libero Empire, Mt. Black Nastrond joined the Raivan Empire.

Astromancy at War!

War is being waged between Xinhai and Aquilegia. The cause for war has been chronicled in the Dwilight University's historical project by Dean Bowie Ironsides: "Aquilegia versus Xinhai: The Flow Peninsula Theatre".

D'Hara and Terran war on Madina

D'Hara and Terran have declared war on Madina leading to the recapture of Paisly for the D'Harans. More to come.

Twin Empires Defend Aquilegia

The Twin Empires of Libero Empire and Raivan Empire have declared war against Xinhai for aggression against Aquilegia. Astrum is already mediating a peace between the realms. The escalation of war has been chronicled in the Dwilight University's historical project by Dean Bowie Ironsides: "Allies versus Xinhai: The Conflict Escalates".

War Erupts Yonder South!

In what seems to be something of a trend recently, another war has sprung up! After Pian en Luries lost control of Giask, the peasantry tore down the Lurian banner and raised that of D'Hara's. Queen Alanna demanded the city's return and when met by silence for two days after her missive, has dispatched her army to take back the city forcibly. Thus far, it looks as if this war will be fairly limited in scale, fought over the city, if even fought at all.

Niselur is No More!

Under intense pressure from undead and monsters, and due to isolation, the Golden City of Darfix revolted.

Morek Conquered

At one time the largest realm on the continent, Morek was reduced to a city-state. In a short war with the Libero Empire, the city of Nifelhold was taken over ending the history of this memorable state.

The Raivan Empire Falls

After a period of decline during the war with Xinhai, Aegir revolted into roguery and ended the Raivan Empire. More details can be found in the Dwilight University's historical project by Dean Bowie Ironsides: "The Fall of Aegir Closes the Raivan Front."

Giask is No More!

Upon the conclusion of the civil war, Pian en Luries victoriously conquers the city of Giask sending its nobles diaspora.

Averoth Joins the War Against the Astromancer Hegemony!

After the devestating siege of Storms Keep, Averoth allies with Thulsoma against the Astromancer Hegemony and the Libero Empire. More can be read in the Dwilight University's historical series, "The Conquest of Northnastrond!" by the Dean of History Bowie Ironsides

Valkyrja Goes Rogue!

In the late Spring of 14 YD, the greatest siege ever fought on Dwilight to date caused the capital city of Averoth to revolt. The siege was launched by a coalition known as the Brotherhood of Astroacracies, comprising the Morek Empire, Astrum, Corsanctum and with the Libero Empire and Summerdale. Averoth is a member of the League of Free Nations, which includes Caerwyn and Madina.

Storms Keep Conquered!

In the Spring of 13 YD, after four long years of warfare, the Saxon stronghold of Storms Keep was conquered by Summerdalians, destroying the realm of Thulsoma. The war began in the Winter of 10 YD between the Libero Empire and Thulsoma then grew to include alliances of Thulsoma and Averoth versus the Libero Empire, the Morek Empire, Astrum, Corsanctum, and finally Summerdale.

"Save the Barcans!" Campaign

In the Summer of 17 YD, a territorial dispute in Eregon led to the Zumalands declaring war on the Barcans. Subsequently, for reasons unlearned yet, a forged letter caused the Zuma to declare war on the Terrans as well. As this event is a debacle and not a just cause for war, all human parties involved desire peace. For this end, the Zuma require the Barcans to retrieve and offer them four unique items. Thus, all concerned nobles of Dwilight are implored to participate in the "Save the Barcans!" campaign. The quest is to find or purchase the necessary amount of unique items in time before the Zuma launch their offensive. A one thousand gold price has been set for anyone willing to sell their unique items, and donations are also welcome.

The Great Continental War Concludes

In the Spring of 15 YD, possibly the Summer of 16 YD, the last Caerwynian city Via joins Asylon ending the Occidental War between Astrum and Caerwyn. The Great Continental War originated in a conflict in High Toprak, historically known as the Conquest of Northnastrond, between the League of Free Nations; Averoth, Thulsoma and eventually Caerwyn and more (though the other members were preoccupied) and the Sanguis Astroist Brotherhood; the Morek Empire, Corsanctum and Astrum, and sometimes Summerdale and the Libero Empire. Details about the Great Continental War can be found in the Dwilight University's historical project The Great Continental War! by the Dean of History Bowie Ironsides.

Both of the following wars began during the Winter of 18 YD.

Kabrinskia versus the Maroccidens!

Terran, Barca and Asylon war on Kabrinskia over border disputes. The war ended by 19 YD with the defeat of Kabrinskia and the agreed resignation of Grandmistress Allison Kabrinski. Chronicled by the Dean of History, Bowie Ironsides, in the study fo the Second Occidental War.

Summerdale versus the Libero Empire!

Summerdale wars for territorial conquest against the Libero Empire. The war ended after the Morek Empire joined to defend the Libero Empire and the two realms totally defeated Summerdale. The capital of Summerdale, Nifelheim, was finally conquered in the Long Winter of 19 YD by the Morek Empire. More can be read in Dean Bowie Ironsides historical article, "Queen Charlotte's War." The Veinsormoot versus Aurvandil.

The Marocciden conflict

War rumbles in the Maroccidens! The war began with the invasion of Barca by Aurvandil (at a date to be determined) and continues with the entrance of Terran and D'Hara as Barca's allies. Major battles include the First Battle of Maeotis and the Siege of Paisly, both in the Long Winter of 19 YD.

Luria Nova versus D'Hara

After a long period of tension, Luria Nova finally declared war on D'Hara. The first major battle was won by D'Hara, but the war is still indecisive.

Niselur and allies versus the Theocracies of Sanguis Astroism

At the end of the winter of YE 23, King Leopold Arrakis of Niselur proclaimed his realm a monarchy and broke his federation with the other theocracies of Sanguis Astroism (Morek, Astrum, and Corsanctum). In response Morek declared war on Libero Empire, vassal state to Niselur.

The Farronite Republic and Luria Nova pledge their support for Niselur. Morek and Luria Nova both denounce each other publicly in a display of the souring relations between them.

Phantaria declares war on the Theocracy of Terran over issues related to the Phantaro-Theocratic Accord and their support for Niselur.

Monster invasions

It started suddenly and it quickly worsened. Monsters came over the west hills like locusts, out of the woods and in from the sea by the thousands. Vast hordes of vile, hirsute beasts smelling of filth, vermin, and putrefaction; multiplying, killing peasants as well as each other and feeding on their guts, only stopping to copulate and vomit. They procreated at a faster rate than any other beasts known to man, and the regions and duchies were in very short order overwhelmed by their spawn. The landed class would cede to the monsters. Anyone with enough gold and influence planned their exodus. The wild west would be wild once again. At least until it becomes desolate. The monsters are too stupid to hunt, so after they eat every last piece of organic matter in their ken, they would likely just shrivel into dust. Whatever the monsters' fate, no human would be around to see it.