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The lands above the Nifel River and the Nastrond River, but as far as the bridge to the little island between the two great continents of Dwilight. The region's name is disputed as many refer to it as Nifel Peninsula. Also, the duchy of Storms Keep has come to be commonly known as the Stormlands, deriving from the Saxon culture found there.

People from this region are known as Nifelians.

This land was once the home of Averoth Thulsoma, and Summerdale but is now divided by Astrum, the Morek Empire and the Libero Empire after Queen Charlotte's War. It is one of the few places in Dwilight to have a civilized pre-history and an ancient culture. It should be noted that validity of these histories, particularly the "Saxon" histories, are quite often disputed. Not too infrequently they are dismissed as complete fabrications, invented by the leaders of the late realm of Thulsoma in an attempt to legitimize their rule.