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The Banner of The Averothian Freestate

The Fortress Realm of Averoth is an island nation in northern Dwilight, geographically located on the divide between the two Great Continents of East and West. The Capital of Valkyrja is an impressive stronghold centre-pieced by a large tower that looks out across the expansive ocean. Lead by the Arkh-Kommandant under a militarist rule, the authoritarian and tyrannical state stands strong and united as a bastion against the Monster Hordes that plague the Nifel-Peninsula.

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Torenist Averoth - 'Pluralist' Theocracy - overthrown by Rebellion
Reformed Averoth - Grand Duchy / Kingdom - overthrown by Rebellion


Nccenaobaten Averyll


Averoth has traditionally held a Free Tournament every 100 days to all Swordsmen of Dwilight, each in commemoration of the founding of The Averothian Freestate and dedicated to continual championing of the skills of War and combat. Valkyrja has naturally played host to these celebrations of chivalrous combat, with the tutors of the Sextus’ Academy of Sword providing free training and also acting as Stewards to the Tournament bouts.

The First Averothian Tourney of SwordThe Second Averothian Tourney of SwordThe Third Averothian Tourney of Sword

Recorded Battles of Averoth Laws of Averoth

The End

Averothians were cornered to their capital, Valkyrja. After the Siege of Valkyrja, the realm was destroyed.