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This information remains in its current form only as a historical curiosity. Summerdale has, since the last entry here, fallen to Morekian aggressors.

The brighter future that Springdale never had. The unity and spirit remain the same, yet new horizons, new borders and new friendships flourish. A realm is governed by it's people, not by it's religion. It is to the people whom we here in Summerdale listen, and it is to the people that we give guidance so they can support us.

A realm full of oportunities, and a place to call your home. What more could a noble want?

Summerdale is a realm of possibility and opportunity for those whose loyalty and faithful service are proven. Honor is not a watch-word; it is our way of life. At the center of every strong realm is the heart of the people whose tireless efforts and selfless dedication raise the Kingdom to greatness. Our nobles are active and involved, overseeing the many facets that make up a flourishing Kingdom. Without them, Summerdale would be but the shadow of a dream, but with them, and those that are to come, Summerdale's star will continue to rise as a beacon of hope, greatness, and strength.

Despite hardships due to poorly populated regions, Summerdale is finally achieving sustainability and decent growth in the face of harsh winters and a strong monster presence on the peninsula.

Summerdale was formed on February 21, 2009, as a colony effort by the Raivan Empire in the city of Nifelheim. The realm of Virovene immediately declared war on the new colony. Summerdale aims to be everything Springdale failed to achieve due to certain individuals who strived for individual greed.

A more detailed history of Summerdale can be found here.

Any kind of looting is illegal and the Council will automatically be notified of transgressions.

Issuing or accepting a duel challenge can be either legal or illegal, depending on circumstances, and will be reported to the Council.

Founding a new religion has been declared officially legal.

Magic and spellcasting can be either legal or illegal, depending on circumstances, and will be reported to the Judge.

A full article on the Laws of Summerdale may be seen here.

Summerdale currently supports one army: the I Dalian Army. Its sponsor is King Joash Hamarson, Duke of Nifelheim, and its marshal is General Perrin Aybara. The primary purpose of the I Dalian is the defense of Summerdale against foreign invasion.

At 805 days old, Summerdale is the oldest of the three realms in the northeastern peninsula of Dwilight, composed of nobles from the defunct Empire of Springdale. It is growing steadily and is always looking for new nobles to rally to its banner. Currently, the realm consists of two duchies, one located at Nifelheim and the other at Storms Keep.

Nifelheim is the center of Summerdale politically, economically, and geographically. With a population of just under 54 thousand, Nifelheim relies greatly on the surrounding farmlands to feed the city. It boasts a growing manufacturing industry based on architecture.

  • Nifel is the townsland surrounding Nifelheim and is the home of almost as many people as the city itself. Its sizable population is mainly composed of the lower class sector, as opposed to the richer inhabitants of Nifelheim.
  • Ymer's Fall is a thin strip of land that connects the urban Nifel to the eastern plains of the northern peninsula, bypassing the woods to the north.
  • Valldir is a rural area on the North Coast. The collection of small hamlets and farms that make up this region are filled with proud people.
  • Odenir is the eastern portion of the sparse northern forest. Located between Nifelheim to the south and Storms Keep to the east, this region is frequented by travelers—namely merchants and lumberjacks.
  • Hvergelmir is a rural area along the North Coast recently wrested from the hands of Averoth, having suffered greatly under their rule.
  • Yggdramir is a rural island along the North Coast that provides the only land route uniting the western and eastern halves of Dwilight. It was claimed after the war with Averoth; like Hvergelmir, its production has suffered much due to war. Due to lack of estates, Yggdramir was allowed to fallow. To help with restorations, Astrum was offered the region until such time as Summerdale has the knights needed to fill the estates. At that time Summerdale will reclaim the region and will begin paying Astrum for their efforts in rebuilding. For the duration Astrum holds Yggdramir until it is requested to be returned to Summerdale, Summerdale shall provide Astrum all food and gold produced from the region after it is returned. Astrum began the rebuilding on September 20th, 2011.

Storms Keep is a black stronghold atop the northern sea cliffs; a second duchy is seated here. It was previously part of the now-defunct realm of Thulsoma. Libero Empire signed a peace treaty recognizing Summerdale's territorial rights in both Storms Keep and Storms End.

  • Storms End is a wide plain surrounding Storms Keep. It consists mainly of farmland and focuses on feeding the realm.

Historically, Torrents Breath has been claimed by Springdale and Thulsoma; Summerdale recently ceded this region to the Libero Empire as part of a peace treaty between the two nations.

Continent / Island Dwilight
Capital Nifelheim
Largest City Nifelheim
Government System