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Greater Luria is the term used to define the area of influence of the Lurian Culture in the continent of Dwilight.

Its core regions in Torprak Minor limit the Sallowsite Badlands in the north-west, the Divide Mountains in the north, the Flow Littoral in the north-east. Its southernmost core regions in North Forland meet the Fissoan, being the desert of Palm Sea and the coastal Maf.

The Lurian lands have been witnesses of turmoiled politics, and the rise and fall of different realms, currently a war being waged between three of of them: Pian en Luries, Luria Nova and Solaria. All realms share common cultural heritage, translated in the language, the customs and, disputably to some, the morals.

The political tradition of the Lurian realms is marked by the conflict between the centralizing effort from Monarchs, and the decentralizing resistance from the Dukes. To prove one's worth and honor are highly valued, being meritocracy a core value in the chivalrous Lurian traditions.
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Lurian Realms

Luria Nova

Lost Realms


Luria Vesperi

Pian en Luries

Verus Luria




Lurian Religions

Aetheris Pyrism

Lost Religions


Magna Aenilia Ecclesia

Order of St. Iestyn

Ordo Concilium

The Manifest Path


Lurian Guilds

Halls of Luria

Keepers of Lore

Lurian Adventurers League

Grand Pantry of Luria Nova

Lost Guilds

Poryatown Press