Farronite Republic

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Born from the ashes of Kabrinskia, the Farronite Republic is a land dedicated to the Bloodstars and the faith of Sanguis Astroism.


The Farronite Republic is composed of the Duchy of Mech and Farrow. Centered on the city of the Golden Farrow, the regions of Farrowfield, Mech Derris, Mech Calen, Mech Alb, Grazne, Knyazes, Mozyr, Demyansk, Elets, Faithill, and Lavendrow.


The Farronite Senate, led by the Governor-General, holds the highest authority in the Republic. Laws require a two-thirds majority of the Senators to pass into effect. Any noble of the Republic may run for a Senate seat, but the seats of townslands, cities, and duchies must be full members of the Church of Sanguis Astroism.

Owing to the founding principles of the Republic, Sanguis Astroism maintains its position as its core faith. Temples of other faiths may not be built in any region of the Republic.


The Farronite Republic maintains close relations to the theocracies of Sanguis Astroism, as well as realms that are dedicated to the ideals of the Church.

The Farronite Republic also maintains close relations with the realms bound under the Veinsormoot federation, whose republican ideals closely resemble that of the realm.