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Niselur was a realm built and destroyed in a distant history which was later reformed under the name of Iashalur. In the autumn of Year 22, after a war for the throne has ended, the Arrakis dynasty reinstated the old name of Niselur. Finally Niselur succumbed the the monster and undead hordes which depopulated most of the Western landmass of Dwilight. This passage recalls Niselur as it was before this tumult.

Niselur is a theocratic Kingdom of the Bloodstars ruled by King and Faith. Due to our endless pastures we pride ourselves to be the greatest warriors ever that fight on a horseback. Niselurian warriors have spent the majority of their lives on the steppes, but only with the arrival of the eastern nobility they have perfected their skills with tutelage in different training grounds and academies. Our mounted knight, a Rinnon rider, is a most prized warrior we have as his reputation of a dreaded charger is well spread. Clad in armor and on a heavily equipped war horse the Rinnon rider is able to break any formation of infantry that is before him. Swordsmen, spearmen, crossbowmen and any other sort of a warrior that fights on ground and in melee combat is known as the Edreun. Edreun vary from being lightly or heavily armored warriors who are well positioned to fight both in the open field and in the siege. Niselurian Edreun are especially well trained to stop the enemy cavalry dead in their tracks, and are infamous for their formation of schiltron. The ranged troops of Niselur are known as Faseas. These soldiers have been levied from the ranks of huntsmen and marksmen that have roamed the vastness of the North since pre-colonizational times. Their arrows are deadly and they have mastered their skills in combat against monsters and undead that regularly plague our fair provinces.

The realm currently has a holding over three duchies.

The Golden Throne is composed of the Golden City of Darfix and the Misty Forest to the north. Darfix is the most vast and richest city in all of Dwilight, and stands as an example of the great legacy and wealth of the Niselurian Lords. The Emerald Fields are based around the bustling city of Gaston, which is also a capital city of Niselur. It is an area abundant with grain and the name is taken from the neverending green pastures that surround the city of Gaston. Duchy of Blackcrown Fells is based around Samhain and is the main provider of food to the people of Niselur. Blackcrown Fells are likewise mostly composed of pastures and green acres of land that stretch all the way down to the southern borders and the Dragonteeth mountains. Niselur currently enjoys good relation with our neighbors in Astrum and the majority of the northern realms. All knight are encouraged to seek service in one of the above mentioned Duchies, and are expected to serve their liege and King with honor, diligence and fortitude, and to charge under the banner of the golden rider with ferocity worthy of a northerner.

Niselur is a theocracy of Sanguis Astroism based in the Golden City of Darfix and located in the far north-western reaches of Dwilight. Niselurians take pride in their horseback riding tradition developed over the years and lush pasturelands ideal for hunting battues. As a society, the realm is based on honour and chivalry of the noblemen. Respect for your fellow nobles, respect for your superior and the overall respect for the hierarchy is one of the core elements of Niselur. Courage and bravery is what it takes to taste the harsh northern winds and reign in the land of myths and legends. Niselur aspires to cherish the principles of the realm and to leave the legacy of the brave to the next generations.

King Boreal Arrakis, the First King of Niselur

The name Niselur (pronounced: NEE-SEL-OOR) is derived from the old Legend of the Silver Temple and based on the scripts found in Samhain and Darfix. On the native Darfese the word "nis" means "silver", while the word "lur" stands for "temple". As such, once the Paladins of the Silver Temple established the colony in Darfix they have named the realm Niselur.

Niselurian Expedition to Darfix.

The history of the realm dates from the winter time of 6th Year of Dwilight, when Niselur was officially founded as the Astrumian Colony in the Golden City of Darfix. In one of the largest expeditions ever, the realm was founded by the Paladins of the Silver Temple lead by Sir Boreal Arrakis of Astrum, who was then elected as the First King of Niselur. After the arduous and exhausting 2 weeks long journey, Niselur was established on the 21st day of winter. Soon after the government was formed the Spring Liberation March began, in order to celebrate the end of the winter and to submit the lands under the Niselurian banner. Darfix has been the utopia of many nobles and realms over the years. The magnificent city has repelled generations of colonists and monster invasions. In the time when the Niselurian Expedition set out, Darfix was considered as a prize, and to win the prize you had to win the race. This and many other things that are associated with the fall of Darfix have added to the grand astonishment that the Founders of Niselur have achieved, and that carved their names in the North-Western lands forever.

The rebellion shook the realm in the autumn of the 7th year. Loki Ravenwulf, the Son of Tor, has called for the uprising against the government. Later it was found out that the true leader of the rebellion was Joichiro Nishi Vanimedle', a well known anarchist. The streets of Darfix were red with blood and civil unrest. The rebellion was decided on the first day when the loyalists encountered the rebels in Darfix and defeated them. Their reasons for a rebellion were to subdue the tyranny of King Boreal and stop the spread of Sanguis Astroism, although the history remembers them as madmen and lunatics without a real cause for their actions, only crazed for power and wealth sworn to destroy Sanguis Astroism. The rebel leader Joichiro was captured and later publicly executed by a combination of fitting and immolation (historians debate over which killed him first). Other minor rebels were given leniency and merely banned and deported. Their names will be always remembered in blood and their relatives hunted if ever seen in the Niselurian territory.

The winter of the 7th year of Dwilight will for ages be known as "The Fell Winter". Having lost nobles, troops and resources to the failed rebellion, Niselur found itself over extended. The various territories of the north were ravaged by monster hordes and famines. By the winter's end hundreds of soldiers were dead and multiple regions had to be abandoned to anarchy.

In the early days of the following spring King Boreal Arrakis died of an unknown illness while drifting in a boat off the western coast. All of Niselur mourned the loss of its first king. Rev Athins was named his heir and succeeded him on the throne.

The tragic early events of Niselur's second year of existence left many uncertain of the realm's future.

The uncertainty proved to be right. Niselur held out for some time, but soon it was the rogue forces advancing on Niselurian lands rather than the other way around. We found ourselves without the gold or men to fight them off, and their numbers just continued to grow. Near the end the monsters and undead around and in what remained of Niselur were so numerous that the were 3 times the greater of the armies of the strongest realm on Dwilight.

When the end was assured King Rev and his council made plans to assure that Niselur would be reborn. When the time came, Darfix was abandon and the few of us left set out for Astrum, who promised to see us returned as a realm in Gaston, and supply us while we built up. One day we will return to Darfix.

Niselur was lost in the Ninth Year of Dwilight, but was recreated in the spring of Year 16 under the name of Iashalur. After the battle for the throne between House Erickson and House Arrakis, Niselur was officially reborn with victory of House Arrakis.

Offices of Niselur

Pasture lands and the entrance to the cold mountains somewhere between Crotona and the Mt. of Betrayal.

The lands of Niselur are mostly grasslands, with the exception of the small area of forest lands north of Darfix, and the cold and distant mountains further to the south-western and western edges.

The area around Samhain is referred to as the Great Pastureland, mostly because of the vast rural fields that are used to feed the peasants of Niselur. Those lands include Bberentaur, Bbandasdor, Eeborngul, Samhain, K'dira and Crotona. Samhain, as the local leader of weapon repairs and stonemasons is also most familiar for large cultivated areas of vineyards and berries. The forests to the north of Darfix are also known as the Misty Forest, often foggy. Those regions are Raden, Miniath, Ninith and Kaigen. The pagans of these lands speak of many urban legends which are generally frowned upon by the Niselurian nobility as a superstition. Further to the North and beyond the Misty Forest one can again stumble upon the spacey rural lands. Since the Niselurian nobility is proud of their horse riding skills they can consider that areas as the most pleasant place to hunt. The monsters and the undead are often hunted for sports, amusement and practice. The area is therefore known as the Hunting Grounds and the regions included are Asurbanipal, Ienith, Jorradith and Gaston Farms.

The Niselurian diplomacy is handled by the King and his Council of Paladins. The official code of dressing that every diplomat in Niselur must have when on official mission is to always wear white colours accompanied by the golden hat. The diplomats always have a small group of bodyguards to protect them during their travels. The emissaries on the other hand are always dressed in dark red colours and must have a black hat to show their status in their society and abroad. They are usually traveling only with their squires and rarely with any larger military support.

Being very separated from the other colonized places of Dwilight, Niselurian diplomacy is mostly involved in maintaining good and peaceful relations with the fellow Theocracies of Sanguis Astroism, and the other neighbours of Niselur.


Alliance: Astrum
Peace: Aquilegia, Caerwyn, Corsanctum.
Neutral: all the other realms of Dwilight.

Official Land Treaties: none

Claims of Niselur: Claim of the Land

The elite warrior of Niselur. The Rinnon rider.
A trained ranged warrior of Niselur. The Faseas archer.

The military power of Niselur has always been especially cherished and invested in. The troops organized in specific battalions, known as the military orders, come in three different groups. The military unit composed of only infantry troops is known as Edreun. Equipped with light armour, short spear and the sword, the Edreun represents the backbone of the organized army and excels in melee combat. The long range troops composed of archers is known as the Faseas. The Faseas wear almost no armour at all and are equipped with longbows and crossbows, and often short swords. They represent a cover fire for the melee units. The military unit composed of the specially bred war horses and a skillful riders is known as the Rinnon. The Rinnon riders are especially favoured in the Niselurian society as they represent the elite warriors of the land. On the galloping horses they charge into the enemy ranks heavily armoured and equipped with long, golden spears. They often carry shields on their backs and a silver broadswords.

Current Armies of Niselur


Golden Army of Darfix: The first army of Niselur, designed as the main army of the early expansion. The Golden Army was founded by the King of Niselur and the Duke of Darfix, Boreal Arrakis, as the official Ducal Army of Darfix.The banner of the army illustrates the Black Crown which is the symbol of the Duchy of Darfix. The colour of the banner is golden with black edges. It now serves as Niselur's only fighting army. After the fell winter, all combat ready units were organized into the Silver Paladins army. The Golden Army now exists as a small organization of maintenance corps and police forces.


Silver Paladins: The second army of Niselur, designed as an elite scouting and takeover force. The Silver Paladins were founded by the King of Niselur and the Duke of Darfix, Boreal Arrakis. The headquarters of the Silver Paladins is located in the townsland of Samhain, which gives them an excellent scouting position of the Niselurian regions. The first Marshal of the Silver Paladins was Lady Ava Fireweed, who was selected by the King at 17 years of age. The banner of the army illustrates the Silver Sword of the Niselur, with the backdrop Niselurian red. It now serves as Niselur's only fighting army.

Defunct Armies of Niselur

Black Legion: Founded and Marshaled by High Paladin Jack Carnes, the Black Legion was to be an elite fighting force. It was disbanded with Jack's retirement.

Military Achievments

Woodblock printing in Darfix.

Like the land, the culture of the Niselurians is diverse. Most of the educated and skilled minor nobles and commoners are rushing to train their crafts and expand their knowledge in the city of Darfix and its suburbia. As such, the best writers, philosopher, poets, bards and troubadours of the land can mostly be found in Darfix and Under Darfix. Some other areas do have and abundance of the same, mostly in Samhain and a few miles further to the Outer Dwilight Sea. Rural lands are mostly inhabited by simple peasants and occasional local master of leather-making and iron-forging. The rurals are most familiar for animal and crop husbandry. Woodlands are inhabited mostly by local rangers and scouts, which in return gives excellent craftsmanship potential. Several wood industries produce enough materials for wood construction and of course for combat weapons; such as arrows.

The myths and legends of the commoners and nobles of Niselur are abundant. Beginning with the Golden City itself and the Legend of the Silver Temple. The myths are also often associated with the Misty Forest and the distant mountains which some say they have once been a part of a great dragon before he laid down and died.

The pride of the culture of Niselur is certainly the Niselurian Herald, the realm wide newspaper reporting the most interesting news from Niselur, but from foreign lands as well. The first printing organization, Niselurian Herald, was established in Darfix by the First High Inquisitor of Niselur, Sir Rev Athins.

The people of Niselur is generally a merry folk, often making festivals and celebrations to escape from sometimes harsh reality of the untamed northern land.

The most familiar holiday is certainly the Founders Day. Celebrating the birth of Niselur on the 21st day of every winter has become a tradition in Darfix and other surroundings. At that moment in time the mead and wine is literally pouring down the streets of every civilized part of Niselur. The grand ceremony is held in Darfix often accompanied by the horseback riding tournaments and duels 'till surrender.

There are currently no guildhouses or guilds in Niselur, but the government has a few projects planned for the late spring and early autumn.