Farronite Republic/Diplomacy/Astrum Farronite Territorial Treaty

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The Theocracy of Astrum and the Farronite Republic hereby recognize the territory of each realm, as follows:


  • The Duchy of Eidulb, including the city of Eidulb, and the regions of Duil, Eidulb Outskirts, Ammando, Sabadell, Aquitain, Walefshire, Vynar, and Dunnbrook,
  • The Duchy of Chrysantalys, including the city of Chrysantalys and the region of Wallershire
  • The Duchy of the Dark Mountains, including the stronghold of the Shrine of Seeklander and the region of Forguthrie
  • The Duchy of Gelene, including the city of Gelene, and the regions of Gelene Outskirts, Ygg d'Razhuul, and Zereth
  • The Duchy of Valkyrja, including the stronghold of Valkyrja, and the regions of Yggdramir, Hvergelmir, Helhhir, Norrdir, and Ymer's Fall
  • The Duchy of the Norther Isle, including the city of Libidizedd, and the regions of Libiddo and Dizeddo


  • The Duchy of the Mech and Farrow, including the city of the Golden Farrow, and the regions of Farrowfield, Demyansk, Mech Derris, Mech Alb, Mech Calen, Elets, Knyazes, Mozyr, and Grazne