Farronite Republic/Diplomacy/Treaty of Mergrathor

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This treaty is currently: ACTIVE


This treaty aims to promote good will and friendship between the realms of Niselur and the Farronite Republic, under the auspices of the Blood Stars and the Church of Sanguis Astroism. Hostilities between the realms shall not be made, rather, each realm shall treat the other in honored esteem.


For the purpose of this treaty, the territories of each realm will be defined as the following:


  • The Duchy of the Golden Throne, including the city of Darfix, and the regions of Under Darfix, Raden, Miniath, Ninith, Kargen, and Asurbanipal
  • The Duchy of Samhain, including the townsland of Samhain, and the regions of Bberentaur, Eeborngul, and Bbandasdor
  • The Duchy of Gaston, including the city of Gaston, and the regions of Gaston Farms, Mergrathor, Jorradith, and Jenith

Farronite Republic

  • The Duchy of the Mech and Farrow, including the city of the Golden Farrow, and the regions of Farrowfield, Demyansk, Mech Derris, Mech Alb, Mech Calen, Elets, Knyazes, Mozyr, and Grazne



  • Nobles of both realms shall not assault each other, nor the territories of the other as defined in this treaty.
  • Nobles of both realms shall not aid outside parties that seek to harm the other's nobles or territories. Aid includes the supplication of food or gold, the passage of hostile armies, or the usage of infiltrators
  • In the case of a region not defined as a territory of either realm, nobles shall refrain from assaulting one another or aiding parties that shall harm the other.
  • In the case of a region not defined as a territory of either realm, and is claimed by both realms as their own, the realms' leaders shall confer with one another to decide the dispute.


  • Both realms are free to trade food and other resources with one another.
  • Neither realm is obliged to supply the other with food.
  • Both realms retain the right to food produced in their own territories.


  • Nobles of both realms, without armed men or women, are free to pass between the territories of the realms of this treaty.
  • Nobles of both realms accompanied by armed men or women, must first seek the permission of the leader of the other realm before passing through its territories.


  • Should foreign parties threaten either realm with warfare, assistance in the form of gold, food, or arms can be requested from each other.
  • Neither realm is obliged to send aid if that realm cannot sufficiently sustain its own territories.


Only the faith of the Church of Sanguis Astroism is to be preached in the territories of both realms, as per the purpose of this treaty.


Individual nobles of either realm that breaks terms of this treaty shall face a fine, the amount to be decided by the leadership of both realms. This fine will be given to the government of the offended realm.


This treaty will not supersede the sovereign laws of its signatory realms, except as clearly stated in the terms above. Individual nobles may still be barred from passage or denied access to trade and resources as determined by the realm's leadership.


Either realm can withdraw from this treaty and declare it dissolved at any time. Formal notification must be provided to the opposite realm. A week after this notification is delivered, the treaty shall be considered null and void.