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The southern domain of Occidens, Dwilight's large western island, Maroccidens can be defined as the fertile lands south of the wide waste of Evenfell, and the Root River, which flows to the sea out of the Dragon's Roost. It includes the cities of Paisly, Chesney, Candiels, Rettleville, and Twainville, as well as the large townslands of Wurzburg and Evanburg. It is united by its geography, but has serious divisions within it. The Marwood, the great forest of its interior, is infested with monsters and undead. While the fledgling realm of Ordenstaat has, from time to time, managed to claim most of the wood, and the Republic of Terran occupies the northern parts of the wood, the forest is dark, and often reverts to barbarism, especially in winter.

These lands have been occupied by many realms. To date, Madina, Melodia, Terran, Ordenstaat, D'Hara, and Silverfall. Most of these realms (Madina, Melodia, Terran, and D'Hara) have been centered on the eastern coast, or what has been called "Old Maroccidens," due to having long, continuous settlement. The coastal regions engage in vigorous trade, most of which goes through Paisly at some point. While the markets of Candiels are busy, Paisly is the conduit through which all outward-bound trade to the north must go, as inland trade to Golden Farrow is unsafe. The cities of Madina and Port Raviel also have strong historic and economic connections to Maroccidens, as realms based in those cities have, from time to time, occupied Paisly, the largest city in Maroccidens during its boom-times, though recent political factors have rendered Chesney the undisputed crown-jewel of Maroccidens.


The people of Maroccidens are ethnically divided. The legacy of the Echiuraen Empire is very weak in these lands, and the shadow of the Zuma is long. Old Maroccidens is primarily populated by Colonists, who descend from the people of other continents. However, the people of Marwood are almost the Woodfolk, and represent nearly half of Marwood's population, and are even rumored to have their own tongue, though Twainville and Rettleville have growing Colonist populations. Southern Maroccidens, around Candiels, has a large Colonist population, though the dominant ethnic group is the mixed-ethnic group of the Pirates, who came separately than other colonists. The Candelwood has no indigenous population, outside of a few brave Colonists and Pirates. The Townflat is sparsely peopled by a mixture of the indigenous people to those lands, who are not given any name, a few brave colonists remaining from Ordenstaat and Silverfall, and a strong contingent of immigrants from the Zuma lands, who also speak a different tongue.